Citrus Hands and Feet by Posh Nails Pina Colada Themed Mani-Pedi!

Like this post if you're thankful that it's SUMMER!

Pina Colada Smoothie and more...

Perked for Summer yet? :D

Paint some sunshine on your fingernails, now na.
Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa have a wide "library" of quality-branded nail polish! :D It's enough reason to play up your polish. Here are the polishes I chose to use for my Pina Colada Themed Mani-Pedi. :)
To achieve that sunny bliss for your tips, choose Orly Spark as base. It's a bright banana yellow shade, perfect to pair with your Pina Colada drink! :D

Add that fresh twist on your classic French Tip. Instead of using a white or platinum shade for the tip, use a solid green polish like Nubar's Green Tea.
What it's like to have a zesty summer. . .
Pina Colada for your feet starts with a lovely bubble bath.
If you're looking for something delightful to cure your burn out with, try the season's hottes--or rather, coolest treat for your tips and toes. Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa's limited time offering is named after such a cooling refreshment that it's to no surprise that upon "serving", I was slowly forgetting about the hussle and bustle of the busy city outside!

Don't be deceived... the photos above and below are deceiving. You think you're seeing a... but really... to know what I'm talking about, try Pina Colada for yourself. (Hands or Feet @ Php 675)

A closer look at Posh' Daily Summer servings. :D
While waiting for your nails to dry, or for your pampering to begin, you can do a little shopping at Posh Nails Tomas Morato! They have on shelf some limited edition this and that for nail afficionados. :)

Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa has more offers in-store. Do visit their branches now!
Remember I told you, the week's all about not burning out? That is why I would like to share, not justify, but share, why it is ever-so important to pamper yourself especially when you're going through such a painful grind!

The body is no robot and come to think of it, even machines need a rest! If you're going through a long week, super long work days and hardly enough time to breathe deeply, then you know that sometime within your seven days your body would demand a break. Hear it! It's good that you are driven and are working hard to make things happen (for yourself and for the world) but if you get sick, you would inevitably stop! So taking a break is not laziness, it's wise consideration that keeping a healthy being will definitely help you make more of your awesome ideas materialize.

If you're thinking of that break, may I suggest you give your most "battered" part of the body the pampering it well deserves, your hands and feet! Recently, I was pleasure-bound as streets lead me to Posh Nails Tomas Morato. I was scheduled for a pampering session to try out their newest service, sweet-sounding Pina Colada. :)

Wow, it was amazing.

Very feel at home..

The service treats you to a wonderful citrus scrub, to remove rough skin and reveal healthier skin on your feet and hands. It is followed by Posh Grooming and of course a luxurious massage. The massage got me where I needed to be "bitten" the most. It was such an experience. I felt so rejuvenated right after!

Flutter pillows.
Oh how I love Summer. Thank God talaga!


Very special thanks to Ms. Cat! I hope you're feeling better now. :)
Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa Tomas Morato welcomes you with pretty faces.

Pina Colada is Posh Nails' Summer exclusive, don't let the season pass by without trying it out.


  1. I've never been to a hand or foot spa! :-/

  2. i love posh nails :) spoiling package :) will try this one


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