Chocolate Chip Diet

Today I woke up to my third day of this so-called "Choco-Chip diet". haha Seriously, it's pretty much a diet regimen which stars the choco-chip cookie (fiber enriched) and a chocolate drink. Dreams do come true.

Basically, the diet is this:
warm chocolate drink for breakfast
2 pcs choco-chip cookies for snack (around 10AM... which I look forward to cause I'm a breakfast monster and by 9:30 I'm like "haymshohungerree)
your usual lunch (which by now becomes a feast, a very much awaited daily feast)
choco-chip cookies for merienda
warm chocolate drink for dinner

Bet your brows are raised. 

Well, you can try it with me if you want. Diet claims 2.5kg loss in 6 days! 

Always smile! :)


  1. Really? I should try that! haha

  2. Yey to losing weight while having all that chocolate. Yum! :D

  3. Is there a particular brand to use? Or will it work in any brand? =)

  4. wow thats a yummy diet but wouldnt u be lacking lot of nutrients?

  5. is this the WRP diet? I remember I've tried this before but I failed hahaha....I can't just stop munching hihihi


  6. interesting!! thanks for sharing this diet!


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