Breakout week? Get this look!

Because I treat my face like it were the world's most submissive guinea pig, I get breakout weeks. Seriously, for a girl who grew up blessed with acne-free skin (let alone, pimples!) to have breakout weeks is frustrating!

At first I hide in my breakout weeks like a hermit. I stay away from all sort of cosmetics, but now I know I can still satisfy my make-up gene while caring for my breaking out skin.

The answer? Mineral make-up.

Mineral Make-up sounds very intimidating, all the more if you read/research about it, but in very simple terms, mineral make-up is cosmetic that cares for your skin. It's what I call caring cosmetics. Instead of damaging your beautiful face, it helps nourish, even avoid problems that may onset depression--kidding.

Among the many available mineral make-up brands out there, I have recently dipped on the wonder of Bare Naturals Mineral Make-up. I recently reviewed their make-up brush set (since my love for beauty tools comes first) but boy was it so worth it to have tried Bare Natural make-up... especially their mineral foundation.

Oh... where do I even begin raving about mineral make-up. It's non-comodegenic, meaning it doesn't clog your pores! It's economic--a little goes a very loong way. It's friendly to all skin-types and it's the type of make-up you can use when you're peeling--it's that safe!

Below would be photos showing my face looking dolled-up. I used my Olympus Pen hoping for the best quality sans the slightest editing. Look closer, you'd see my skin isn't perfect at all! Yes, wow. How wonderful did my Bare Naturals make-up made me glow.


Definitely, a brand you must-try.

Used Bare Naturals Ultra Definition Mineral Powder Primer (has pretty light diffusing properties that help even out my skin--for a flawless glow). For the eyes, I use Bare Naturals Lush--a nice "mermaid" green eye shade; I mixed it with a golden yellow shade from my Dollface Avante Garde palette. For the cheeks, I dabbed a little pink using my Bare Naturals The Natural Tint, which is also used for my lips. I added omph on the apples of my cheeks by brushing on Bare Naturals Mineral Blush in Dollface Cheenee.

I didn't even pluck my brows yet I look refreshed. :) For this look, I used my 12-pc Mineral brush set because I tested the brush (for this review) during my breakout week--what a wonderful coincidence. :D

Demure smile under light curtain shade.
Then I tilted my head forward to bask on some sun, witness the glow.
For the lashes, I used L'oreal Volum Mascara
I just love The Natural Tint. It's also from Bare Naturals. It's a nice metallic pink when heavily applied on the lips. Lightly on the cheeks, it's your natural flush. So pretty.
Let's close up to my pimples haha
I am one very happy cosmetic geek. Thank you Bare Naturals for solving my breakout week problem!

How about you? Do you use mineral make-up?

And what do you do on your breakout week!?

Always smile! :)


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