My Posh Nails Fetish Experience

Ain't it a darling? Do you know where that glass chandelier hang? At Posh Nails! So sophisticated! (I darkened the contrast so you'd see the glass bead details. :p)
Posh Nails ain't THAT DARK as the photo above ha! I just had to darken the photo of the chandelier so you could see how purrty it is. :) Here's Posh Nails' real color/s. Pastels and lots of pink! So girly!
I went to Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa SM Megamall branch yesterday, October 31, for their ultra-fetch Fetish Package (Php 1,350). The Fetish Package includes a Posh Spoiling treatment and a Foot and Hand Paraffin. The Posh Spoiling package is definitely going to overwhelm you as it is inclusive of:

  • For the hands: soak, scrub (lemon citrus scrub), manicure and massage
  • For the feet: soak, scrub (lemon citrus scrub), pedicure and massage

The difference with the Fetish Package is the extra Foot and Hand Paraffin treatment that is performed before your manicure. The Fetish Package goes as follows:
  • For both hands and feet: soak, scrub (lemon citrus scrub) paraffin, massage (super heavenly!) and manicure/pedicure

You can judge by my side comment there that I really enjoyed my Posh Nails experience. To know why, I have pictures to tell my story.

Posh Nails have very comfortable couches and LOTS of pillows so you don't need to worry about straining your leg, arm or even neck. During my visit, even if the spa was packed, there wasn't a shortage of white towels too (which unfortunately happens in some spas). It earned Posh Nails serious plus points for me because I love white towels, and I get cold easily so I use them to keep me warm when in a spa, or salon. :)
Excuse me for the shaky photo but I was already being pampered at this time. I just had to show that there's free Wifi at Posh Nails SM Megamall--free FAST Wifi. This is a treat if you're waiting for your polish to dry or if you're accompanied by a friend, boyfriend or a kid who would like something to do while waiting for you, princess.
I chose two Orly red paints. One was a shimmering fire brick red, the other a glittery polish. One coat each, together it resulted to a very festive "race car" red result!
Posh Nails Spa only uses imported quality polishes, at no additional charge UNLIKE other spas. Soooo many colors to choose from talaga. You're going to really enjoy choosing and playing with colors for your nails.
That's Maria/e working really hard to remove my relationship bracelet. I was on the verge of crying cause the knot was SO tight I thought she would have to cut my bracelet, eh it had serious sentimental value. :( I'm so thankful she was so patient and she understood why I can't afford to cut my little red string. I really needed her patience and understanding at that time. That bracelet is so important, thank you Posh Nails for your understanding!
Very pretty color! That's the hot-luke warm paraffin wax used on me.
They were really careful not to hurt me as the wax was really hot. I am very tolerant naman plus I found the warmth relaxing once I adjusted to it. :)
For the Paraffin treatment, they would brush on you layers of melted wax. It helps improve blood circulation in the treated area. Perfect for those who are pasmado and who has what you call as lamig.
The wax should be generously applied. It has to be thick so it's easy to remove. I don't have a photo of my arms  and legs after the wax was applied as my taking pictures gets in the way of the procedure but I looked like a mannequin! So cute!
That's me, getting the hang of things. Notice proof of what I mentioned earlier. Lots of towels to keep me warm, and lots of CUTE pillows to keep me comfortable. :)
After wax was placed, the area waxed was wrapped in cling wrap plastic and "towel" gloves and boots. Ah! The boots were irresistable!
Check out my accessories! My legs are so white! haha When you try their paraffin, try not to be as malikot as I have been so you don't break the wax your attendants secured on your arms and legs. That is to maximize the results of the treatment. :) 
Check out my fluffy pink boots!
Posh Nails Fetish Package is truly a festive treat! I couldn't have had it at a much better time. Love it! You should try it too! :)

The Fetish Package is a GREAT GIFT IDEA for Christmas! You can avail of gift certificates for your monito monitas easily. Just contact desired Posh Nail Branch, here's their website for the complete listing.


Thank you Ms. Cat and Ms. Tylah of Posh Nails.


  1. thank you for the great review :) hope tylah and I can meet you soon. :) Visit our other branches also if you can :) God Bless and More Power! :)

  2. Thanks for visiting Kumi! God Bless!=)

  3. hi! nice review. I'm actually tempted to go to Posh Nails for a pampering session. Will probably do it this Christmas season..


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