Most Refreshing Peeling: Svelte Wellness' Radiance Facial + MicroVisage

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I love how this modern world defines beauty. It went beyond keeping it for the few gifted ones and showered the entire race possibilities of defining, claiming, owning, honing and exploring beauty. Of course, there are those who go overboard and thus are charged by vicious comments by those who dare not cross the line, but the increasing popularity of "cosmetic beauty" makes beauty more accessible to those who feel that they're genes just don't spell beauty as they wish to write it down.

Personally, I still have qualms about invasive cosmetic treatments such as surgery and the like. I'm scared of scars, side effects and I still see it as quite drastic. I don't see the need for it as I am very young and am normally satisfied with my natural beauty. Of course there are days when I flip through magazines and wish for this and that, but those wishes are mostly superficial and faint. I still think beauty is better when it's natural; but my reservations are of course only mine. :)

When they said beauty is skin deep, I hope it didn't encourage anyone to disregard their skin's all the more. I have been gifted by oily but normally non-breaking out skin; but lately, probably also because I took advantage/took it for granted, I experienced a series of break-outs that left me so frustrated!

As of writing, I'm back to caring for my skin and am trying out Nivea Visage Sparkling White UV Blocker to achieve a radiance that will correct and purify the dark spots my battle against breakouts have caused. I'm  pretty excited about it because it's quite a promising product and I really just want to compensate and treat my skin with all the care it deserves after I have given it such a rough time. :)

For all its worth, if you can make time for it, you should treat your skin every now and then as stress, among many, is easily manifested through your skin's condition! If you dare answer that you can't make time for it, please reconsider. You don't want to save your skin too late.

Among the many facials out there, I have recently tried such a wonderful and refreshing facial treatment that I can definitely recommend for this hot summer season. It is by Svelte Wellness Center's Radiance Facial followed by MicroVisage treatment.

Spot Svelte Wellness Center just across Eastwood Mall, at One Orchard Rd., Eatswood Libis Quezon City :)
A clean and crisp white lounge with minimalist design as concept will welcome you upon entering Svelte Wellness. It's my second time to visit them and it's quite interesting how the lounge remains as clean as ever. :)

I love their seats. It give "waiting" a relaxing feel.

Svelte has limited treatment rooms, to maintain customer privacy and to provide comfort for their patrons as most treatments are quite personal, so it's definitely best to call before hand to schedule an appointment. :)

You may call them at 02-7028232 to schedule or to inquire.
I love how Svelte's Facials are non-invasive as well! Radiance started off with a cleansing milk. Instead of pricking, your face is thoroughly cleansed using such cleansing milk, brushes and scrub exfoliating cream). It's different from cleansing at home because the use of specialty derma-brushes extend the reach of the cleansers to ensure that your face is cleared of dirt, oil, make-up and even dull skin!

The best part was when MicroVisage* started. It is similar to a diamond peel, the only difference is it's a "wet treatment". Hydro-peeling is achieved through the used of MicroVisage machine (see picture below) which infuses skin clearing toners while performing microdermabrasion. As with any form of peeling, younger skin is revealed; but because MicroVisage uniquely uses hydrotherapy for its microdermabrasion process, your skin is not irritated nor is it left with blotchy red spots.

(Before the treatment)

(After the treatment)

Toner is mixed with cleanser residues and old layer of skin!
Your skin is treated with an intensive serum then massage and sunscreen comes afterwards. :)

When your skin is glowing, you don't need make-up to look perfect with a smile. :D

Radiant and clear skin is mine! :)


Svelte facial treatments' price are available upon request; but MicroVisage, which is valued at Php 2,500 can be yours free if you refer a friend to a treatment at Svelte! For more info on their refer-a-friend promo, kindly call Svelte at 02-7028232! Have a fresh summer!

*MicroVisage is a separate treatment from the Facial, like an add-on. :)

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