If You Don't Want To Be Tan...

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Not because you love the sun, you want to be tan. That's my defensive line. I also love morenas! But that doesn't mean I am willing to bake myself especially because I know that one, tan is a form of sun damage and two, sun damage is one of the topmost reason behind early skin aging!

So defend yourself. When it comes to protective skincare + summer, you know that SPF becomes indispensible. Here's a great investment for skincare...Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector.

Don't underestimate its minimalist sleek bottle design.
Reasons to love the product:

- it comes with a price, but so does getting skin disease! Shiseido's Multi-Defense has SPF50 so that's a whopping high-powered sun protection for your face
- SPF for the face is extremely important since unlike your body, you don't wear clothes to cover your face (unless you're lace-covered VMA Gaga daily, don't exempt yourself!). Hats also offer limited protection too as the shading the face only protects it from direct sunlight... but UV rays isn't just about direct exposure. UV rays, like with other forms of light, is reflected and can then leave your hat-shaded face exposed to danger without you being guarded enough!
- it is NOT sticky. SPF usually are sticky lotions but I'm very proud to say that Shiseido's Multi-Defense' light-formula will blow you away! (It is very "fluid" so you also don't have to worry about feeling "thick" when the need to re-apply arises... cause yes SPF should be re-applied sometimes.)
- it is water resistant, so the need for re-application is reduced! (Cost-effective product!)

Check out Shiseido counters at Shangri-la Mall to know more about their Sun Protective Skin Care line. :)

Don't deny yourself a reliable "defensive" best-friend.


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