How to behave when in a Nail Spa

Hand and Foot pampering is definitely my favorite kind. Yes, I love full body massages, scrubs and wraps BUT nothing beats a laid back spontaneous kikay moment with a friend in a Nail specialty salon. I emphasize the word specialty as Nail Spas are VERY different from your basic beauty salon.

Photo above was taken from my last pampering evening at Posh Nails SM Megamall Branch. Come on, how can you even begin to compare the comfortable setting and the relaxing ambience of a Nail Spa to the buzz and crowded space of your basic salon, right? Trust me, if you want to give yourself a mani-pedi treat, a Nail Spa should be your destination. Schedule an appointment now, call 02-9233237 or 02-9149992. Posh Nails SM Megamall is located at 5th Flr Bldg B.
To begin with, the services are done with more precision and grace. You may stop and think, "how 'specialized' can a mani-pedi be?" and here I am to tell you, it can be a whole different culture on its own. If you haven't had your foot in a Nail Spa, you should treat yourself with at least one visit to test the difference. Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa is one of the country's preferred Nail Spas and they have many branches nationwide. Have your pick by visiting their website here.

A proper Spa etiquette should also be followed. I'm sure you want to make the most out of your Spa day so I'm also sure you also understand and consider that the other spa-goers also wishes the same too. Here are five tips and reminders on how to behave when in a Nail Spa.
  1. Put your phone on silent: Just like in a movie house, you should put your phone on silent when in a Spa. Besides, it's not like you can text while having your manicure, right? So be considerate to your "spa"-mates and turn off or put your phone on discreet. Nail treatments, especially because Nail Spas often offer complimentary massages with their treatments making a basic mani-pedi uber relaxing, it would be difficult not to fall asleep. Don't wake the girl beside you with your phone calls.
  2. Use your indoor voice: Now that you've got your gadgets silenced, try to be as soft-spoken as possible as well. Understandably, this is a difficult feat when you're having a bonding moment with your girl friends but trust me on this, you don't want to fill the room with too much shrieks and "OHMYGOD"s. Talking too loud inside a spa, whether it is in good nature or not, ruins the ambiance spas work hard to keep for their guest's pleasure. Don't ruin the experience for other guests. Know that there's a thin line between bonding and plain gossip/noise. Who knows, you might get in trouble if someone in the room actually knows the person you're gossiping about *yikes*! 
  3. Come on time: Don't subscribe to the inappropriate practice of the so-called "Filipino Time" aka being late. There's no such thing as "fashionably late" when it comes to Spa attendance. When you book a schedule, do arrive a few minutes before your appointment. A good ten minutes is enough. Arriving at least ten minutes early will give you enough time to prep yourself for your supposed treatment, for example use the loo or rest your feet after a day of shopping. Arriving late isn't impressive, rather it is rude and might cause unnecessary inconvenience for guests whose schedule might be affected because you're late. Be on time, who knows, being on time might even score you a little extra massage minute!
  4. Be clean: I'm stating the obvious with this but you'd be surprised by the number of people who take pre-spa hygiene for granted. Even if you're scheduled especially for a body treatment, don't skip on the shower. You don't want to leave a bad impression to your attendants, especially if you have plans of being a regular of a particular spa. 
  5. Be nice: If there's something going wrong with your treatment, though rarely does this happen since spa personnel usually goes through months of training to master their craft, say what's wrong nicely. Massage too hard, alarm your masseuse. Something's too hot, say it. Spa attendants want nothing more than to pamper you and give you a relaxing hour or two. If you find something a little bit off, be nice when complaining. Spas are the happiest places and the easiest "escapes" one can go to after a busy day. Don't let any negativity ride along and ruin your much-deserved me-time.
I hope that helps! If you have other tips, please leave a comment below and share. I'd love to hear about your good and bad spa experiences!


Kudos to Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa SM Megamall for having such great service! I kinda took some time to relax, I've been really busy and stressed out the past few days, but my attendants didn't give up on me! They kept on reminding me to let go and just relax so, and I did eventually. Thank you to Wilma and Marie/Maria (look for them if you're going to Posh Nails SM Megamall, and please do say Kumi said hi). Hope to see you soon Posh Nails Team! :)