Book to Basics #12 Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

There are times when safe is dangerous.
What you hold on to = What you value

Above is my life's simple equation. I believe that in everything, it is impossible to let go of things that matter. While some people define love as the ability to let go of someone, I don't. The things or people we love will never cease being a part of us. If they do, then we don't love them (at all or anymore).

The things (and/or people) we keep becomes a part of who we are and otherwise, parts of ourselves we lose. Once something is lost, there's no other way but to move forward. Just recently, I bought a bike. Just recently I lost my fear of riding bikes. Just recently I learned that there's no other way to maintain balance while moving... other than to pedal forward.

Frankly, I didn't like the book. The story or rather the way it was told bored me. However, the underlying concepts between each chapter gave me many thoughts to ponder on--which became the redeeming factor of the book for me. Never Let Me Go is for the patient reader. I recommend it to book lovers who can tolerate a slow paced story/narration. I also recommend it to readers who enjoy books that ignite self-discovery.
Fortunately, the book has been turned into a movie. I'd probably just watch it in reel, maybe I'd enjoy it more. 

Don't forget, the things you lose are always the things you let go of.

Below is a video of Kazuo Ishiguro discussing his work. Please watch.

Please don't forget that Never Let Me Go has a movie adaptation released this year.

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