Rosy Skin by L'oreal Base Magique

Have you ever wondered why some ladies have super smooth rosy glowing skin? No, let me rephrase that...

Have you ever felt jealous of other ladies who have super smooth rosy glowing skin? Well, we are in chorus. I myself am soo envious of people who have smooth soft-to-touch baby skin that I have long prayed for a product that could help me from my skin problems.

My theory:
I am such a happy person. I think anything makes me laugh. I have friends who complain or tease me of my "kababawan" but I can't help it! I just really smile and laugh so easily at almost anything! = laugh lines (potential wrinkles)
I call myself as the sunflower girl. I love the sun! I love summer! I don't necessarily love the beach, I just love the warmth of the sun. I love feeling it on my skin... even without sunscreen. = uneven skin tone

Go light on the foundation... in fact, skip it all together and just let your natural skin's glow, well, show.
Then I met L'oreal Paris' Base Magique. Few weeks ago I announced on this blog that I'm going to work on having a White Christmas using L'oreal White Perfect Whitening Day Cream. Two (almost) three weeks after day one, I am pleased to announce that life has never been as pleasant for me and my face! When I first tried Base Magique, I was floored by how it transformed my face into the perfect make-up canvass. The magic lies in the primer's velvety formulation that fills up the skin's imperfections (wrinkles, the like) leaving a smooth surface on your skin--perfect for make-up!

During lazy days (hint: di ba masarap mag oversleep ngayong pasko season kasi malamig?), I use Base Magique alone. With the help of my White Perfect Day Cream which has been super in effectively whitening my face, Base Magique has blended better on my skin and has left me with a rosier finish. All I need is my preferred lip shade for the day and I look fresh and blooming... parang in love lang. :p


Always smile. It's your best accessory. Have a Magique-al Christmas!