Wide-eyed and pouty...

If you've been following this blog for a while now, you should know I'm a frustrated Japanese. haha My name's so Japanese yet... yet... I can't speak it, haven't been to Japan, and am not really into the Japanese culture. LOL I only like Japanese food... and make-up haha!

So I'll share with you my favorite eye make-up look: thick lashes with pink shadows. I love it because it's so Barbie. :)

I curled my hair without heat too! :) 

I curled my hair using the sock bun technique. I have been practicing with it and once I perfect it, I'll have pictures. Since I was in a hurry, the curls I got were simple waves. :(

So it's all about the eyes today.

See how you can make your eyes look bigger and lively with make-up. :)

Sorry for the right eye, I made a teeny mistake in attaching the falsies. But I think I made it work well, right?

I used my favorite white eyeliner to make my eyes pop with life. It's the best white eyeliner I have tried. It's Nyx Cottage Cheese.

Thick long lashes... girl's every wetdream.

The finished product.

I used Majolica Majorca pink quad for this look. It's my favorite pink quad cause it offers great color pay-off, the shadow glides on the skin smoothly and it lasts long even without primer! Pretty much I used the lightest pink shade all over my lids and contoured with the dark pink shadow to play up my outer-V. For highlight, I used the mid-peach shadow.
Black eyeliner is ELF liquid liner. For the bottom lashes, I used Maybelline's Cat Eye mascara.
Tada-n. I have ugly brows especially I've been tryiing to grow them in the right places. They're still on an awkward stage now but I try my best to amke them look good by using Charm Pro's eyebrow brush with my Nyx brow kit.
I used Etude house VIP lipstick in barbie pink and also topped it off with Majolica Majorca's light pink gloss. It's very pretty, the outcome.

How about you, what's your frustration?

Always smile! :)


  1. this look is so pretty! your eyes are really beautiful...doll like eyes :)


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