#4 Family Reunion Ready (San San Cosmetics)

Today I woke up feeling inspired and musical! :) Although I am depressingly turned off by all of Taylor Swift's live performances, I still adore her style and love her music. I love how emo and bitter she is, and how she puts it all on the table as a lovely song. I truly believe, she's going to be one of the music world's greats... in a way, I am sorry to say this, but I hope she gets loads of heartbreaks cause that's when she writes the most amazing songs! Not to confuse you though, I really love her music. All so catchy!

Anyway, just last night I saw her performance on AMA 2010. Wow did having super straight locks make her look so matured! If you haven't seen the performance yet, check out the video below. It's a mash-up of her single Back to December from the Speak Now album and the song Apologize. Cute, awkward performance though. I still think she's not good in singing live... pero I want to watch her perform here in Manila for the sake of it! haha!

Her new look inspired me! Especially her eyes. Check out the picture below. And because her mash-up performance also inspired me, I combined her AMA 2010 look with Mariah Carey's look on her Obsessed music video--which I am truly obsessed with. Proof here! Hope you like the look I created. Please try it! It's a really nice look to wear on a family reunion--should you want to show your tito-tita that you're a lady na! Good luck and enjoy! :)

Sexy well-defined eyes make any hair-cut the bomb!
For this look I'm featuring San San Cosmetics. San San is exclusively sold at HBC outlets. Check them out! As you would see on the pictures to be posted below, they have great products! My personal favorites and recommendations are San San Eyeshadow Trio 02 which I used for this look and San San Long Lash Waterproof Mascara in Black which my mom had previously commented on positively, thrice! She always mistook me of wearing fake lashes on the three occasions that I was road testing San San's superb Long Lash Mascara!

I really am hands down  to San San Long Lash Waterproof Mascara.

To achieve this look, I framed my eyes using San San Eyebrow Pencil 03. I think this is the first Holiday Look I'm posting with a decent brow! I just recently had my brows perfectly threaded at the salon. Ladies, try your best to maintain your brows because properly shaped brows can really make a huge difference!

I primed my eyes using E.L.F. eye primer to achieve an outburst of color using my eye shadows. With primed eyes, I lined my eyes from end to end, like an Egyptian princess, using San San Kohl Eyeliner in Black. Lining the eyes that way makes a very dramatic and bold stare. :)

As you've seen in the photo before this, the palette consists of three shades. I used the first shade from the top as the base and tapped it all over my lids. It's a nice shimmery gold shade for a base. Followed by the middle shade which I sweeped on the upper creases of my eyes, just below the brow bone, to leave a deep-set shadow on my eyes. Finally, I used the darkest gold shade at the bottom of the palette and applied it at the V of my eye, which is the outermost corner of your lids and is creased when you smile. :) So smile. :)

To make my eyes pop with color, I used a defined crease brush and added a brighter gold shade from my Dollface Avant-Garde palette on the first eye crease near my lash line. I used a specific brush for this because I don't want to the bright color to stray. As I've emphasized in my first Holiday Look feature, precision is important. :) I hardly use the foam brushes that come with my make-up for this very reason. If you could, try to invest in a good set of brushes. Will feature my latest make-up brush investment as soon as it arrives. I ordered online. :)

Back to the eyes, after applying color, I curled my lashes and applied my mascara. Not to mislead anyone, I am using fake lashes on the photo BUT I still would like to comment that using San San's Long Lash Waterproof Mascara alone is a great way to achieve a subtle "false lashes" look. :) I'm only using half a falsie in the photo because I don't want exaggerated long lashes for my family reunion holiday look. :)
Because this look for is pegged for a family reunion I designed it to be very subtle and opted to stick to earth tones. For the lips I used San San Lipstick in 03 shade. It's very nice. Check out my swatch below.

I had to brighten it a little because of the shadow-y photo I took. But the swatch is pretty much closest to the real thing. For your reference, ay very office, I also uploaded a video at the bottom of this post. You are invited to check it out. :)
Would you believe I wasn't using foundation the whole time?! haha! See, I literally just woke up and thought of doing a look! It was supposed to just be a practice session for the REAL thing but because the outcome was really nice, I used my supposed practice photos and went on and blogged ahead. Anyway, I don't have perfect skin I admit that so to correct my mistake of not priming my face before make-up, I used Allue Pressed Powder in Natural Beauty to mattify my just-woke-up-shiny-face. hehe  Wow! Surprisingly, it was soooo effective!

I keep on encountering an error in uploading the photo; hence the lines, sorry.

Contrary to my previous comment on Allue Cosmetics packaging, please see Holiday Look of the Day #2, I really liked the packaging for the Allue Pressed Powder. It's practically in a hard cardboard case which I found so unique and ingenious! Perfect for clumsy people like me who keeps on breaking things. :D I like that the cover, when flipped over, comes with a nice mirror! So handy! :D
Wow emote.
Anyway check out how contouring added a little angular shape on my face. :) Used an angled blush brush for this. The blush I used is Allue Pretty Cheeks in Desert Rose. Another photo below!
BTW, the lashes I'm using is from Saizen! I want to go back to Saizen for falsies. I don't have anymore. I used them all up! :( The lash glue I use is from HBC. Very sturdy glue, perfect for makulit people like me. I liked it more than the lash glue I got from The Face Shop.
So... what do you think?

Ready to beso-beso la familia?
Please take time to watch my short video. Sang with heart! :D Plus so you could see the make-up in all it's living glory! :)
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