Year-ender giveaway

2010 has been a wonderful year and I'm thankful for everyone I met and came to know all year round. To those I just met, we have next year to get to know each other all the more--oh I'm so excited!

As usual, I would like to end this year with a giveaway. This time, my contest would be pretty simple. All I want to know is your answer to this question.

What are you most thankful for this year?

For these and for many wonderful things... people, like you!

Just post on my WALL your answer so I would know how to contact you back. I'll be giving away lots of beauty prizes from my favorite brands, gift certificates and more! Be my lucky winner and let me share with you more smiles as this wonderful year comes to a close.

If I reach 100 hugs or 1,000 likers on my Fan Page, whichever comes first, I'll include special prizes :)
If I reach 1,000 likers before the year ends, the winner will get a special prize so please help me by inviting your friends and by posting about this giveaway on your walls, blogs, etc. :) There'd be consolation prizes up for grabs too! I won't reveal the prizes yet, as I want you to join not because of a prize, you know. And because I want to encourage the act of being grateful, I'm counting each "what I'm thankful for" answer as one entry. Let's open up our hearts to this wonderful season of love. So excited to know what's making you all tick. :)

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  1. What are you most thankful for this year?

    I'm thankful for my family. I know this is a generic answer, but it's true. I'm thankful that we're complete and happy, though struggling because of the hard times. Nothing is better than having this.

    I like the concept of this contest. I liked the chance of having to think about the question you raised. :) More power to your blog!


  2. I'm thankful that even i don't have a job right now (I'm a Registered Nurse) still God guides me into safety and healthy living. I have my family and friends to support me. I'm also thankful that I can still eat three times a day and Iim able to wake up each day with a good heart! :))

  3. I am thankful my husband and I decided to have a baby again. The first one was an accident and came at a time when we were not ready yet, financially and emotionally. And now, after six years, we're having our second pregnancy with a little more money on the side and a lot stronger heart.

  4. "what I'm thankful for?"

    I'm thankful that even though I have so many insecurities about myself,I can still smile on my face on the mirror and tell myself that one day I will look glamorous too.Each of us is beautiful in our own way.

  5. What I'm thankful for this year?

    There are lots!
    I've received so much blessings this year.Definitely, One of the bests year ever.

    I'm thankful because I'm closer to my family now.
    I'm thankful for being able to serve my fellow students as one of the officers in our Department (Civil Eng'g)
    I'm thankful for having high grades last semester
    I'm thankful for being top 1 (last sem) which I don't really expect.
    I'm thankful for having a courage to face one of my weakness (English) and finding a courage to finally, make a blog
    I'm thankful for winning Phoebe Ann's giveaway
    I'm thankful for meeting new people through Blogging
    I'm thankful for all the blessings this year and more!
    So, blessed.

    by the way, I'll post your giveaway contest on my blog and sidebar. It will mean so much on me if you could visit my blog sometimes. I'm not good in writing but hope you'll like it. ;p



    Excess: I can't post on your fan page. just finished adding you on my friendlist.


  6. It looks like your page is still down
    boo hoo!
    i like visiting your fp every now & then

    anyhow, im always thankful that i wake up every day & God is giving me a chance to live my life to the fullest.

    I am also thankful to God that he is giving me trials for it his way of developing me to be a stronger person than i was before. hey, you can't live your life being all soft & gooey,right? you have to be made up of sterner stuff! the 'i eat nails for breakfast' type...LOL (exaggeration of course!haha)

    i'm thankful that i have my 'pare' with me, who has been with me through thick & thin. Love you,pare! hehe

    im ever thankful for the blog support/love messages that i get from my blog readers. nothing beats the feeling of knowing that the posts that you work so hard for researching & testing is very well appreciated by the readers.

    i'm thankful for my family & friends who have been with me for years & years & is still is & still will be with me till the end.

    i'm thankful that my students are still with me for years. in online teaching, students can just stop having classes with you when they feel like it, but my students have been with me for 2+ years & i love them to bits! They are a part of my life now.

    i'm thankful that God continues to bless me & every people around me with good health.

    i'm thankful that we have Charlie (our choco labrador) with us for he makes our day bright with his antics. he is a big ball of energy & never fails to make us laugh!

    i still have a lot more to be thankful for, but i guess i'll stop here na..hehe

  7. My life is full of ups and downs (as most lives are). But I try very hard not to complain because God has given me so many blessings this year. Not just in terms of material things, since I've won a couple of online contests (I'm a contest freak) but also in terms of personal relationships. I couldn't be happier with the way things are going between my "special friend" and I, as well as the bond I have with my family. Those are things that you cherish for the rest of your life and no amount of money can replace that.

    Furthermore, simply waking up in the morning to face another day (no matter how challenging it is) is already a blessing in itself. I'm healthy and have a chance to be a better person, improve my life, and brighten someone else's.


  8. I am thankful for my family who supported me to the toughest decision I had ever made in my entire life (so far), and that is to work abroad - far from home, my family, my angel. And have to spend my birthday, Christmas, and New Year alone. They all gave me the strength I need to face each day alone.

    I am thankful for my ever loving boyfriend, my angel, who had been loving me over nine years of relationship. He is God's greatest gift to me.

    Madelin M. Galvez

  9. "Just to be alive is a grand thing." I live by this quote all my life because I believe that the mere fact that we are seeing another day is already a blessing. I am thankful that God gave me another year to see the wonders of this world.

    I thank Him for allowing me to grieve and face sorrows because now I have a better appreciation of things. I now savor and treasure each moment of my life as if it were the last.

    I'm thankful for my loved ones, my family and friends who are always there to support me.

    I'm thankful for my job, for new opportunities.

    I'm just so thankful for everything that God bestowed me this year. I'm so grateful. And, thank you for making me realize that I am so blessed!<3

    More Power to your blog!

  10. What are you most thankful for this year?

    Relatively good health the ability to make something REAL and the good people around me especially my loving family and friends...

    Juliet Pegad

  11. Hi Kumi,

    Decided to post my answer here because I'm not sure if I had enough space on your wall :p
    I like the idea that we should reflect on the

    I am thankful for:

    -My awesome husband who never fails to give me all the love & support I need and also, for giving me the freedom to do what I love despite all the hassles it brings on his part.

    -My supportive parents who never gave up on me even when I felt like giving up on myself.

    -My 6 crazy brothers who toughened me up well to prepare me for the real world while never failing to make me laugh.

    -My wild lola who is turning 90 this December, has acted as my guardian for all my life. She gave up having her own family to take care of my brothers and I.

    -My nutty bestfriend who, after 16 years, has stood by my side through all the good and bad.

    -My new friends for showing me that time is not the test of true friendship.

    -My psychotic dog, Lucian, for providing me with companionship, entertainment & protection every day.

    -My work which I can do in the comforts of our home.

    -My quirky blog which keeps me sane by letting me express myself in more ways than one.

    -All the prizes I won from joining contests this year (including the one I won from your previous contest :D).

    -Technology because even if all my loved ones are far away from me, I will still get to enjoy Christmas with them through phone calls, emails & Skype.

    The idea that there is always something to be grateful for every day.

    and lastly,

    -The fact that God has given me 28 years to enjoy life!


  12. i will also post my other entry in your wall thanks.

  13. I always wake up to a beautiful day thankful to God because without Him everything else wouldn't be possible.

    I am most thankful to have the best people on earth. My ever loving and ever supportive hubby and my kids for being my inspiration, for the unconditional love they've been giving me and for always being there no matter what happens.

    I am thankful to be part of this great site that provides a sense of belonging.

    Of course, I am profoundly grateful to be alive and to be experiencing such a wonderful life.

    I’m sure there are still many more things I don’t mention here.

    So learn to appreciate what you have and you will realize what a blessed life you have.

  14. I am most thankful for..

    First of all, My FAMILY :)
    without them I wouldn't be where I am right now. I thank God for having a complete and happy family. They're the ones I need. And they are always there for me whenever.

    Secondly, my FRIENDS :)
    They are God's precious gifts to me. They are the ones I share stories with and laugh with all along.

    And lastly, I'm thankful for my boyfriend, who, no matter what happens is always there for me, always ready to listen to me and loves me as who I am.

    Felisa May Tan

  15. Well I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

    I'm thankful for being able to graduate last March. I'm thankful for being able to spend time with my family at home because it took awhile before I was able to find a job. But now I'm very thankful for finding a job that I like. I'm thankful for the times when things don't go my way because God always proves to me that His ways are better. I'm thankful for the gift of family and friends because with them around, I always feel loved.

    Actually come to think of it, I'm thankful for everything that has happened this year. Bad or good; everything happens for a reason. :)

    Ivy Belle P. Tiongco

  16. I thank God everyday for the gift of life. Just the fact that I still can breathe and another day, another year has been given to me to enjoy the goodness of life is such a wonderful blessing.

    Life, not only for me but also for the people that I love. Our family has had a tough trial to face with my mom's breast cancer but thankfully, she survived. And she's prettier and livelier than ever. :)

    The end of school life is the beginning of a more responsible adult life. Less burden for parents and a new challenge for me. Thankfully, I'm earning and will earn more in the coming days. :) And what I'm really grateful for is that even university life is over, the bond with my fiercest friends is not and will never be. Miles or deadlines can never break us apart.

    And of course, talking about life, there's also love life! We just turned 7 this year and we are working hard to break the 7-year itch or jinx. Haha! So far, so good. :)

    And thanks to you, I realized that I'm really blessed. Counting my blessings is such a heartwarming experience. :)

    Kim Palanca

  17. Hello Ms.Kumiko!
    I just blogged my entry in my blog site.
    Here's the link:
    Enjoy reading!:)

  18. What I am most thankful for this year~

    Year 2010 is definitely one heck of a year!

    I faced lots of challenges along the way, sometimes exciting, sometimes confusing, sometimes even heartbreaking. However, moments with friends and families are enough to call 2010 perfect.

    As Tracy Trunblad puts it, "The road is full of twists and turns, but that’s the road that got us here." ♥

    I am really, really thankful for the passing year for teaching me to be open to possibilities of me doing great things, both in work and in play. <3

    -MJ Matias

  19. I am most thankful of the people around me..
    they really keeping me up for good
    they really inspire me to wake up each morning.
    I am thankful for this year because i and my brother accomplished celebrating the birthday of our kapatid (younger sister) actually it her Debut and i am glad that the providence of God is there.
    I am thankful of my Mom and Dad because they are very hardworking and very caring. blessed to have those parents. my Spiritual Family the coolest Barkada ever...
    and this new found hobby "blogging"
    Thanks Kumi!!

  20. What are you most thankful for this year?

    First of All, I am very grateful and thankful to God for helping me and family get through all our challenges this year.

    I am very thankful that my family is safe and none of us got hurt when our house was caught on fire and burned to the ground.

    I am thankful that despite all our trials, We still have a place to stay and that our new house is about to be completed.

    I am thankful that my grandma finally rest in peace after 2 years of being bed ridden and feeling pain.

    I am thankful that after switching from company to company, I finally got my dream job!!!

    I am thankful that my Hubby finally chased his dream to become a lawyer.

    I am thankful for all the Blessings that my family received this year.

    I am thankful for all the wonderful friends I've met along the way.

    Lastly, I am thankful that I found passion in beauty blogging because I met such awesome fellow pinay bloggers.

  21. I'm so vair thankful that I have FINALLY FINALLY managed to start the journey to a healthier lifestyle this year! It changed a lot of things in my life. I hope to continue that in 2011!

  22. hi kumiko! 2010 has been really memorable for me and, though it sounds cliche, i really owe a lot to my boyfriend. in march, he helped me find an apartment, move my stuff, and provided support as i learned to live on my own for the very first time. it was both exciting and scary, and i really couldn't have done it without him cheering me on. in july, we celebrated our sixth year as a couple (we're college sweethearts, lol) and, considering all the soap-opera-worthy drama we've endured together, it was really quite a feat to have stayed with each other as long as we have. in october, he lost his job when the company decided to close his entire department. even now, it's tough as we try to regain financial stability but he continues to be incredibly generous to me and even to others. it's from him that i learned that happiness comes from making others happy, and that it's even more valuable when you only have a little to give. i'm thankful for my boyfriend, not only for 2010 but for all the years before and for all the years ahead.

  23. Things that I am most thankful for:
    My parent's good health and harmonious relationship
    My love
    My job
    Opportunity to travel and the experience I got from it
    Great friends (old and new)
    New puppies!!!
    Discovering the fun beauty community in the internet

    Oh, and finally getting the courage to write my own blog. :)

    Thank you!

  24. What are you most thankful for this year?

    I'm thankful for my family for their continuous love and care even they are miles away from me.
    I'm thankful for my BF turned Hubby last October 30, because after 6 years he decided to have a lifetime commitment with me in matrimony.
    I'm thankful for my friends who's always there for me no matter what, even mountains never stop them from helping and sharing moments with me.
    I'm thankful for my new family (hubby's family)for the attention and care for me and hubby.
    I'm thankful for my co-workers and boss's for the knowledge and opportunities.
    I'm thankful for my new found thingy of blogging (kuno) and sharing it with my readers and followers as well.
    I'm thankful for my new found friends online like of course you Kumi your so nice (anak) and other bloggers that i've met from different events.even if im a newbie ( i think i'll be that way still next year hehe...)
    I'm thankful for the prizes that i've won from diff contests online,even if its a simple clip or a paper, it really makes me happy promise hehe...(so babaw lng talaga ko) what more if its Lotto noh? heheh...
    I'm thankful of course to God because I'm still breathing ,kicking and ready to face the world everyday and appreciate all the things that He made for us.

    Looking forward for next years surprises and im always ready for it as long as God is with me and im always connecting with Him every second of my life.

    Ning Buning
    forgptning (at)gmail (dot) com

  25. i'm thankful for my loving and supportive family because they allow me to be who i want to be and love me for who i am. i am thankful for my friends who also give me support and love each and every day. i am thankful that God has given me the passion and talent to be a doctor. No words can describe the feeling that you get to do what you love and that you get to do it for the rest of your life. God has really blessed me and i thank Him for all of my blessings each and every day! life is good!

    angeline uy

  26. This Christmas Season is one of the special occasion and a time of reflection as well as giving thanks to God and to the people who were part of this life's journey.

    I am thankful for the overflowing love and a wonderful life God has given me and my loved ones.

    I am thankful for the trials, challenges that I believe God knows i can surpass all of these things.

    Start of the year, my family experienced emotional and financial challenges when my mom had to undergone chemotherapy. All throughout the year, God has always been there to give us strength and never ending financial blessings. Praise God, i know in His time, my mom will be totally healed soon!

    I am thankful also for my friends for being there to support and continue to pray for my mom.

    I am thankful for my God's Gift (boyfriend) who's been always been understanding and helps me out in every single way that he can to support me in every trials and who's been there to comfort and always cheering me up!

    I am thankful for my job, for my boss and my co-employees who's been proactive and passionate enough to strive for the company's mission and vision as well as supporting each other.

    I am thankful for the time, treasure and talent that God had given me to share it with others.

    I am thankful for being part of your blog and contest and hoping to be one of the winners!

    May God be with you always kumiko mae!

    hazel mata

  27. Not of any material things, financial, personal, love life, family, friends and other blessings, I AM VERY THANKFUL to the BLESSINGS that GOD continuously showering upon us. I also include all those who are very close to me and to my friends and even enemies. To all the gifts that I am aware of and even those things that I am not even aware of or noticed. To His care, blessings, endless love, peace, mercy, justice, for taking care of us, loving kindness, to all the things that I even don't know and to all unspeakable gifts. Thank you God Almighty. And as always, TO GOD BE THE GLORY, POWER AND HONOR. Amen -Rolly P. Nunez

  28. The most grateful things of all is thanking God for all the blessings he has given us. And one of those great blessings to be thankful of this year is having a so loving and supportive parents. I admired them a lot that's why I want to give my "BIG Thank You" to my beloved parents... My mom who until now is taking care of us, giving her unconditional love and devoted her life to us. My dad who who gives selfless love to us, a responsible father that he even sacrificed to work overseas just to support us in all aspects. A great dad because he, together with my mom, they raised me well to be good enough as a person. So who I am now is because of them. And because of their hardworks and supports, I'm proud to say that I'm a Registered Nurse now, a good daughter, sister and fellowmen. I owe all of that to them and most especially to our creator above, our God. :))

    Again, My BIG "Thanks" to my beloved parents. I love you both! =)

    How about you? What are you most thankful for this year? Kindly Share Us , too. :)

    Ana Katrina D. Sta Ana

  29. What are you most thankful for this year?

    I am most thankful for another year of life. It's a blessing for me, indeed! I mean being a Cancer patient, it's one big important thing for me because I get a chance to spend more time with my family. I am also thankful for having supportive family who never get tired to take care of me.

    Marvick dela Cruz Mendoza


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