Garnier Light Perfect Fit and Relax Whitening Mask

August is all about whitening for me. I want to whiten because I had serious (relatively) breakouts last summer and I did not fight the battle well. I thought the cold June-July would heal my battle scars but no it didn't. This leaves me to my search for my skin saving venture. I need to even my skin out and the best way to rid of pimple scars, hands down, is to whiten.

Whitening (need) + (love for) Face Masks =  Garnier Light's Perfect Fit Mask.

Wanting to whiten shouldn't spell a dangerous regimen. I really am happy that I'm living in the era of beauty-innovations. Unlike before where people who want to whiten actually apply nausea-causing chemicals (some even fatal i.e white lead) just to achieve that delicate "elite" fairness; safe whitening options are now available in the market--so available, it's relaxing. ;p

Garnier Naturals are infused with the skin-beneficial treats from lemon essence. It has natural AHAs and has wonderful citrus qualities from scent to treatment that in a wink of an eye you can easily conclude that Lemons are a whitening-geek's best friend.

You should know I love face masks. Now to have a whitening mask that has 14 days equivalent of whitening products in one go? Now that's the best deal ever.

I love using tissue masks because they are not messy. 

Un-smiling for the camera.

One challenge in using tissue or pulp masks is the mask's fit. Some masks are too small while some are too big! I like how Garnier's fit me perfectly well. Below is a photo of me, "winking".

I think I left the mask too long on my face because the pulp has a built-in "eye cover". I felt so refreshed and dewy immediately after. :)

To maximize my pulp, I spooned the mask with my fingers and wiped it all over my face and neck...

...elbows and even knees (because I don't want to have dark elbows and knees).

I recommend this product to those who would like to relax while whitening... well now, who wouldn't?

Php 85/mask, Watsons

Always smile! :)


  1. who was the winner for The Face Shop giveaway?

  2. Hi who's this? Anyway, I am tallying the entries and will draw once I qualify entries for TFS

  3. you are beautiful with and without the mask!
    like your review as always!


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