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I am never hesitant to go out and soak up some sun. It's probably because of the environment I got used to as a student. Back in UP, walking around the campus spelled my daily routine. Sometimes I wonder, how crazy my legs would've been like if FitFlops were already available few years back! Tsk,

Lounging at sunken garden with my Super Friend. :) Ooh, check out the date! PS. ah yes,I wear see-through to class haha!
However, despite my daily grind as a student of this school of the scholars (I took up Journalism at UP Diliman so that's a lot of walking to and fro College of MassCom to College of Social Sciences and Philosophy--where my friends are usually at.), let me admit one very stupid mistake I committed. It's like I didn't learn anything from my Health classes! I go out without sunblock!

Normally speaking, I see sunblock as a beach essential! If I can dare go swimming without sunblock (yes, I can!) would you expect me to wear sunblock for no reason at all other than I'm going to school? Of course not!

Remember this?! haha
To my vocabulary, Sunblock is extremely greasy, sticky and inconvenient to use as it takes quite a while to be absorbed by the skin--plus the smell's quite off! Compared to lotions that can go from powdery sweet to fruity, the sunblock smell is distinguishable as "the sunblock smell". So yes, I don't use sunblock. I'm LovingSunshine for crying out loud!

Then I came to my senses. Soaking up the sun is one sweet habit for me, it's like feeling nature embrace me with it's warmth (literally); but no matter how loving that is, sun damage is serious business so I should take sun exposure seriously.

There are three kinds of Sun rays: UVA, UVB, and UVC. Among the three, the most dangerous is UVC but it is completely filtered out by the ozone layer thus doesn't really reach the Earth. Certain levels of UVC reaches our planet because the ozone layer is increasingly being damaged, so most sunblock manufacturers are developing products that can also protect against it!

But normally speaking, it is UVA and UVB rays that sunblocks are protecting us against. To make it easily recognizable, remember them as UVAging and UVBurning. UVA causes skin-aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and sagging of the skin while UVB gives you that beach tan-sunburn. UVB causes peeling of the skin because as the skin is rapidly "cooked" it also tries to heal the skin rapidly thus pushing that "burnt" skin off the surface=peeling.
With those two (slowly becoming three) skin-damaging sun elements, it is beyond me why any sane person would take sunblock for granted. Sun protection should be a health regimen, not just for a "beauty" purpose. I understand that sunblock isn't easy to swallow for the reasons I have followed myself: sunblock is greasy, sticky and doesn't have an appealing scent; so to those who want to ease out the transition from careless sun exposure to protected sun play, here's a line of SPF products that would satisfy your needs and meet your "skincare preferences".

Sunplay sun protection lotions boasts of their high SPF-powered watery-liquid formulation that are easily absorbed by the skin while being highly capable of providing you longer hours of well, sun play. Among their line, I love Sunplay Watery Cool SPF65, Super Block SPF130 (Wow!) and Powdery White SPF47. These sunblocks are formulated none-other than the land of porcelain skinned women, Japan (hi Papa!). The unique formulation Sunplay sunblocks have works as UV reflective mirrors that pushes those UVA and UVB rays away from the skin. Oh, these light and non-greasy lotions are also non-comodogenic so yes, oily-skinned and acne-prone? No worries!

I personally love the fact that these sunblocks are good for the face and body! I am hands down to multi-tasking products! I have an extremely loaded kikay kit already so knowing I don't have to bring separate sunblocks for my face and body is great news to me!

From the makers of Lip Ice is this SPF65 PA+++ Watery Cool Sunblock with menthol! It leaves an Icy Cool feeling on the skin that can be a plus factor in convincing your boys/men to take sun protection seriously also! (Php 349)

Sunplay's Super Block is their highest SPF powered product among the line. It offers maximum protection against the sun with a whopping SPF130! That means longer hours of sun play! (Php 399 only!)

Those who wish to whiten while soaking up the sun, here's the solution to balance out your contradicting wish. No need to stay away from the beach with fear of losing your carefully whitened skin. Now you can whiten and stay protected with just one product! Multi-tasker indeed! (Php 349)
All of those Sunplay sunblocks are also proudly carrying PA+++ protection. This only means your skin receives 8x or higher protection against sun's damaging rays. Now you can definitely strut that less is more/skin is in fashion trend! Enjoy!

Watch the video below if you're a sunshine lover. :)



Sunplay is available at Watsons. :)

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