Obagi-C SPF 30

I think it is but timely to post this blog because yesterday I got so burnt within a half-day field work! Why? Because I went out without sunblock... thinking I can get away with the crime!

So in loving memory of my fair skin, here's a lesson I have learned from last House of Obagi blogger's night (view post here), which I regretfully did not put into praxis, and shall now live by and follow with all my might.

No camera flash, just white indoor lighting when my camera is on hi-something setting haha high intensity maybe? LOL. I'm too white here. I'm sure that's unreal!

I love how Human Heart Nature Passion Fruit Mineral Lipstick in Sweet Nectar looks very sweet and subtle against fair skin.

Changed camera setting on low light, to give you an idea how my skin tone is on said setting.

I bet some of you are wondering how come I'm so white in the first two photos? Well, I'd blame the lighting... but partially it's because I was wearing sunblock. :) To those of you who do not wear sunblock, please start now!

FYI: This Obagi-C SunGuard is part of a system. But if you'd just be using this said product, it's recommended for face and neck application/coverage, and should be re-applied every 2 hours if exposed to the sun. That's quite a frequent need to re-apply so if you could limit your sun exposure, always the better. :)

"This ultra sheer Z-Cote formula provides a superior measure of sun protection from UVA/UVB damage and against long UVA rays linked to premature aging of the skin." 

I love how the product is sealed. I trust products that take measures in assuring product quality. Obagi-C  SunGuard SPF 30 definitely passed the test.

Bird's eye view of the sunscreen's creaminess.


It has quite a thick consistency. I know a lot of you are afraid of thick sunscreens, I know I am, but what I love about this product... although it's thick, it's easy to apply and spread evenly. Check out next photo.

See. Also, because it's thick, you don't need much to achieve efficient coverage! Remember the small dot of the cream I modeled in the photos above? Would you believe that that little bomb resulted to this example (photo below). 

Check out how you can spread it further. :) It's a great make-up base, I've tried it in the beauty shots shown first on this post. :)

All-in-all, I'm definitely consuming my entire tube. I know that I would be needing it to reverse the re-pigmentation of my skin. I really don't want to be careless especially since I'm trying to whiten. I know I can't reverse the tan I just gained :( ... but that doesn't mean I shouldn't face the world with a bolder, wiser and more prepared attitude.

How about you? How do you protect your skin from the sun?

Always smile! :)

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