Pen, Paper and Talent

As a writer, you should expect from me a more than steady attachment with pens and paper. Sure, I blog and nothing can get pen and paper-less than that; but, I am always going be to an old-fashioned woman--snail mailing and writing thank you notes every occasion I can get.

There's something deep and personal about the effort of scratching against the surface just to leave something unsaid shared. How about you? Do you like writing things down? If you do, here are a few cute trinkets I found during one of my visits at Fully Booked The Fort branch. I don't know about you, but that branch of Fully Booked is beyond heaven. :) Read more after the jump!

When I saw that voodoo fighter pen I was whoa, cuteeepatutee! Nothing can make writing feel less old fashioned that really adorable pens, don't you agree?

Beyond cuteness, this scented colored pen set was the apple of my eye. Check out it's yummy colors (and scents)! I love the bright and fun colors the set has. These type of pens would definitely make someone smile upon reading one of your love notes.

Of course I can't leave a bookstore without checking pencils out. Pencils are very essential to me because I commit a lot of errors in my life (both literally and metaphorically speaking). I like learning from my mistakes and pencils always remind me that I can re-do things. When I spotted these glitter pencils I was so struck by their popstardom that I just had to share about them here on this blog. How lovely is it that they're named "twinkle twinkle pencils"? So cute!

Speaking of pencils, few days ago, I was siiiiick and was just mehhh. Luckily, I have amazing people reading this blog and one of them shared with me a sketch she made of me! It's the first time someone ever sketched me (by surprise too!) I was so touched and giddy and happy and excited and thankful. She even incorporated my love for sunflowers in the drawing. What do you think of her artwork? Thanks so much again Nicole!

This was the profile pic she copied. I think she did a super job! :)

Anyway, here are more cute finds from Fully Booked. I'm sharing these items with hopes that the kawaiiness of things would leave a lasting smile to your faces. There's so much more in their store but I can only share a few else my cuteness overload post might end up as an overkill. These amazing school/office supplies are available at the basement of Fully Booked Fort branch.

How about you? Any cute finds you would like to share? Share through the comments! You may leave a link to your cuteness story through the comments too!

Leaving you with a very interesting artwork.
I was reading through my Facebook feed and I really liked this one tweet from Will Smith. He was like, never underestimate the sadness of other people. Some people are just good at hiding/handling things. All of us are suffering one way of the other. Case in point, never take people/situations for granted. I think the cartoon depicted it very well. Comments?

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Think bright. Smile a lot. :)



  1. Cutey erasers! Glitter pencils! Waah, that's too much! Very reminiscent of grade school years. And that fan art is so inspiring! =D

  2. I have a stationery addiction myself. One of my favourite parts of Landmark is the stationery section (which is next to make-up too. My poor wallet). They sell the stuff the cheapest, I know.

  3. Woah, am blown by that sketch. Galing.

  4. I have an addiction to all things paper and pens too! I also love snail mail and I'm constantly doodling on envelopes for penpals and such, writing in journals and that sort of thing. I love my blogs, but I find my notebooks have more "substance" :)


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