FEATURE: Retro Glasses, Quirky Papers

I miss seeing June as if it's January. New (school) year, New life! I miss how every new semester, I know (and brace myself) for long enlistment lines, enrollment stress and more. But I'm not going to sulk my zero-school life away. I will share with you such cute geekery from my friends from Firmoo and Fully Booked. 

First off... my new retro glasses. More pictures after the jump. Don't forget to join my skincare giveaway and stand the chance in winning $100 worth skincare set!

It came with this velvety pouch.

Nice glass case, right?
I know some of you are uneasy with buying something as fragile as glasses/glass frames online; but I'm pleased to share that the product didn't show any signs of damage, crack or whatever so you can feel secured shopping from Firmoo.
I don't know why though. I was under the impression that Firmoo is a US-based webstore but surprisingly the parcel I received originated from China. Shipping was very fast, nonetheless.

One last look. My new Green and Brown glass frames makes me feel Swift-astic!

Don't you just love how geeky and retro it is? Thank you Firmoo.

For more Back to School fun, here are some amazing notebooks/journals/notepads that I found from Fully Booked, my favorite bookstore!

I picked these notebooks and notepads with my best friend. Suffice it to say, we had a crazy great time finding these items... especially this Tongues of Fun kitty cat notepad. Made us LOL ridiculously. So kyoot!

If you love organizing your thoughts into different notebooks, here's a nice choice. You would think it's just one notebook; but lo and behold...

These kawaii notepads are also so fun to write on. :)

If you're in college, you can enjoy this funny hedgehog notebook for all your classes! Just divide the leaves into respective pages to accommodate your courses. :)

If you're the journal write type, this gorgeous Kimmidoll notebook would definitely inspire you.

If you have film or photographer friends, I'm sure this little black book would be great for jotting down those blockbuster ideas. (Panda bag not included!)

If you're the popculture wiz, I'm sure these amazing journals would strike an amazing conversation.

Again, with the cute notebooks!

This stands close to my heart. I really love the cassette tape design. It reminds me of my childhood! If you're a product of the baby booming industry, then I'm sure you can relate with this notepad.

This is a grid notebook. It ain't my taste really, but my best friend insisted for this to be included in my must-have notebook list... because it has my name on it! Well, nickname that is. "Miko"

This baby is more of my taste: feminine, Japanese, romantic.
Ahh, what pretty pages. I'm sure taking down notes on a notebook this inspiring would be troubling because you might end up daydreaming little love stories in class! :D
If you're feeling a bit mischievous, this notebook would fit your character. Life is about having fun anyway. (Just don't do it at another's expense!)

Whew. I'm so glad that the relationship of a writer and paper is now made more fun in the Philippines thanks to specialty bookstores like Fully Booked!

Any fun Fully Booked hauls?

Think bright. Smile a lot. :)



  1. I loved all the things you featured here. I'm always tempted to buy cute notebooks but I don't because I don't write much anyway.

  2. I want to see you wearing the glasses!

  3. Ang cute ng glasses mo from Firmoo and the stuff from Fully Booked! You've got an eye for really cool and awesome stuff :)


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