MAKEUP: My Blooming Lips

You should know by now, I love my lipsticks. I know I don't have commercial locks, perfect skin, enviable body and I'm not a multi-talented person; but I'm proud of my lips. I'm proud of my lips metaphorically because I know I have good things to share; and I'm proud because they're quite nice--shape, size and smile wise. :) So yes, nothing excites me more than lippies! Be it bold colors, whimsical finishes or whatever new trend there is; I love lip-related beauty. Read more after the jump.

Our lips are very expressive and sexy and charming and sweet and playful all at once so caring for them can really move mountains. You should look for a lip buddy with lasting color and moisturizing properties so you hit two birds with one flying kiss. Never fear being expressive with your lipstick! A change in color can always turn things around! :)

Few days ago, I went to my trusted Etude House branch to purchase some lipsticks. Whenever I need a little happy boost I can always rely on Etude House products and true enough, I am very happy with my purchase. Their Dear My Blooming Lips range are loaded with happy go-getter color options; rich and creamy and pigmented.

I bought the lipsticks before I dyed my hair red so I got pinks... now I wish I have their red ones. 

I think these red lipsticks would look amazing with my hair, don't you think? I wish they would magically appear in my kikay kit. TIP: Copy the image URL to see the shade code for the lip color that inspires you.

To see the entire collection, visit Etude House Philippines Facebook page (photo album) here.

How about you? How do you have fun with your lips? What's your go-to color? Don't forget to comment below.

Think bright. Smile a lot. :)


  1. Great Colours!

    Lovely Greetings<3

  2. I usually wear nude shades but I love red lipsticks as well :) x

  3. Wow!!!! Your hair is RED! Your are bold and daring!

  4. I love love love wearing lipstick too! When I'm over lazy to apply makeup, I just wear my red lippy and I'm good to go.

  5. That hot pink shade on the model in the first picture--I have something that looks exactly like that! It looks so pretty on her.

  6. nice, the packaging is so cute!
    would u like to follow each other?:)

  7. the packaging on these is just too cute!
    i love how i happened to stumble upon this post on one of the rare days i decided to wear lipstick! mac candy yum yum + mac violetta <3

  8. I also love lipsticks :) Pretty colours.


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