HBC Great 88 Sale!

I like things chummy so I really like the "Life is beautiful" tagline for HBC. So last night, I got to enjoy HBC's treat letting me enjoy their Great 88 sale! I feel so thankful not because of the great buys I got as gifts but also because if it weren't for their email, I wouldn't have known there's such a sale like this--and you may have missed out on it too! So I'm sharing with you this great news...

to tempt you, here is my haul. It's so manyyy. All I needed was 2K! I was experiencing heartbreak that night so wow, I really am thankful for my HBC family for unintentionally lifting my spirits up! 

I got FOUR Long-Wearing Age Defense Mascaras. All in black! I was supposed to get browns, for variety, but last minute I switched the browns with blacks because I really don't wear brown mascara :D

Originally, it's worth Php 111 but I got each tube for just Php 88!! (Although even at regular price, so affordable right?)

I like the tube. It looks modern. Almost sci-fi.

I also got SPF for my friend Ayesa, who gamely joined my HBC visit too! My lil sis really likes the Body Recipe Goat's Milk line. I would've gotten her this tub as well, to add to her Body Recipe loot but I know she won't use it! Kids today... why you take sunscreen for granted, ey?

Ayesa holding up the extra stuff I bought (hair coloring stuff cause only the coloring creams were included in the Great 88 sale... and a huge bottle of nail polish remover which I would try because it's cheap and I need affordable nail polish removers--my lil sis keeps on playing with my nail stuff to the point that when it's time for me to "play", I don't have nail polish removers anymore!

Because I was with him, we got some items we'd share too! Sharing is happiness! We got each other fun hair color clays! Mine's obviously the red tub. :)

I'm VERY happy with this sale because it didn't betray me. You know how some brands put things on super mark down sale because products are about to expire??? Well I inspected the items on sale and hey, they're good stocks! Exp is on 2013!

Of course I say yes to super savings! From Php 140 to just 88!

Like I said, we got stuff we'd play with together. :) This would be his.

This, mine.

More on his.(The detergent is only due to his very recent moved out status haha)

And a lot of mine... This I got simply because I wanted the Allue cartoon's dress! haha

:Orange Fizz" is a cute name for a lip conditioner. Was slightly disappointed to find out there's no actual fizz when you use it haha

I also got a body masque... because I love masques! Super steal for just Php 88! Imagine how much you spend just to get the same treatment in spas!

Of course treats for my ugly feet. Everything Php 44!!! As if 88 isn't affordable enough!

Because it's only Php 44 each, I got doubles! LOL

Oh and I don't just see doubles... I see triples. Got three boxes of the Body Recipe Hair Remover Cream... I tried it too and I have photos to share below! Lovely product. :) Such a steal!

It comes with a spatula, for efficient application.




Feel free to compare!

Eew my goodness LOL

Super affordable even at regular price (but since it was on sale, I got each for only Php 88 a box!)

Of course I can't leave HBC without a hair product. :)

Anyway, after the haul above, I bought these items in additional. :)

I even transferred the nail polish remover on my trusted bottle. Love the cute pink color. It's like cuticle sanitizer only that it's actually a polish remover!

So... what do you think of my haul? Don't forget you could also avail of these great promos and more just by visiting the nearest HBC branch from your home/office on or before Aug. 21, 2011.

Thoughts? :)

Always smile! :)

PS. I was unable to shoot the Whitening Powder. You may have noticed it from the first photo I embedded on this post. Anyhoo... will just feature it separately since August is all about whitening for me here at www.lovingsunshine.com


  1. I got the long-wearing mascara (both in black and brown) coz you mentioned in your FB post that you love it :D And glad to know the hair remover works! I grabbed one box of that too! Too bad they only had one left when I went :/

  2. I wish I'd get a chance to be gifted with such by HBC. I wanted to try most of their products but it's out of my budget for now... Great Haul! Seems like too many reviews coming from you. =)

  3. OMG! Ang dami! will definitely buy their hair remover cream! thanks for sharing.

  4. @Aya how is it so far? :D

    @Genn naku you should try while sale lasts kasi im sure the budget finds would make you smile :D

    @Hollie the shaving cream is so fun to use. Hope the before after photos enticed you


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