Mythical Radiance by Guerlain

Who me? I wear gold on my skin.
Christmas is as they say a sparkle-filled holiday. You find glitter and shimmers everywhere, right and left, and of the many shiny things the holiday presents upon us, GOLD is the most luxurious and spuriously used.

Gold is so majestic, yes? It's so regal and fine that a spot of gold on anything makes it all the more elegant and also, timeless. Imagine gold on your skin... no I'm not talking about wearing a necklace or so, I'm talking about wearing it on your skin, really.

Recently I discovered Guerlain's L'or. It is the world reknowned make-up brand's enchanting make-up primer that is highly recommended even by professional make-up artists. I tried it and I am so pleased by its performance. Not only is it light as water (no more sticky or hard to blend primers), but it is infused with 24K carat gold flakes that adds radiance on the dullest of skin (aye! My sleep-hungry skin just found refuge in L'or!). Upon application, the liquid primer hydrates and smoothens fine lines leaving you the perfect base for day or night make-up. My make-up days will never be the same again. (To see L'or in action, see my holiday look of the day here)

Make yours extra-special too. I recommend L'or especially to people who share my sentiment: lack of sleep. Lack of sleep doesn't give the skin enough time to rejuvenate and recover from the stresses of everyday work. Although this can be covered by the right foundation and concealer (I'll have a separate post for this with a how-to, please wait for it.) RADIANCE isn't something that you can buy off a tube or a bottle, or so I thought.

I'm really happy with Guerlain's L'or because not only did it make application and blending of my favorite foundation and illuminating concealer such a breeze, it also gave me such a refreshed looking skin! My skin's glow is a reason for cheer. :)
Just use ONE or TWO drops of L'or and spread evenly on the face, focusing on areas with dull-looking skin or fine lines.

Happy holidays!


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Guerlain is available at Rustan's Shangri-la Plaza Mall and Rustans Makati.