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First week of June went by like a breeze. I guess it should be safe to say that the summer storm is over. It's quite tragic to have experienced such huge tides during my summer 2012 BUT you know, any experience is good because experiences are avenues for growth! May was definitely a crazy month and nothing helps calm  crazy than a trip to The Spa. Read after the jump to know more about my amazing experience at The Spa!

To those who don't know, Bonifacio Global City is among my weekly stops because I always visit the Fully Booked branch there. Why? Because I write about books! :)

But one lovely Monday afternoon, I chanced upon an amazing opportunity to be treated like a queen at The Spa Fort branch with Pevonia Skin Care treatments. I got to try their most recommended Crystalline Skin Body Treatment and got to cap off my Spa day with a Pevonia Express Facial!

It was extra amazing not only because the treatments I got to try used exclusive Pevonia Skin Care products; but also because I got to experience the treatments at none other than The Spa's exclusive villas! Who would've thought The Spa Fort has a beautiful world nestled within its walls? Check out the pictures on my way to the villas.

The villas are at The Spa roof deck. Talk about exclusive, right? Spa treatments are more fun when enjoyed in exclusive rooms. :) For that precious Monday, The Spa brought me to Rome!

I'm sure you're curious to see Rome! So let me share with you what an ultimate Spa venue looks like! :)

You got to have your own Jacuzzi. So clean, and ready to pamper you!
The water has bubbles because that's after I jacuzzi'd. :p
It's also an ultimate spa escape if the hassle and noise of the busy city is far far away. I personally love how the walls of Rome was designed. It was an intricate spectrum of green art that lets the sunlight in, just the right amount. Would you believe it was 1 in the afternoon when I took this photo? One PM of a summer afternoon; yet the sun was not burning inside my private villa. The room's aesthetics was really well thought of.

Besides my own Jacuzzi, I also have my own steam shower room. :) Steam showers are my favorite part of a spa experience, hands down.
So much steam welcomed me when I opened the door! :p The staff prepared the room to the tee. Everything was ready for me when I came in. The great thing about having the villa, you get to have 30mins preparation time before the treatment! I got to enjoy the steam bath and the jacuzzi thoroughly before I got a call from the concierge asking if I'm ready for the first agenda of the day: the Crystalline Body Treatment.

Having your own villa also meant your own vanity. I have my own set of toiletries, brush, hair dryer, etc. It was really nice because public lockers can sometimes get in the way of a relaxing afternoon. Having my own  little world helps ensure that nothing--N-O-T-H-I-N-G will stress me out. The afternoon was surely all about me. The accommodating and very polite staff also made sure that I was well taken care of.
Everything was provided. From L-R (clockwise): clean rubber sandals (for bathing and walking around), clean white towels, yummy ginger tea and water, brush.

Of course, I have my own bed. Here's a photo of the massage bed. It was very comfortable. :)
Notice the HUGE pillow at the upper right, that serves a purpose... but I'll share later. 
The Spa Crystalline Skin Body Treatment (90 minutes) 
Achieve total skin brilliance from this rejuvenating full body treatment! Skin is renewed and polished with a natural gentle scrub rich with the finest ingredients that nature has to offer. This treatment renders a smooth, brighter complexion and a youthful healthy glow. Your spa journey is completed by The Spa’s relaxing massage which also uses Pevonia Botanica’s one of a kind massage oil which delivers the latest technology in massage oil in the cosmetic world. Rich in nourishing extracts from Safflower and Geranium oil- giving ultimate skin nourishment and repair while Vitamin E gives powerful anti-oxidants as it also hydrates. 

Pevonia Crystalline Skin Body Treatment (90 minutes)
Php 1,900 Executive (Non-member) / Php 1,600 nett (Member)
Php 2,600 Villa/Suite (Non-member) / Php 2,300 nett (Member)

I love body scrubs more than anything. I have this very uneasy feeling when I neglect myself and signs of my skin flaking off shows. That is why I get regular scrubs at home and in spas. The Spa Crystalline Body Treatment was extra special because the product used for the treatment were precious botanicals that are meant to nourish, rejuvenate and enhance the skin naturally.

The scrub used had very fine granules that was comfortable instead of painfully abrasive. Scrubs shouldn't be hurtful! I know some masochists out there (you know who you are) believe that scrubs should be hard! That scrubs should be excessive to be thorough, but it's not like that. Skin exfoliation can and should be gentle in order to ensure that the skin is not damaged in the process.

The Crystalline Body Scrub used for the treatment had calming Chamomile for the senses, rejuvenating Rosemary to help improve blood circulation, polishing Jojoba wax (tiny non-irritating natural granules), skin tightening and softening Aloe Vera gel, and refreshing and Lemon essence which acts as a body toner. Funny, because my attendant really covered scrubbing EVERYWHERE! But you know what, wow, The Spa staff are really world class respectful! Whenever they deal with (sensitive parts), they make sure to get your consent first. I think that's key in ensuring that a customer enjoys a treatment. It wasn't awkward. It was a very comfortable experience--and you know how uncomfortable it can get if you're at such vulnerable position (aka almost butt naked; disposable underwear is provided, use it!)

So from calming to rejuvenating to polishing to toning, next would be a massage... so yes, get ready to fall asleep on your massage bed! Spa lovers would definitely enjoy the treatment because the scrub and the massage combo was just HEAVEN. This is me after my "hardcore" body treatment.
After the Crystalline Body Treatment, I got to gussy up for my Express Facial (my hair was a mess because of the massage!) I'm not complaining though. I love massages!

The Pevonia Express Facial incorporates pure essential oils and blended plant extracts to normalize the pH of the skin. Packed with natural ingredients as Aloe, which moisturizes and heals, Hazel Nut Oil and Vitamin E which nourishes, repairs (also high in anti-oxidants), Lemongrass which refines pores and Grapefruit essential oil which brightens the complexion. Personally, the best thing about Express Facial was the Water Lily face mask! Amazing!
This Pevonia Express Facial and the Pevonia Your Skincare Solution Pack is available at The Spa. .  To find out more about Pevonia Botanica facials, body treatments and home care products, please call +63 2 634-8210 or visit www.pevonia.com.ph to locate a spa near you.

Pevonia Express Facial (30 minutes) 
Deluxe Non-member Php 750 / Member Php 650
Executive Non-member Php 900 / Member Php 780
Suite/Villa Non-member Php 1300 /Member Php 1,160

Playing around with make-up a lot makes getting facials a requirement for me. I have large pores :( but it's a good thing I love anything skin care. Truth is, as much as I love color cosmetics, I love skin care more. I find that a fascination with skin care is more practical and "stable". Make-up depends on my mood, which changes ever so often; but skin care is something that I do religiously. Skin is my religion? ;p

The first photo of this post (my stupid smile face) is my before photo. This is the after. Wow, I look so relaxed and my skin is just glowing. Thank you Pevonia! :) Thank you for not making me look like I'm nursing a broken heart (YES, I was freshly heart broken when Pevonia invited me to a Spa retreat--blessing in disguise? Maybe the broken heart made my The Spa retreat such a great improvement in my day! Thank you.)

This purely natural aromatic face treatment oil brightens the skin and helps control oil flow.

Since then, I've been having pleasant dreams where I brought home Pevonia's Aromatherapy Face Oil.
Pevonia Aromatherapy Face Oil for Combination Skin P2,170

Packed with zesty ingredients such as Mandarin Essential Oil and Grapefruit Essential Oil, this silky textured face oil leaves skin rejuvenated and brightened! The powerful ingredients normalize sebum secretions (I have lots of those! LOL) without dehydrating the skin, tightening enlarged pores and leaving a softening skin surface. Aromatherapy Face Oil, Ligne Fondamentale is perfect for that weekly treatment or everyday use.

Nice right? If you want to visit The Spa and experience the royal treatments I'm speaking of, here's a screenshot from their website.

To learn more about Pevonia Skin Care, visit their blog here. Connect with them through Twitter and Facebook.

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Think bright. Smile a lot. :)



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  4. Wow that's an amazing day! That's great you are taking time out to care for yourself.

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  6. I am SOOOO Envious! I almost drooled seeing the jacuzzi and everything...haaaaaaiist! I should go there with my beau one of these days...Hmmm not bad to request as a bday present for me. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing this dearie!


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