Torje Sorgjerd (maker of The Mountain and The Aurora videos below), Thank you for the inspiration.

You're baby blue
I wanna breathe life with you
You cautiously hurt
so you can wash away the dust
off your face
But I think you're beautiful
truth or moist

Burn in my arms
I'll blow your ashes out to the sea
Crash into my chest
catch you before you drown
will lift you to the surface
make you see
How you shine in my sky

You're turning up
when time's going off
You're walking away
when you feel you're heavy to me
But I wanna bear you

Baby your biggest mistake is the way you ignore your endless grace

Burn in my arms
light this heart
set it on fire
tear my walls down
see the world through my eyes
When I look at you
look at me,
See how beautiful you are

Your crazy hands
they feel the surfaces of this universe
Your senses overtake
the words I'm trying to create
Oh how difficult it is to describe what you are to me
my milky way
my sun
down to my core, your name
I make you here
when you're not
the world disappears
when you walk in with your light

Burn in my arms
hold my hand, close your eyes
Baby realize, what I'm telling you
let my words shake you
wake up, dream with me
You're beautiful against reality
my dream come true

Burn in my arms
take my heart, me with you
as these words, as they are
spoken, meant

You're beautiful against time.

Burn in my arms
be on fire


Everybody should know that Norway and Spain are my top foreign lands to visit. These two videos made that all the more definite.

Will be reading The Little Prince, again. Sahara desert, I too will see you. Won't let you leave with my rose and stars. What a beautiful April 9th.


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