Beauty Poll--together we are colored!

Remember when I said I colored my hair... again?

Well, I did. I retouched my color with Etude House Bubble hair color (still). But this time, I didn't leave it too long because I didn't want to achieve the same red I got the first time I used it.

I just wanted love spelled out through my strands.

Now I need your thoughts. Yesterday, I bought new hair color named SUNSET RED and I can't help thinking of using it already! Should I highlight with it or color my hair all-over?

Would really love to hear your thoughts through the comments!

Always smile! :)


  1. oh you know how to highlight your own hair? that's interesting, if you decide on doing it.. teach us how :)

    am actually thinking of getting EH's natural brown. ive done prettia before, just searching more on which one's better.


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