Bare Naturals 12-pc Brush Set

I believe I have admitted this long before but let me just share it again. I love make-up brushes. When it all started making sense to me (investing on make-up tools), I couldn't stop. I fell hard for make-up brushes and I believe I have more (investment on) brushes than I have make-up... relatively.

If you are just starting, I know beauty tools seem like an extra expense at first but give it a shot and you would see the difference. Did you know I actually throw the brush that comes with most of my blushes? They are mostly pointless. Yes, some are soft and are good for application but they can only do so much. I follow what Bobbi Brown recommends... throw brushes that comes with make-up and invest on good high-quality make-up brushes.

I have been playing with a new set of mineral make-up friendly brushes. It's a 12-pc brush set from Bare Naturals. It's a very interesting set, reminds me a lot of the ones you can get from Watsons by Marionnaud but this set has a lot of character I'd just let the pictures speak for themselves.

I just love the sophisticated brush pouch.

12-pc Brush Set from Bare Naturals only Php 1,238

It's a beautiful set. From the pouch to the modern-shaped brush handles, it gives a nice sophisticated flavor to your ordinary black-haired brush.

I love how the body is perfect and the brush hairs are shaped wonderfully--with body that did not fail me even after so many washes. Oh, speaking of washing, would you believe that although this set is such a "black" set, the brushes did not bleed? Slight bleeding was evident upon first washing but only for the bigger face brushes, afterwards, no more staining. It blew my mind away cause I expected black running water during my rinse but none came to the picture.

These brushes are all made with synthetic hair so it's so perfect to pair with mineral make-up which I have determined to be quite tricky to apply using the wrong brush. If you are vegan then you would appreciate the synthetic hair used for these brushes :)

What I don't like about this set is ironically its pouch pockets. It is a little bit challenging to quickly return the brushes in place because the brushes have such a unique shape, but this downside does not affect how these brushes are just lovely to use. Very soft, pretty and classy. Would you believe it's local?! So proud to be Filipino.

Here are some individual shots of what I loved about the set (named according to how I use them! :p):

DISCLAIMER: For some weird reason, depending on the time of day, the photos uploaded on this blog post is distorted by my host. Might re-host the shots so if the photos you see are distorted, could you please comment? So I know I'm not the only person seeing the problem. Thank you!

Love this full-bodied flat top kabuki on a stick. Great powder brush. I love it for buffing my mineral foundation. It helps me blend and evenly apply mineral make-up all over my face.

Angled blush brush--fab for contouring!

Best set feature: a duo-fiber Fan Brush!

Liquid foundation brush--find it rather small but good enough for a travel sized brush.

Sassy nose shaper brush--bullet point brush

Lip Brush

Wet/Dry eye shadow brush--love this for foiling.

Angled shadow brush

Concealer brush

Eyeliner brush

Eyebrow Comb/Brush

PS. These brushes are very low maintenance. Sweet!

To know more, you may check out Bare Naturals on their page here. You should check their page now because they are celebrating their anniversary with a promo!

Always smile! :)


  1. They look cute. I like the handles. :)))

    And yeah, the individual brush pics are distorted :(

  2. Hi Aya, thanks for the heads up! It should be working fine now.


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