Wednesday, August 31, 2011

There's something delightfully sinful about having scrumptious dinner alongside learning more about beauty products. That's why I just can't find a reason to ever let House of Obagi blogger's dinner a pass.

Elegant arrangement. :)

I have never really tried a skin care system. Leaving the HOO dinner left me so curious and interested in knowing more. I believe that our skin deserves the best and it's our responsibility to take care of it the most we can.

I am most curious about the in-demand and talked about Blue Peel. Think avatar or smurf, it's said to be one of the most amazing peels you could try out there!

Shared the night with your favorite beauty bloggers and as you can see, we're all trigger happy to acquire the knowledge served us by top Obagi doctors.

Sophie of Beautynomics shared with us her Blue Peel experience. 

While I shared the table with Angela of LushAngel.

After we had dinner, we were given dibs on knowing more about the new Obagi 360 system. Talk about all-around skin care, the Obagi 360 features Obagi's top products such as the Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel, Toner, Clear, Exfoderm, Blender, Physical Sunscreen SPF 32, Pro-C 10%, Elastiderm Eye Cream and TR Complex. The system promises your best-skin ever. Who wouldn't like that?

Another beauty discovery I had for the night is my SPF lesson with DR. Pua of HOO. Oh, did you know that it's not just about what sunscreen you use when it comes to protecting your skin from harmful UV rays? It's a lot about how you apply your sunscreen too! How much should you use? Recommended qty is half a teaspoon! A lot, but experts say it's the recommended amount to thoroughly cover the face and neck. :) Why not? Check out my rev about Obagi-C SPF 30 here.

Learning is sweet! Chocolate creme brulee from M cafe, nomnomnom.

How about you? What's your most recent beauty discovery?

Always smile! :)

For more information, visit House of Obagi website at 

House of Obagi, night lessons for the sunshine-y-girl

There's something delightfully sinful about having scrumptious dinner alongside learning more about beauty products. That's why I ...

Cellulite seems like a universal problem. Since August was my whitening month, I figured to find a product that can offer body firming effects alongside fairer skin should definitely be part of the list. Luckily, HBC introduced me to one of their Hortaleza MD products, and this pair is a cool way to whiten and tone up.

First of, Lipotrim Bath Soap with L-Carnitine and Gluthatione. According to the box: this firming and lightening bath soap helps make skin firmer, smoother and more toned-looking. It lightens and moisturizes the skin while helping improve the appearance and texture of dimpled skin. It is also formulated with an anti-oxidant complex that is suitable for face and body use.

K says, it smells divine! When I first opened it I imagine a field of fresh berries. It smelled so delicious, if it wasn't for its clinical white appearance, I would've bitten off it! I really like it as a bath soap, not much as a firming soap. It melted soon enough for me to see actual results and have yet seen the soap at the HBC branch near me so I was unable to purchase my second (and third) but I can vouch for its whitening effect. My skin did look smoother if not fairer. Gluthatione is a great ingredient to maximize if you want to even out your skin tone (for those who use whitening on the face and neck but neglects the body, yes, you!)

Let's take a look at the ingredients: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Aqua, Palm Acid, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA, Etidronic Acid, Fragrance, Sodium Lactate, Carnitine, Caffeine, Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract, Arbutin, Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed) Extract, Gluthatione, Lecithin, Linoleic Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Polysorbate 20, Tocopherol, Titanium Dioxide, Menthol, Butylated Hydroxytoluene

I know that's a lot of scientific jumble but I kept the soap's packaging to be able to share with you (and make sense for you) some of those outrageous names! It's good to be informed right?

Glycerin, which is a humectant (attracts water), calls for your personal care products' outstanding smoothness (glide).

Sodium Lactate, is this milk? No. It is a dairy-free component that serves as a great moisturizer.

Carnitine, it speeds up energy metabolism which is helpful in reducing fat mass.

Caffeine, when absorbed by the skin, reduces that "dimpled-skin" you don't like around your thighs!

Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed) Extract has high levels of vitamin E. As you all know by now, to preserve youthful looking skin, one should keep the vit E's in-tact.

Linoleic Acid, why your skin would love it! Did you know that Linoleic came from the Greek word linon which means flax. A component more known to be derived from olives :) It is an anti-inflammatory component commonly used on beauty products for its moisture retentive properties. :)

Menthol, that explains the delicious tingly feeling after shower!

Talking about menthol, let me share Lipotrim's pard-ner, the Lipotrim Firming Lotion (Php 350). I want to hang myself for not keeping the bottle (I sold it because I'm holding a plastic recycling program as part of my being pro-environment--it's a fund raising for a Gawad Kalinga community near us). Anyway, let me just share my experience with the Lipotrim lotion, expect raves.

First use of the soap, I noticed its consistency. It was so thick. I joked about it being a body butter in a bottle. I'm amazed it was in a pump bottle packaging because the lotion really was so thick but surprisingly, it wasn't sticky! I love it!

Similar to the soap, it smelled so sweet! Field of berries, hello there! I have finished my bottle already, as implied earlier, and I do swear when I see a Lipotrim set on shelf I would get me a bottle because its such a delicious experience to slather on the thick lotion on my body while being embraced by the fragrance of grapeseed, I presume. I love it!

I love how it feels like its body butter and not just lotion because I feel assured I'm moisturized intesively; that while whitening and firming the skin doesn't hurt at all! I love it!

More than what the soap leaves, the lotion counterpart leaves an exhilirating menthol experience... most extensively felt on my bum area! haha It was so cold on the skin, I felt so refreshed; that while whitening and firming, again, doesn't hurt at all! I love it!

If you are skeptic, I would suggest you skip the soap and go for the lotion only. I am hands down, the lotion is a must-have.

Now I feel frustrated, hoping there's a bottle out there waiting for me. I guess the reason it's not on shelf is because it sells like hotcakes! I am not surprised, I want more of it myself!

How about you, what's your recommended whitening and/or firming product?

Always smile! :)

HBC Lipotrim set

Cellulite seems like a universal problem. Since August was my whitening month, I figured to find a product that can offer body firming eff...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I think it is but timely to post this blog because yesterday I got so burnt within a half-day field work! Why? Because I went out without sunblock... thinking I can get away with the crime!

So in loving memory of my fair skin, here's a lesson I have learned from last House of Obagi blogger's night (view post here), which I regretfully did not put into praxis, and shall now live by and follow with all my might.

No camera flash, just white indoor lighting when my camera is on hi-something setting haha high intensity maybe? LOL. I'm too white here. I'm sure that's unreal!

I love how Human Heart Nature Passion Fruit Mineral Lipstick in Sweet Nectar looks very sweet and subtle against fair skin.

Changed camera setting on low light, to give you an idea how my skin tone is on said setting.

I bet some of you are wondering how come I'm so white in the first two photos? Well, I'd blame the lighting... but partially it's because I was wearing sunblock. :) To those of you who do not wear sunblock, please start now!

FYI: This Obagi-C SunGuard is part of a system. But if you'd just be using this said product, it's recommended for face and neck application/coverage, and should be re-applied every 2 hours if exposed to the sun. That's quite a frequent need to re-apply so if you could limit your sun exposure, always the better. :)

"This ultra sheer Z-Cote formula provides a superior measure of sun protection from UVA/UVB damage and against long UVA rays linked to premature aging of the skin." 

I love how the product is sealed. I trust products that take measures in assuring product quality. Obagi-C  SunGuard SPF 30 definitely passed the test.

Bird's eye view of the sunscreen's creaminess.


It has quite a thick consistency. I know a lot of you are afraid of thick sunscreens, I know I am, but what I love about this product... although it's thick, it's easy to apply and spread evenly. Check out next photo.

See. Also, because it's thick, you don't need much to achieve efficient coverage! Remember the small dot of the cream I modeled in the photos above? Would you believe that that little bomb resulted to this example (photo below). 

Check out how you can spread it further. :) It's a great make-up base, I've tried it in the beauty shots shown first on this post. :)

All-in-all, I'm definitely consuming my entire tube. I know that I would be needing it to reverse the re-pigmentation of my skin. I really don't want to be careless especially since I'm trying to whiten. I know I can't reverse the tan I just gained :( ... but that doesn't mean I shouldn't face the world with a bolder, wiser and more prepared attitude.

How about you? How do you protect your skin from the sun?

Always smile! :)

To learn more about House of Obagi, like their Facebook page here. :)

Obagi-C SPF 30

I think it is but timely to post this blog because yesterday I got so burnt within a half-day field work! Why? Because I went out without ...

If you've been following this blog for a while now, you should know I'm a frustrated Japanese. haha My name's so Japanese yet... yet... I can't speak it, haven't been to Japan, and am not really into the Japanese culture. LOL I only like Japanese food... and make-up haha!

So I'll share with you my favorite eye make-up look: thick lashes with pink shadows. I love it because it's so Barbie. :)

I curled my hair without heat too! :) 

I curled my hair using the sock bun technique. I have been practicing with it and once I perfect it, I'll have pictures. Since I was in a hurry, the curls I got were simple waves. :(

So it's all about the eyes today.

See how you can make your eyes look bigger and lively with make-up. :)

Sorry for the right eye, I made a teeny mistake in attaching the falsies. But I think I made it work well, right?

I used my favorite white eyeliner to make my eyes pop with life. It's the best white eyeliner I have tried. It's Nyx Cottage Cheese.

Thick long lashes... girl's every wetdream.

The finished product.

I used Majolica Majorca pink quad for this look. It's my favorite pink quad cause it offers great color pay-off, the shadow glides on the skin smoothly and it lasts long even without primer! Pretty much I used the lightest pink shade all over my lids and contoured with the dark pink shadow to play up my outer-V. For highlight, I used the mid-peach shadow.
Black eyeliner is ELF liquid liner. For the bottom lashes, I used Maybelline's Cat Eye mascara.
Tada-n. I have ugly brows especially I've been tryiing to grow them in the right places. They're still on an awkward stage now but I try my best to amke them look good by using Charm Pro's eyebrow brush with my Nyx brow kit.
I used Etude house VIP lipstick in barbie pink and also topped it off with Majolica Majorca's light pink gloss. It's very pretty, the outcome.

How about you, what's your frustration?

Always smile! :)

Wide-eyed and pouty...

If you've been following this blog for a while now, you should know I'm a frustrated Japanese. haha My name's so Japanese yet....

Monday, August 29, 2011

Have you ever loved a product only to witness it be phased out? Cause I have and often I try to muster the courage and clamor for its return; but I always end up sitting back and accepting that I will/have lost another love. I try to see the silver lining in the irony that there is love waiting to be found, all I have to do is open myself up to it. Same goes with the story of Human Heart Nature Kids Shampoo and Body Wash.

I am a huge huge huge huge huge fan of the old Kid's Shampoo, in Banana scent. So huge of a fan that I actually am bewildered why people don't like it! Why do people like the watermelon scent more? Sometimes I feel sincerely hurt by the unfair judgment to my favorite body wash (I use it more as a body wash than a shampoo cause it dries my hair out)... sometimes I am bitter.

Then the bitterness worsened when I found out it'd be phased out. Replaced. I was in a state of disbelief.

Now that it's replaced, I feel obligated to learn to love its replacements: Pineapple Pawikan and Tangerine Tarsier. Fondly, at least, the Pawikan variant is wooing me at its best!

I love how bright and colorful it is! I know I'm too old to consider myself as a market for baby/kid's products but like I said, ever since I had fallen in love with how wonderful the old variant of Human Heart Nature Kid's Shampoo and Body Wash is on my skin, I just can't go back to using non-kid wash right? So I''m happy that the new shampoo is a delight to shower with.

Between the two, I'm hands down to the Pineapple Pawikan. The Tangerine Tarsier is weirdly car-perfume smell-like to me; but the Pineapple Pawikan is just so sweet and wow how often do I stop myself from giving in to the urge of drinking it! haha

Good thing I am loving Pineapple Pawikan else I'd definitely be missing my favorite banana wash! Like what any other normal human being would do (haha) I try to list the things I would not miss about my old shampoo to emphasize the things I'm loving about my new beau.

I will not miss...
-how thick my old aloe vera shampoo and body wash was. The old banana variant, since its base ingredient is the aloe juice, is rather thick and gooey. Not so easy to lather with, if I may say, so yes I will not miss that especially because the new kid's shampoo and body wash is fluid, very easy to create a lather with, and is actually not a challenge to get from the bottle.
-the scent. (Still in denial) But I think I will not miss my banana-scented wash because the Pineapple scent of Pawikan shampoo and body wash is so addictive!
-my old wash's packaging which is not as exciting as the new kid's shampoo and body wash with protein care system!

Speaking of protein Care System, I lifted this from Human Heart Nature website to enlighten us all about the new shampoo and body wash' breakthrough technology.
Our kid-friendly formula contains our unique Protein Care System with Coco Nectar, a rich source of amino acids and vitamins to nourish the hair and skin while effectively washing away dirt and grime. Avocado Oil and Aloe Vera also makes sure your child gets a moisturizing clean and none of the dryness. And because it's a 2-in-1 shampoo, it's mom-friendly too!
Price starts at Php 44.75. Ah yes, moving on would be easy.

Have you tried either Pineapple Pawikan and Tangerine Tarsier?

Always smile! :)

Bitter to Citrus Sweet

Have you ever loved a product only to witness it be phased out? Cause I have and often I try to muster the courage and clamor for its retu...

I always joke that I'm macho, so given the chance to watch live mixed martial arts action, I'm such a go. Thanks PRC!

I was with my brother last Saturday at Resorts World Manila for PXC 26' Fight night. (PXC which stands for Pacific X-treme Combat is a Guam-based mixed martial arts event). Last Saturday's main event was a title match to boot so it was something definitely worth eyeing on. Fighters came from all over: Guam, Hawaii, Korea, and of course, Philippines. If you're tired of seeing Mexicans and Filipinos spar inside the ring, try the octagon.

TRIVIA: PXC's goal (and this is evidently pursued with direction) is to send a Philippine fighter to the UFC before a basketball player is sent to the NBA. With the might of the Pinoy fighters I witnessed from last Saturday's fight, I won't be surprised if it indeed happen.

To know more about the event, fight schedules, etc, visit PXC website or like their Facebook fanpage. Watch the video below to be hyped!

Before watching, my date aka my brother first treats ate to dinner, first time!

We ate at Johnny Rockets, and I can't help but admire the wigs haha. Dining at Johnny Rockets made us realize we can't live in a different country because we don't like reading strange menus! Funny how we were both so happy to see entrees like porkchop haha

Game face

We were seated with other media invites so the seats were near the stage. I couldn't have gone nearer though; hence I might faint. Nothing beats stress than watching violence! I know I should be ashamed to say that but it's something I can't deny. My fondest memory of relieving stress with violent entertainment was when I watched the movie 300 alone... I was the only person literally laughing (not because I found it funny, but because I was enjoying) every time bodies were flying off air.

Watching the fight live made me realize it's far more interesting to watch the event in the flesh than in TV or even DVD. There's just something about seeing the fighters and feeling the crowd get excited as the clock ticks. Some fights ended soon but some served shots of adrenaline. The main event, for example, was a fight worth watching!

The fight photos I have here are not from the main event though because I got too excited to be trigger-happy. :( Insert regret here.

High respect for the fighters.

Always smile! :)

PXC 26 at Resorts World

I always joke that I'm macho, so given the chance to watch live mixed martial arts action, I'm such a go. Thanks PRC! I was wit...


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