PlanaFORMA day#1 "I was Floored at hello."

Yes, THIGH CHRONICLES hath beguneth.
Previously, I have announced here that this summer, I would be embarking on a challenge. Well, the ship hath sailed. Yesterday, I tried on my first pair of Plana Forma socks... it was whoa!
Although I brought socks with me for my first class, I couldn't resist the urge to buy a pair of official FORMA socks. There's just something about "uniforms" that really get me in the mood. :) (Php 300/pair)
First, I have to apologize that I wasn't able to upload something yesterday despite my "New posts everyday" promise. I got home quite late and was not feeling well... no! Don't blame the workout. It was me.

At risk of sounding stupid, I'll be sharing my experience because I want YOU to learn from my experience--more of carelessness.

I booked my first PlanaForma class at 10:30 AM. . . I woke up almost 8! Oh! Was I in panic mode. I fell into a coma the night before and wasn't able to prepare my "workout bag" so it was mega-crunch time for this missy... but I made it to class. In fact, I was extremely early I took the 10:15 class instead. The reason why I missed my chance to meet Kristel, sorry sweets!

You must be wondering by now, where's the carelessness? Where's the stupidity? Well... would you believe that I took my first PlanaForma class on an empty stomach? Well, not really empty... I had half a Santi's Franks. I know! At hindsight, it's so crazy! But it wasn't done intentionally. I was just in mega-hurry and super-panic mode that I forgot about eating! Talk about excited! hahaha :D

Anyway, I took Julie's class. I like her! I tweeted right after class and I said something like, I love the teacher lalala she's saktong amiable friendly and saktong scary coach!

Her class was so great! It really made me miss college days when I had all the time in the world (and was actually required to) to jog and do all sorts of fitness things (but nothing as serious and focused as Forma's thrust).

Would it suck to say I fell in love with the warm-up? I've never tried warming up using weights like that before! I usually just do something aerobic like jump rope or jog, not weights pulses, etc. I really love it. I'm looking at doing it every other day (or everyday if I remember and find time to do so) at home.

Then the thigh exercises entered the picture. Although I've had my hands (or body) on jazz classes, I've never really done something as demanding as Forma's routines. Feel na feel ko, wow, dancer. hehe However, since I was running on extremely low fuel, after a while, I swear, I thought I was going to collapse! (Good thing I didn't cause that's so kahiya, even for a first-timer!)

But would you believe I finished the class?! Yes, I did cheat a little, hehe, and am going to do a little research on how to not feel dehydrated within a workout, but bottomline is I finished my first class, in one piece! And, much emphasis should be placed on my whole new and higher respect for the workout, and for myself too!

Whole new higher respect for the workout...
When I read the write-up, and saw the pictures, and read some testimonials... despite all I've read, I still thought, hm. I can do Forma. If I get to do decent yoga positions without the most serious and regular classes, I'm sure I can do Forma too. I get to use "tools" naman e. I'm sure it can't be that bad.


Did I eat my words or what! :)

Whole new higher respect for myself...
I am happy to be able to say this, funny that I had to learn it the hard way, but happy nonetheless that I learned, "My first PlanaForma class engraved to my psyche the importance of NEVER taking myself for granted."

Of course it's great to push oneself to jump over the edge, not fall pass it; but I learned how imperative it is that whenever we jump, we take time to assess and calculate the leap!

Back in Jazz class, I always took mental notes on what the teacher would say, for example while we stretch. I remember when she was making us (semi-forcing us) to accomplish a side split, she kept on saying things like "Push! Push! You have to push yourself! If it's painful, ganon talaga! No pain, no gain!" I did accomplish my side split then, and I think Jazz class is one of my life experiences that validated my being "competitive"... (P.S.I'm not sure if I still can do side splits since I've been extremly inactive for years!)

Anyway, my first PlanaForma class taught me the value in pushing oneself with grace. Julie, who was leading the class I joined was quite encouraging and her enthusiasm in ensuring that her students finish the routines strong was so intoxicating--I believe it (her enthusiasm) should take most credit over me finishing the class despite my "careless pre-class behavior". But as I've mentioned, my class taught me the importance of doing it with grace.

Which brings me to this extreme excitement... I can't wait for my next class. I'm promising I'd do better and I'll start that by bringing an appropriately fueled body to the studio! Bananas, hello. :)
Crisp white towels... I'm thankful that the amenities of PlanaForma were all so clean and home-y..

I hope to get locker#13 every time! I love where it is. I think it's on a very strategic location, hehe.

Pretty much, that's locker#13's strategic location! See, kalikot your things sitting down, hehe.

That's me. Before the workout. :) I decided to wear my "Whipped into shape" Legally Blonde shirt to my first class cause I thought it would be so appropriate. :)

Here's what I mean about the amenities being home-y. And if you're anything like me, bathroom's are first to be judged!

Clean. <3 I love how everything about the locker room was well-maintained! Maybe you doubt my words by saying, eh shempre maaga pa nung pumunta ka, well as I've observed, since I was early for my class and I was last to shower among the classes that ended at 11:30-ish, someone really do come in every now and then to clean. Like, the trash bin doesn't have to be full to be emptied. If my observation's precise, someone came in to clean before a class starts, and right after a set of "warriors" finished using the locker/shower room.

I pack heavy bags, all the time. But know that you can use Forma facilities like towels, shampoo, body soap, and all those toiletries you see there, at no extra cost (unlike in some other gyms). Now all you have to bring is your strong self, some clothes to change in to and water! :D
To the next class!


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