Mister and Miss.

I know this weblog is all about bright and frilly, but may I take this moment to emote? I feel like I need to be in this element, bask in it for a while.

I feel strange. I keep on looking forward to things and then something would betray me, internal or external. I haven't talked to someone for a long time... like talk-talk. I miss my friend, my girlfriend, myself. I sometimes wish to walk long walks but I end up changing my mind after reassessing how dangerous that would be (since I probably can only take long walks at night...) and I really can't don't want to be raped or something.

I feel bad for my dog. I haven't walked her for the longest time. I feel like the last time I truly walked my dog was when she was a puppy. She's so not a puppy now. I'm pretty sure that qualifies me as a bad mother.

All I think about is make-up, which is both strange and funny to me. I believe the new people I meet in my life thinks I'm either being shallow or silly but as days close, it becomes more and more difficult for me to detach myself from being "cosmetic". I keep on thinking about make-up because I feel like make-up really makes me happy. Or it must be the pops of color. I may never know.

Last night, while I was drafting about the Great 88 HBC Sale which I have featured before this post, I outlined something like "I seem too familiar with betrayal. Not that I have trust issues, but simple because sometimes the wind blows smoothly towards my game only for it to blow my card of castles when I'm almost up the cases." I decided to not go for that angle because it seems rather heavy for a haul article (although I believe I briefly expressed that note).

I feel strange. Boy, do I want to relish on a new feeling.

Always smile! :)


  1. Sometimes a change of sorts does wonders. Try changing your routine to rid yourself of the doldrums. =)


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