Make-up Giveaway: Summer Campaign

How's everybody holdin' up? :)

Were you able to join the Stilleto Run?! :( I wasn't. I feel so sad. When I saw the photos on Maybelline Philippines fanpage, I got so bummed I missed out!
As you all should know by now, I really intend on making this year's Summer count so instead of pursuing those Summer flings (hehe) I figured why not focus on the more important things...

This Summer we'd be working towards those dreams and we're going to try to ready every aspect of ourselves so when we finally reach our goals, we'd be pretty (and) prepared. :)

While we're at it, I want to ask you, do you think you're beautiful?

Cassiopeia :)
Because I want you to know that you are.

As encouragement, let's do a little campaign on beauty, confidence and self-empowerment. :)

Maybelline has been very generous and supportive of our thrust this season: achievement and empowerment. It's to no surprise because we all know that Maybelline represents that type of woman, someone who carries herself well, who is confident and who is ready to face the world. And I really want us to be that!

Come on guys, let's leave the world wondering what are secret is.  Maybe.. well, we'd never tell, won't we?

To join:

Take a bare photo of yourself. Don't edit it! Crop if needed, but please don't edit. I want us all to celebrate our natural beauty! Don't be shy. You're beautiful as you are. Always remember that.

To be fair, here's a photo of myself, with all my breakouts in the open hehe :) 

Then play with your make-up, and take a photo. Don't edit also! Emote-emote is encouraged! Be beautiful. :D (Simple make-up is preferred; glamour make-up is welcomed!)

Put the two together. It should look like something like this:

Post your photo entry on my Facebook Page wall ( As caption, make a shout-out! Shout-out an ambition (I want to be a...), or something you'd like to do someday (I want to learn how to ice skate!)

then make a wish, as in request a Maybelline product that you would like to be included in your gift prize if you win! (Please request for products available in the Philippines only.)

Please follow these examples for your caption's format (yes, please tag Maybelline's page):
"I want to be a singer and I can make that happen with @MaybellinePhilippines Papaya Milk ColorSensational Lipstick!"

"I want to fly an airplane and I can make that happen with @MaybellinePhilippines 8-in-1 BB Cream!"

To win:

Make your wish come true by asking your friends to like your entry. Most liked entry will receive the wished for make-up!

But that's not all... two more beautifully empowered ladies will win prizes!
I will also be selecting a winner among the entries...
so would Maybelline Philippines.

so... The Grand Prize winner will win a wide-range of my favorite Maybelline Products! I can't reveal yet because I would like you to join this more for the campaign than the prize, but trust me, it's going to be one awesome kikay kit! (ooh, a hint! ;p)

Good luck! Have Fun!


Open to Philippine residents only. If you're not in the Philippines, but would like to join still, make sure you have a Philippine address so I can send your prize. This campaign is my Summer campaign. Announcement of winners will be made on the blog and fan page. Please follow to be updated. :)

All joiners will receive an emailed "contest poster" from me. It should look like this, only with your face! :)

Use it as your Facebook's primary photo as I'll be awarding consolation prizes for supporters of our empowerment campaign.

P.P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARMELA! :p More beautiful happy days for you!
Please like this post if you want to win!

Posting of entries will end April 28. Voting will end May 8. Lucky numbers. :D


  1. Cooooll!! I will consider this! :)

  2. i would really love to join, I so love maybelline kaso pag like contest, talo na ako don agad. LOL.

  3. WOW...thinking of joining this contest just for fun. After all there is no harm in trying...obviously trying is spelled differently. LOL

  4. aww this is so nice, a great idea for a new profile pic this summer <3

  5. i love to win on may 8 :) bf's birthday :)LOL!


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