On wanting, taking, having, and sharing inspiration

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Inspiration is easily an essential part of my Project: Achieve. If I were to encourage (you) achievement, I would have to move the rocks of ambition, perseverance, and inspiration. I'm not sure if many of you considers inspiration as an essential part of success because I'm sure many of you have so-called pegs, models, visualizations even.

But to me, I always think, inspiration is a whole lot more than finding something you can want, or something you can consider ideal to eventually work on having and making real. I see inspiration as a social obligation. I believe everyone, from aspirants to the successful ones, should inspire the world to be, have and share inspiration. I believe that inspiration should be unlimited, should never cease and should always leave a mark, greater than its "marker".

ThingsWeForget is truly one of my favorite weblogs, ever since! I'll be sharing some of their select and new "post-its" to share with you my thoughts for today.

When I saw this, I beamed. It was such a thrill to find something that completely captures what I'd like to convey through all my efforts on this site. Chase, don't follow. Chase, don't find. 

I know it's a bit freaky sounding and aggressive but I find it helpful to be aggressive especially in fighting and standing up for the things I believe in. I fear that I would grow out of that belief anyway, or something bad might happen that would cause me to lose luster, so while I can afford to be extreme, I'd be extreme.

Chase your dreams. Don't let them go away.

Like in everything else, when you find (insert what you're looking for here), don't give up on it.
We define our lives, and we choose how we want to define it. Me, I choose Summer as my "new year" indicator. If the Roman Calendar does not feel the obligation to follow the Lunar Calendar, nor do the Chinese follow, I thought, how harmless can it be if I also follow my own new year? So I did.

I have been doing so anyway, I just made it extra-official by admitting it to hearts that are beyond my sleeves.

Those, who have taken the time to get to know me; and those, who I have taken the time to share myself to knows that I want to do so many things for myself, for the people important to me (family tops the list), and for the lives of strangers who I know are just "uncharted" friends.

Among the many things I would like to do, it is to be able to share as much as I can with the little things that I have and make. Enter inspiration.

Before this season ends...
 I will find grace in thoughts, words and movement.

This is extremely coincidental! Please read this post to know what I'm talking about.
I share with you (using artwork from http://www.thingsweforget.blogspot.com/) secrets to never burning out--best remembered when your hair catches fire, cause burn out pretty much starts there... so act with steadfast responses!

Halfway is for star-crossed lovers who believe that halfway is where they should meet. Halfway is never enough. In fact, I joke that to truly be star-crossed, you should be blind to the lines marking your efforts. Too little, too much, you should never know. I think to be star-crossed is to be a mice on the mill: enslaved by the desire for movement; tempted by the prize of achievement. (*disclaimer: Not what I'm promoting, #justsayin :p)

Give everything your best shot. There's a difference between getting tired (or failing) knowing you've done all that you could; and otherwise. If you always pursue something (or someone, yihee) with all your heart, you're almost always to go home with the bacon, or if not, something healthy for dinner. :)

The person who first noticed the silver lining behind every cloud must have fallen down one way or the other because normally, our heads are at eye-level, so we miss a lot of heaven's glory.

Everything happens for a reason and the best thing we can do when something we don't like is happening is to find the reasons behind it--and highlight the great reasons among the lot. Lessons are great because they give mistakes greater value (if not completely change mistakes from being regarded as one). 

Never consider failure as failure. Instead, see failure as a bridge that needs to be crossed. You have to simply get over it to get to the other side. :) Learn to see bridges. If you really can't find one, improvise. :)

Although I also suffer days when I am my worst critic, I always strive to end my days recognizing my blessings.

However, I do believe that blessings should not end at recognition. Blessings, like happiness, should be shared (for those like I who consider happiness as a blessing too, forgive the redundancy!) Always move towards the greater good, pay it forward and...

Have faith in your god. Have faith in what ignites your heart.

Personally, my faith is in people. Have faith in the goodness of people.The best, is always yet to happen. :)

My heart tells me, I'm not alone. :)

Let go of what hurts and what keeps on blowing off your flames. No, I don't mean give up. I mean, let go of what keeps you from burning.

I truly feel the need to clarify this...
The things that hurt... let go if it causes nothing else but pain. You are not created to be life's pin cushion. Weave your wonder elsewhere. To be pricked is different from to be beaten up. If you see no purpose behind the pain and its causes, let go. If you see no worth in fighting for it, let it eat itself up, not your will. Your will is not dinner. Your will is your gold.

The people that weigh you down... let go if it's meaningless. Word of caution though, never ask your friends, your family, even your mom for their thoughts. Only you would know the meaning of a certain something of your life. Like I said, we define our lives. Grab your pen and decide whether to scratch it off or to continue writing it across the pages. If it's still meaningful, let go if you don't need it. Meanings are only valuable if you consider them as such. The dictionary is filled with words that are even beyond our comprehension, but you don't need those words to live the best life you deserve!

"Be graceful."

LEARN, REVIEW, BE CORRECTED, THEN CORRECT: The thoughts I have just shared are thoughts based on my continuous journey through life. Expect changes; especially improvements. :)


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