Shaving vs Waxing... which should you choose?

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How's summer treatin' ya?
So recently I've been on this hair-crisis=hairy situation. It's funny, I didn't notice until an office mate commented about my hair (it's the first time they saw my newly chopped hair) and about my brows (apparently, yes they're quite fixed!)

Interestingly, through her comments I realized... whoa! I've got something against hair lately!

To begin with... I started getting into braids! among many other things.

I think it's beautiful, yes?
For women, at least that's part of the equation I believe I have the right to discuss, for women, hair stories are quite fascination. So many spend thousands individually, the world millions, on hair care products yet among the most sought after services, treatments and DIY products are pertaining to hair removal. Makes you wonder, do we want or hate hair?

Popular saying describes a woman's hair as her crowning glory. But that's talking about 100 thousand hair follicles on the head only! What about the 20 million others on the rest of our body? Do we want it? Marilyn Monroe was said to shave her facial hair off (her face entirely, so to speak!) to achieve smoother looking skin especially upon application of make-up. I'm sure many of you are grooming your brows, maybe even shaving, waxing, threading, bleaching or even plucking your (secret) moustache! Women generally regard facial hair as an unnecessary feature and normally, most of us women would appreciate a more manageable volume of unwanted hair, especially on the face!

Body hair on the other hand is a whole different hair story.

Body hair can refer to the smaller regions like underarms and the chest, to the arms and legs, the back, the belly, oh and yes, your lady area. Your tolerance on body hair is mostly affected by your lifestyle. If you're mostly in bikinis, you're probably waxed, trimmed or even bare down there! If you love wearing tank tops, your underarms may be your major unwanted hair concern! If you've got that sexy back, then definitely you're keeping that sexy arc hair free. Oh, and if you're into short shorts and skirts, your legs must be quite flawless.

But the question of how you remove those unwanted hair is the question of all questions!

Most people, especially those with the budget, would go for a laser hair removal treatment to free themselves of hair worries forever (laser hair removal can promise permanent hair removal, hair-free heaven!)

Normally though, for the body hair at least, it's a battle between the razor and the wax paper. You really don't want to go through the trouble, not to mention the excruciating pain of threading the hair on your legs right?! so more often than not, when we decide we'd rather do without the hair on a certain region, we choose between waxing and shaving.

I've tried both. In fact, I've tried laser hair removal as well, so I am confident in giving you a word of advice. More importantly, I just saw on TV today from an episode of What's Good for You (Lifestyle Network) a wonderful segment on hair removal and the myth behind hair regrowth! You're probably a body-hair-removal virgin because you've been warned by your folks that shaving will make your hair grow thicker and coarser! Weird though, you're probably a body-hair-removal virgin because you've also been told waxing would do the same!

So if you don't like your body hair, naturally, why risk make it worse?! I understand where you're coming from. Well here I am speaking from where I come from/been through. Don't fear it.

According to trichologist (that's hair specialist for us) David Salinger, hair removal whether by shaving or waxing do not necessarily make your hair grow thicker and coarser. In fact, your hair pretty much regrows the same way! (hurrah!)

With that, let me help you on your first shave. (I jump to recommending shaving because DIY is always more affordable and convenient for many of us busy people! Scheduling waxing appointments can be quite tedious, though of course for your nether regions, do get a wax instead. Most shaving products are not apt for "sensitive area" use.)

Use Nivea Double Effect Shower and Shave body wash. Don't jump into taking shaving foam for granted! It will definitely save you from scoring nicks instead of smooth fuzz-free legs. The great thing about Nivea Shower and Shave is that it's dual-purpose (doh, double effect is such a giveaway!).

With such a no-brainer shaving-buddy, you're definitely bound to forget you ever worried about shaving off those unwanted hair in no-time! Simply use it as a body wash, cleanse, moisturize, smoothen, and shave with Nivea Double Effect and join me in thinking, "what double effect? I see more than 'double' from Nivea Shower and Shave!"

This baby is available in most department and body care stores so you won't need a compass to locate this product. :)


You're right, your hair feel thicker and coarser when you shave compared to when you wax and more importantly when you leave your unwanted hair alone! But notice that the operative word is feel
 Hair regrowth from shaving feels thicker and coarser because normally, natural hair is long and laying down, close to our skin. Such bent form makes any attempt of brushing against hair slide smoother while new growing hair are usually pointed and consequently tend to brush against your skin when you stroke it... that's why it feels thicker and coarser. Let it grow long enough to "sleep" on your skin and you're back to normal.

Imagine a bamboo. If it's long, it dances with the wind making this sturdy eco-material  look soft and flexible. But don't be fooled. Keenly observe younger/shorter bamboos and notice how it can stand tall against the breeze. Pretty much, that's the logic behind the feeling of thick and coarser hair regrowth after shaving. :)

PS. YOU CAN'T GROW MORE HAIR AFTER SHAVING. There's no way you GAIN more hair follicles just because you shaved! Don't be too hard and judgmental on the art of shaving. :) Hello, we lose our hair follicles for crying out loud! If you can gain follicles through shaving, no one will be bald (without consent).

Have a fuzz-free summer ladies! More sunny days ahead of us!


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  1. I prefer waxing over shaving - it saves time and effort, plus the hair takes longer time to grow. I have been shaving all my life, but when a friend gave me a gift certificate from a waxing salon, that started it all. Plus, shaving damages the skin, no matter which razor or cream you use. :)

  2. I prefer waxing down there, for the same reasons that it takes longer to grow and maintaining hair-free "there" is a regimen I would like to not worry about often.

    For the legs, waxing would be great but since I have quite a busy schedule, I'm afraid it doesn't work for me. I like being able to take care of my unwanted hair concerns immediately, when it is around. This makes shaving more convenient for me as I can easily just do it in the shower while I hair mask... and it is quite a relaxing mememe time. :)

    For the arms, I do not remove, but should I go towards that direction, waxing would definitely be the choice as I can only imagine how difficult shaving the arms would be. However, for the reason I have shared about my qualms with waxing (hassle siya), I do not remove hair sa arms.

    Other parts of the body like chest, back etc, I don't have a problem so I don't know. but similar to arms, waxing would probably be the better choice.

    For the underarms, I prefer shaving. It is easier and it comes as a natural aprt of my day. I don't have to go out of my way to take care of unwanted hair problem anymore for my kili-kili lang haha

    I understand your concerns about shaving and how it damages the skin. True, as razor, no matter how new /clean/sharp it is do remove the top layer of the skin when you use it to remove hair. However, these damages you speak of can be completely avoided given that you

    1) shave properly: strokes, directions, pressure considered
    2) use proper shaving products: before and after

    So generally, like with any other beauty regimen, shaving is quite safe and is quite convenient. If not, I believe women younger than our parents would have given up on it in their teens, pun intended! :)

  3. very helpful post. :) Now I know, shaving doesn't cause our hair to be thicker. fool me hahaha :))

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