Cha-mo-mile Tea Time

This week's been a release, in many sense. To begin with, I cleaned my make-up cases and decide to throw my Elizabeth Arden make-up set which I practically don't use (anymore) but found so hard to let go of because of sentimental value. Well... technically I only threw the lipstick (I let go of the mascara ages ago and the eyeliner still exists, they have longer shelf-life especially if you sharpen regularly)

Here's the compromise that happened. It's best explained by photos. haha!

My old make-up palette is now my falsies holder!

I removed the palette...

And voila! :p
I really couldn't let go of my Arden make-up because mom bought it for me! I'm so bata!

Anyway, here's more of the release I'm talking about. Other than the closet clean-up I did with Dreu last night (one boxful of clothes, gone. Clothes to wear, gone too! LOL I don't have clothes na!); anyway, again. Other than giving away clothes, I also cleaned my brushes! :D

AND MY BRUSH ROLLS yey! So sipag!

I need to buy make-up brushes na... hay. Anyway, funny I also washed the little brushes that came with the brush palettes hahaha

And since my brush rolls also had a bath, here's my temporary brush roll. :D
Speaking of release, after satisfying my annual craving of Christmas Ham with, well, not yummy Christmas Ham, I decided to go vegetarian again! Abi said she noticed that I decide to go vegetarian this time of the year, yearly. haha! Anyway, the goal is to not lose to Christmas Ham or Tapsilog so soon--at all! I want to go vegan. Will share why on a different story. For the mean time, sharing with you my favorite haul this week. Very babaw lang but super great facial buddy!

An all-vegetable facial sponge! It really helps clean and exfoliate the face, remove oil and sebum, and it aids in removing stubborn make-up!

That's how I dry them up haha!
OK. I think the Chamomile Aromatherapy of Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Body Wash is taking effect already. Feel so sleepy.



  1. I never heard of all-vegetable facial sponge before, intriguing...:)


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