Clarity and Loving Sunshine invites you to Flaunt Your Most Beautiful this Season!

Are you ready to flaunt your most beautiful--and win exciting prizes?

A get-together of friends and family made possible by Clarity. Got everybody smiling all night. :)

With Team Beautiful, este Clarity. :p

With my winner Suyen Rivera-Lopez who is not one of my dearest online friends and of course Esel, who I have been talking to since early this year (for the fashion shoots I've been handling) but only got to meet through Clarity's Bright Smiles party!
Just recently I got the chance to celebrate with you and the great people behind Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center in a very exclusive by invitation White Party celebration at Clarity, Shangri-la branch. If you missed the fun, don't fret... I've got GREAT NEWS. (Click the link below for complete mechanics from Clarity's page.)

Clarity invites YOU to celebrate your beauty and flaunt your assets. Do you have beautiful eyes? Are your pearlies tinseltown worthy (I bet Bright Smiles contestants and winners can boast of their pearly whites with this category!) Flaunt your body's best asset and celebrate it with us!

You can also choose to share with us your talents, from performing, cooking to magic tricks! Share with Clarity what makes you a beautiful person inside and out and win exciting prizes!

How to join:

1. Post a picture of what you think is your best asset on Clarity's Page. It can be physical like:

I love my lips! :p Thank you to all those who joined my Lip campaign last month!
It can be non-physical like:

I just learned how to ride a bike! All my life I was afraid but I faced the fear!!! (No real photos of me yet though haha so clip art only, for illustration purposes.)
BE CREATIVE. Please include captions on why you think the photo your shared is your best asset. Just like what I did in mine :)

SEND AS MUCH ENTRIES AS YOU WANT! We don't blame you for having so many assets! You are beautiful! Let's embrace that we're beautiful!

2. You can also send an entry for a friend or loved one. This season is all about giving so we are giving you the chance to send an entry for someone else. Share at Clarity's Facebook Page why you think the photo shows your friend/loved ones' best asset/s and win a prize!

PLEASE don't forget to tag My Facebook Page in your entries so I can be notified too. I love seeing your posts!

THREE WINNERS WILL WIN A HOLIDAY PACKAGE FROM CLARITY! Wow! (By no. of entries sent and creativity of course.)

4 sessions of Spot Whitening Treatment
- Spot White in 30 minutes! This treatment is best for underarms, elbows and other dark areas of the body using botanicals rich in vitamins that offer whitening effects for skin pigmentation. It also promotes human cell growth and has other ingredients that neutralize, moisturize and refresh the skin.
1 Session of Instant Body Slimming Wrap
- Instant Body Slimming Wrap is a fat burning procedure using botanical extracts. It uses anti-cellulite oil will be applied to treat fluid retention and cellulite, and maintain muscle tone and elasticity. The treatment also uses an anti-cellulite thermal mud to breakdown fat deposits and drain the toxin and excess fluid of the body.
1 Session of Ultra Soothing facial (for sensitive skin)
- Extracted from algae, an effective way to quickly calm your skin and to boost your skin’s tolerance to sensitive agents.

The person in the photo posted by others (gift-giving category) will win Php 5,000 cash! Make someone happy today!
Promo runs until Dec. 18, 2010 so please send your entries now!

Have fun and good luck!


Please don't forget to also join my yr-ender giveaway here. :)


  1. Oohh, I love Clarity Shang! I had my UA laser hair removal with them years ago and I am so happy with their service! I'm so joining this giveaway! Thanks hun :)

  2. your blog is super divine now.
    love the quality tastes,
    beautiful shots.helpful information ...

  3. Greetings, How are you?
    It is a thrill to read your talent today…
    Jingle Poetry has magic, wonders, and miracles going on this week,
    Hope to see your contribution.
    Old poems, or poems unrelated to out theme are welcome.
    We treasure your support !
    Hope to see you in.
    Have A Lovely Tuesday!
    Happy Thanksgiving, You Rock!

  4. MIKO! Imaa join! I want to win!!!!!! haha! I need Spot whitening FOR FREEE!!

  5. Hello, I already posted my entry to Clarity fanpage but I can't tag your page. :)) Jelo Manongsong is my profile name there. THanks. :))

  6. Me too I joined the clarity contest and tried to tag your fan page but there seems to be a problem.

    By the way my name is Jacy Jimenez. Thanks :D

  7. I joined the contest! Yipee! Hope to win this for my mom!
    I love it when she's happy ;p


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