Christmas Party Favors

While I was blogging about my launch of a great contest in partnership with Clarity, this little baby dropped by. Cute right? B is for butterfly. (Though I think it's not a butterfly cause it's small, IDK)

"I DO."
Sorry the photo didn't upload well.
 Yesterday, I said I'll just buy one nail polish. Php33 lang naman ang Bobbie Nail Polish... but no. I ended up spending a thousand! Bought other accessories and a bag organizer pa kasi!

Here are some of the nail polish I got. I bought them because of their names. Reminds me of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Boy, do I want that job.



Right now I'm sporting this. It's a Romantic French Manicure raw eh! Got me sold! haha! Check out the second photo for the how-to. It's really easy! Affordable too! For only Php86.

Among the extras I got is this cute cologne refill bottle. I am now using it as my cuticle remover spritzer. ♥

Like I mentioned earlier I also got a bag organizer BECAUSE I always bring so many things and I decided I should stop being a pouch lady (the lady who carries so many pouches inside a big bag). Hm, wait. I don't think I can ever be not that. haha! I love pouches and I love putting things in their proper designated places, OC-much?

Currently loving Estee Lauder scent. Happy that it's in Preview Nov 2010's Beauty Awards.

Di totoong ganyan kaluwag bag ko. For photo lang yan hahaha!
I promise to save up, soon! After I buy my make-up haul from Beauty and Minerals!!! :)