Pinkish Glow

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Well everything's been gloomy the past few days. It's been raining so hard and I am frankly worried about a lot of people in the devastated areas of my country. Hay. Seriously, Philippines is taking a lot of beating nowadays, c/o mama nature and faulty government. I wish for better things.

Because everything's been quite sad and problematic (have you seen today's paper's front cover?) I feel like I should post something pink!

Pink is always a joyous shade!

Laura Mercier Brilliant Rose

Laura Mercier Brilliant Rose mixed with Laura Mercier Golden Pink Creme Glow

More on Pink ! Laura Mercier Quad blush.


I love Laura Mercier ever since I saw how the brand has such powerful and affective products. I took notice of the brand when they did the look for Rosario, played by Jennilyn Mercado, for the MMFF 2010.

I'm presently inseparable with my LM Creme Glow. It adds a delightful and "just right" shimmer for a blush... and for an all-over radiant coverage. I normally use it on top of my powder blush to give it a nice shimmer. I use it as a highlighter to make my nose perk up too!

I'm so happy that my mom also loved LM when I introduced the brand to her (aka. when I sought her wallet for some make-up support! haha) Because of that, I get to play with loads of LM products like lipsticks and her quad (the quad isn't mine).

So happy too that she got my the Brilliant Rose eyeshadow. It's not as pink as it is when on the pan:

Translucent Setting Powder (left), Brilliant Rose eyeshadow (right)

but it adds a pretty pink glitter on the lids! It's the type of glitter that isn't party-shocking. It's actually the type of glitter you can wear on a very normal sunny day...

and you know how much I love sunny things!

You? What color perks your mood?

Always smile! :)

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