Jam-packed Summer PLUS my Summer 2011 Jam!

Please like this post if you're born amazing!

Admit it, you are, for all its worth, once a child. Admit that you have had your chance of wanting to become a teacher, or a doctor, or any other noble job that your kindergarten mind can comprehend. We've all been there, we've all been at that "Sorter Hat experience" and it's once of the things that is difficult to forget about our childhood. I mean, how do you expect to forget your first memory of ever planning for your future?

Fast forward to some few years after that experience...

You're now living in that future -- or probably, you're at the very edge/gate/door leading to that "future" you once imagined. Are you ready? Are you willing?

I know a lot of you are either suffering from beginner's jitters or are starting to feel like you're burning out already; and before I say anything else, let me just give you a virtual hug > :D < Like an older sister (or younger sister) I would like to make you feel that, we're in this together. Ah, yes. This Summer that's what we'd be zeroing in... I think it's about time we focus on one of the important things in life: our happiness, our dreams.

Watch out for an every day release of goodness, beauty and inspiration. We'd be having features, interviews, tutorials, tips, and many more! All because we've got our eagle's eye on. To me, Summer is the perfect season to become. When everything's bright and blazing, there's no better way to meet the day than with an equally fresh and radiant attitude.

Let me share with you my own personal ways of finding inspiration and
of luckily, gratefully, amazingly being an inspiration to someone whle I'm at it!

I want you to know the many many ways you can be amazing, and like a very special ate (older sister), Maybelline New York is here to be a best friend!

Watch out for our special features, reviews and how-to's. Together, let's leave the world wondering about the amazing gifts we're all born with. :)



Life is not about the money.

Trust me when I say this, I want to be so damn rich, I wouldn't have to ever worry about money, not one second of my life!

But believe me also when I say this, the happiest moments of my life, so far, were also the cheapest--if they ever cost something at all.

Please like this post if you're born amazing!


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