SKINCARE: Glorified Skin

Dear Mihaela, you won the following items! :) I'm so happy that the Gloire skincare winner claimed her prize immediately! I am not so pleased when I have to redraw because it makes me feel awkward how someone would join a contest but uneagerly claim it. Also quite thrilled that she lives all the way at Romania! Oh wow, Romania sounds like a very sexy country! Read more after the jump!

Gloire Facial Oil Wash* I made the careless mistake of assuming that Gloire's Facial Oil Wash is similar to your basic Cleansing Oil. It's not. For beginners, it has a soapy effect when you rub or lather it on your skin/face. Second, I don't understand why or the technology behind it BUT I notice that it "warms up" against the skin as you wash your face with it. It's effect is similar to Aveeno's warming facial wash. It's so scientifically cool.

The good thing about this wash is it helps soften stubborn make-up. The bad thing is you would have to rinse this baby off. Ideally, after using 2-3 pumps of Gloire's Facial Oil Wash, you no longer have to rinse with soap. But I feel uncomfortable with the idea of not rinsing oil off so I still end up washing my face with something else. The smell may be overpowering for some too.

Gloire Whitening and Anti-Aging Toning Mist* I absolutely love this mist. It's so refreshing. Even my sister can't help but be smitten over this toning mist. The atomizer spray is so convenient because it helps make the most out of one spritz. I can't really tell how effective this product is in terms of whitening but in terms of prepping my skin for intensive skincare, this toning mist is pretty nice.

Gloire Whitening and Anti-Aging Revitalizing Serum* Last but not the least from this frosted glass collection is the skin serum. I don't know about you but I love this limbo craze. It's not cream, it's not oil, but it's moisturizing. Serum's are so light weight and easy to adjust to especially if you're a low maintenance type of person.

This revitalizing serum is recommended after using the Facial Oil Wash and the Toning Mist. :)

Mihaela, your prize kit would also include a super effective eye miracle patch. I just so happen to lose my snapshot of it. For more information on Gloire skincare, visit their website and like them on Facebook.

Thanks for everyone who joined my Gloire giveaway. If you didn't win this time, please try to win this instead. Please follow my blog via GFC so I can reach 1K followers before the month ends. :)

Think bright. Smile a lot. :)