Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear bland,

We've been through tough times. You stood by me when the office lighting is off. You stood by me when I had to face the boss. But now I think I'm ready to rock it out without the crippling fear of looking odd and out of place. I was wrong in thinking that toned-down meant boring. It's not your fault. You just went the safe route and treated being simple as being, well, bland.

I met great delicious colors and I'm afraid to say I'm letting them take me away. I know you want to see me go places... and I can't face this colorful world and do wonderful things if I myself can't turn my canvas to a masterpiece. Maybe in my sleep, we'll see each other again. But until then, a raise to our good times.

xo, Bland... ex-Bland girl

:) Kidding aside, have you ever faced yourself in the mirror and thought "why do I look so dull?" Ever got frustrated with that feeling when you know extensively how fun and energized your spirit is... yet it's not reflected on your face?

Don't fret! I do have those days too! The easiest way for me to get pass those moments is to smile at myself. It's a split second action that can completely turn my mood all around. Sometimes though, I find it works best when done with color. Enter lipsticks.

You should know by now I'm suuuuch a lipstick lover! So while I was planning out what tips I can give you guys so your road to glory would be paved with fun and inspiring days, I thought, "Oh, lipsticks should definitely take some serious limelight!"

Let's face it... not all of us get to have, or even want jobs that are open to "too much fun" details. Sometimes we vie for careers that do demand a certain level of "serious" and when we're down that path, it usually involves the risk of losing our playful-mojo along the way. Letting our playful-personalities dwindle down because of a career is not a heinous crime, so to speak, but is personally, a crime against ourselves. If we believe in sayings like we shouldn't be forced to change for someone we love because if someone loves us, we should be accepted for who we are; the same goes for our dreams/careers.

Of course there's what we call compromise, a word so often overshadowed by pride and immaturity. To achieve Balance and Harmony, those two, should be our everyday psyche/goals as we fight for our dreams. Because of this, I'd like to share with you one quick and easy step to achieve that balance and harmony without looking goofy, without looking inappropriate and without settling with looking dull and lifeless against a background of a career that is not as flexible (artsy, colorful, expressive) as we hope it could be.

Look pretty behind your office desk. Smile with these select office-friendly and professional hues for your lips. :)

Maybelline Watershine Collection (Php 299): Color, Shine plus Lip Care in a tube
If you want to play it sweet and subtle, here are my selection of Watershine lipsticks that you can use and include in your office kikay-kit roster. Mix and match these lipsticks with your favorite Eyestudio 2-in-1 eyeliners (Php359) and you're set for success!

Maybelline Pure Natural Water Lipstick in BM31

Maybelline Pure Natural Water Lipstick in B22

Maybelline Pure Natural Water Lipstick in B23

Maybelline Pure Natural Water Lipstick in C11

Maybelline Pure Natural Water Lipstick in BC11

Maybelline Pure Natural Water Lipstick in P24

Maybelline Pure Natural Water Lipstick in B24
Maybelline Color Sensational Collection (Php 299): Long-lasting Delicious Colors plus Moisture and Sun Protection for the lips!
Perfect to really spice up your look, and to make it easier to go from meetings to galas, try these selection of sensational colors paired with thick volumized lashes by Maybelline's world-known mascara favorites like Volum' Express Cat's Eye Mascara and US' #1 Lengthening Mascara, the Stilleto!
Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Toffee Cream

Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Mocha Pearl

Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Cosy Tangerine

Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Coral Pink

Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Angel Rose

Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Plum Perfect

Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Windsor Rose

Good luck!


Share which among the selection do you love the most? :)

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Be Sun-Kissed!

Dear bland, We've been through tough times. You stood by me when the office lighting is off. You stood by me when I had to face the ...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ECHOyoga is committed to Empowerment, Care, Health and the coming together as One in community. The “ECHO” of this is the core vision of yoga teachers who strive to share the joys and benefits of yoga. Aside from regular class schedules, ECHOyoga runs special workshop as therapies and healing modalities, as well as to ease newcomers into understanding the practice of yoga. An evening series of Beginners Grounding Workshop for four Thursday nights of May (May 5, 12, 19, and 26 at 6:30 p.m.) will give the newbie grounding techniques and introduce them to the basics and principles of yoga.

While yoga has long proven its health benefits, yoga is quickly gaining ground as an important complementary therapy in the treatment of various illnesses. Yoga for Depression and Yoga for Life (specific for AIDs and HIV) will be offered. Because yoga quiets the mind, improves breathing and circulation, and strengthens the immune system, among other physiological and psychological benefits, regular yoga practice can be an important complementary therapy to a comprehensive treatment program.

Yoga Therapy for Depression, a fundraising initiative for the benefit of the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation), will be offered on May 7 and 14, two Saturdays, at 4:00 p.m. focused on giving a sequence of therapeutic yoga poses to help combat various levels of depression. Sessions include energy healing with Reiki healers who will teach and demonstrate the flow of Universal Energy, and work to raise and balance the participant’s energies.

Athlete’s injuries are the focus in Yoga Therapy for Athletes, a workshop that offers a series of therapeutic yoga sequences for athletes, trainers, and physical therapists. The workshop will address sore muscles, hip pain, knee injuries, low back strain, and ankle sprains. By loosening up tight muscles, yoga helps improve total body mobility and flexibility, giving a greater range of motion and improving performance. This workshop is scheduled on May 21, Saturday, at 4:00 p.m.

 The popular workshop of visiting teacher Tara Khandro called Awakening the Conscious Heart, will be repeated on May 28, Saturday, at 4:00 p.m. This workshop includes a variety of healing techniques such as movement, chanting, shamanic journeying, meditation, release, activations, and play. Tara Khandro developed Alchemy of Wonder™, an integrative consciousness healing modality for violent trauma survivors. She has given this work in United Nations conferences, drug treatment and crises centers, universities and colleges, interfaith conferences, with genocide survivors, anger management programs, natural disaster zones, and human development centers such as the Omega Institute in New York.

 ECHOyoga regular class offerings are Gentle Flow, Restorative Yoga/Yoga for Big People, and Ashtanga Vinyasa. All classes and workshops are held at the ECHOyoga Community Center at the penthouse of Century Plaza, 120 Perea Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. For more information, visit, SMS 0906-5063958, or e-mail


Sharing with you a release from our friends from Echo Yoga for those who wish to try a more empowered Yoga class. :) TRIVIA: I posted my top favorite yoga poses. :)

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Dare you to join a Yoga class

ECHOyoga is committed to Empowerment, Care, Health and the coming together as One in community. The “ECHO” of this is the core vision of...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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How's summer treatin' ya?
So recently I've been on this hair-crisis=hairy situation. It's funny, I didn't notice until an office mate commented about my hair (it's the first time they saw my newly chopped hair) and about my brows (apparently, yes they're quite fixed!)

Interestingly, through her comments I realized... whoa! I've got something against hair lately!

To begin with... I started getting into braids! among many other things.

I think it's beautiful, yes?
For women, at least that's part of the equation I believe I have the right to discuss, for women, hair stories are quite fascination. So many spend thousands individually, the world millions, on hair care products yet among the most sought after services, treatments and DIY products are pertaining to hair removal. Makes you wonder, do we want or hate hair?

Popular saying describes a woman's hair as her crowning glory. But that's talking about 100 thousand hair follicles on the head only! What about the 20 million others on the rest of our body? Do we want it? Marilyn Monroe was said to shave her facial hair off (her face entirely, so to speak!) to achieve smoother looking skin especially upon application of make-up. I'm sure many of you are grooming your brows, maybe even shaving, waxing, threading, bleaching or even plucking your (secret) moustache! Women generally regard facial hair as an unnecessary feature and normally, most of us women would appreciate a more manageable volume of unwanted hair, especially on the face!

Body hair on the other hand is a whole different hair story.

Body hair can refer to the smaller regions like underarms and the chest, to the arms and legs, the back, the belly, oh and yes, your lady area. Your tolerance on body hair is mostly affected by your lifestyle. If you're mostly in bikinis, you're probably waxed, trimmed or even bare down there! If you love wearing tank tops, your underarms may be your major unwanted hair concern! If you've got that sexy back, then definitely you're keeping that sexy arc hair free. Oh, and if you're into short shorts and skirts, your legs must be quite flawless.

But the question of how you remove those unwanted hair is the question of all questions!

Most people, especially those with the budget, would go for a laser hair removal treatment to free themselves of hair worries forever (laser hair removal can promise permanent hair removal, hair-free heaven!)

Normally though, for the body hair at least, it's a battle between the razor and the wax paper. You really don't want to go through the trouble, not to mention the excruciating pain of threading the hair on your legs right?! so more often than not, when we decide we'd rather do without the hair on a certain region, we choose between waxing and shaving.

I've tried both. In fact, I've tried laser hair removal as well, so I am confident in giving you a word of advice. More importantly, I just saw on TV today from an episode of What's Good for You (Lifestyle Network) a wonderful segment on hair removal and the myth behind hair regrowth! You're probably a body-hair-removal virgin because you've been warned by your folks that shaving will make your hair grow thicker and coarser! Weird though, you're probably a body-hair-removal virgin because you've also been told waxing would do the same!

So if you don't like your body hair, naturally, why risk make it worse?! I understand where you're coming from. Well here I am speaking from where I come from/been through. Don't fear it.

According to trichologist (that's hair specialist for us) David Salinger, hair removal whether by shaving or waxing do not necessarily make your hair grow thicker and coarser. In fact, your hair pretty much regrows the same way! (hurrah!)

With that, let me help you on your first shave. (I jump to recommending shaving because DIY is always more affordable and convenient for many of us busy people! Scheduling waxing appointments can be quite tedious, though of course for your nether regions, do get a wax instead. Most shaving products are not apt for "sensitive area" use.)

Use Nivea Double Effect Shower and Shave body wash. Don't jump into taking shaving foam for granted! It will definitely save you from scoring nicks instead of smooth fuzz-free legs. The great thing about Nivea Shower and Shave is that it's dual-purpose (doh, double effect is such a giveaway!).

With such a no-brainer shaving-buddy, you're definitely bound to forget you ever worried about shaving off those unwanted hair in no-time! Simply use it as a body wash, cleanse, moisturize, smoothen, and shave with Nivea Double Effect and join me in thinking, "what double effect? I see more than 'double' from Nivea Shower and Shave!"

This baby is available in most department and body care stores so you won't need a compass to locate this product. :)


You're right, your hair feel thicker and coarser when you shave compared to when you wax and more importantly when you leave your unwanted hair alone! But notice that the operative word is feel
 Hair regrowth from shaving feels thicker and coarser because normally, natural hair is long and laying down, close to our skin. Such bent form makes any attempt of brushing against hair slide smoother while new growing hair are usually pointed and consequently tend to brush against your skin when you stroke it... that's why it feels thicker and coarser. Let it grow long enough to "sleep" on your skin and you're back to normal.

Imagine a bamboo. If it's long, it dances with the wind making this sturdy eco-material  look soft and flexible. But don't be fooled. Keenly observe younger/shorter bamboos and notice how it can stand tall against the breeze. Pretty much, that's the logic behind the feeling of thick and coarser hair regrowth after shaving. :)

PS. YOU CAN'T GROW MORE HAIR AFTER SHAVING. There's no way you GAIN more hair follicles just because you shaved! Don't be too hard and judgmental on the art of shaving. :) Hello, we lose our hair follicles for crying out loud! If you can gain follicles through shaving, no one will be bald (without consent).

Have a fuzz-free summer ladies! More sunny days ahead of us!


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Shaving vs Waxing... which should you choose?

Like this post if you would jump to the very end of this blog if I tell you there's a hair removal trivia at the end of this post! haha ...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

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I love how this modern world defines beauty. It went beyond keeping it for the few gifted ones and showered the entire race possibilities of defining, claiming, owning, honing and exploring beauty. Of course, there are those who go overboard and thus are charged by vicious comments by those who dare not cross the line, but the increasing popularity of "cosmetic beauty" makes beauty more accessible to those who feel that they're genes just don't spell beauty as they wish to write it down.

Personally, I still have qualms about invasive cosmetic treatments such as surgery and the like. I'm scared of scars, side effects and I still see it as quite drastic. I don't see the need for it as I am very young and am normally satisfied with my natural beauty. Of course there are days when I flip through magazines and wish for this and that, but those wishes are mostly superficial and faint. I still think beauty is better when it's natural; but my reservations are of course only mine. :)

When they said beauty is skin deep, I hope it didn't encourage anyone to disregard their skin's all the more. I have been gifted by oily but normally non-breaking out skin; but lately, probably also because I took advantage/took it for granted, I experienced a series of break-outs that left me so frustrated!

As of writing, I'm back to caring for my skin and am trying out Nivea Visage Sparkling White UV Blocker to achieve a radiance that will correct and purify the dark spots my battle against breakouts have caused. I'm  pretty excited about it because it's quite a promising product and I really just want to compensate and treat my skin with all the care it deserves after I have given it such a rough time. :)

For all its worth, if you can make time for it, you should treat your skin every now and then as stress, among many, is easily manifested through your skin's condition! If you dare answer that you can't make time for it, please reconsider. You don't want to save your skin too late.

Among the many facials out there, I have recently tried such a wonderful and refreshing facial treatment that I can definitely recommend for this hot summer season. It is by Svelte Wellness Center's Radiance Facial followed by MicroVisage treatment.

Spot Svelte Wellness Center just across Eastwood Mall, at One Orchard Rd., Eatswood Libis Quezon City :)
A clean and crisp white lounge with minimalist design as concept will welcome you upon entering Svelte Wellness. It's my second time to visit them and it's quite interesting how the lounge remains as clean as ever. :)

I love their seats. It give "waiting" a relaxing feel.

Svelte has limited treatment rooms, to maintain customer privacy and to provide comfort for their patrons as most treatments are quite personal, so it's definitely best to call before hand to schedule an appointment. :)

You may call them at 02-7028232 to schedule or to inquire.
I love how Svelte's Facials are non-invasive as well! Radiance started off with a cleansing milk. Instead of pricking, your face is thoroughly cleansed using such cleansing milk, brushes and scrub exfoliating cream). It's different from cleansing at home because the use of specialty derma-brushes extend the reach of the cleansers to ensure that your face is cleared of dirt, oil, make-up and even dull skin!

The best part was when MicroVisage* started. It is similar to a diamond peel, the only difference is it's a "wet treatment". Hydro-peeling is achieved through the used of MicroVisage machine (see picture below) which infuses skin clearing toners while performing microdermabrasion. As with any form of peeling, younger skin is revealed; but because MicroVisage uniquely uses hydrotherapy for its microdermabrasion process, your skin is not irritated nor is it left with blotchy red spots.

(Before the treatment)

(After the treatment)

Toner is mixed with cleanser residues and old layer of skin!
Your skin is treated with an intensive serum then massage and sunscreen comes afterwards. :)

When your skin is glowing, you don't need make-up to look perfect with a smile. :D

Radiant and clear skin is mine! :)


Svelte facial treatments' price are available upon request; but MicroVisage, which is valued at Php 2,500 can be yours free if you refer a friend to a treatment at Svelte! For more info on their refer-a-friend promo, kindly call Svelte at 02-7028232! Have a fresh summer!

*MicroVisage is a separate treatment from the Facial, like an add-on. :)

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Most Refreshing Peeling: Svelte Wellness' Radiance Facial + MicroVisage

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There you go... that's 6-10 inches of dry, coarse, tortured haha hair. :p
Disclaimer: I didn't feel pain, loss of energy, bereavement or anything. Rather, I felt free, liberated, light and crazy... and I love it when I feel crazy! I feel like I'm in a movie and I'm Angelina Jolie haha!

One last look... 

My hair's so long... I do crazy things to it. Especially because it's so so stubborn! It's as if nagpapatigasan kami ng buhok ko, to show the other, who really is boss! Lately, my hair's getting payback! Scraing me with so much hair fall! So, I had to do something crazier! I cut it. Proves that I still am BOSS!

Snakes on my head! haha When you use rubber curlers overnight, such as the ones I used in the photo before, you wake up with that!
And now... the aftermath of my crazy cowboy salon evening!

Tada! (Wearing my favorite Ukay-Ukay shirt find. It's super ugly and old now, I've had it since third yr college! I love it so much! It has butas na but I can't CAN'T let it go! haha I bought it for Php40! It says I heart geeks, The Simpson's style!)

To those who are wondering, yes the ends are all wrong and jagged, my hair has no shape or style... and yes, I made a humongous mistake of cutting too much on one side HAHAHA but I don't care! Is that weird? I really don't? For all it's worth I can iron my hair or tie it in a ponytail or a bun on days that they're unruly. :p

I've always been a messy haired type of girl. Always. :D
OK ba? :p

I'm thinking, if Hermione can do it, so can I!
 PS. I'm so loving my Sims family. :D (L-R: Dreu, Raleigh, Abigail, Kumi)

Saktong sakto... Raleigh staying up all night watching TV. Us sleeping haha what good parents haha!

Speaking of watching, saw Gnomeo and Juliet in 3d with Dreu yesterday! (That's her shadow cast on me!)

There was NOONE in the movie house! Just us two!

That's dangerous! I kept on looking if someone would show up, because that's dangerous! We stayed at the first row only, instead of going way up to own the better seats!

Anyway it was fun because we can laugh all we want!
Now, I want to watch Beastly... Thinking of asking Dreu out again :)


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Like if you're crazy too! There you go... that's 6-10 inches of dry, coarse, tortured haha  hair. :p Disclaimer: I didn't ...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

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I am never hesitant to go out and soak up some sun. It's probably because of the environment I got used to as a student. Back in UP, walking around the campus spelled my daily routine. Sometimes I wonder, how crazy my legs would've been like if FitFlops were already available few years back! Tsk,

Lounging at sunken garden with my Super Friend. :) Ooh, check out the date! PS. ah yes,I wear see-through to class haha!
However, despite my daily grind as a student of this school of the scholars (I took up Journalism at UP Diliman so that's a lot of walking to and fro College of MassCom to College of Social Sciences and Philosophy--where my friends are usually at.), let me admit one very stupid mistake I committed. It's like I didn't learn anything from my Health classes! I go out without sunblock!

Normally speaking, I see sunblock as a beach essential! If I can dare go swimming without sunblock (yes, I can!) would you expect me to wear sunblock for no reason at all other than I'm going to school? Of course not!

Remember this?! haha
To my vocabulary, Sunblock is extremely greasy, sticky and inconvenient to use as it takes quite a while to be absorbed by the skin--plus the smell's quite off! Compared to lotions that can go from powdery sweet to fruity, the sunblock smell is distinguishable as "the sunblock smell". So yes, I don't use sunblock. I'm LovingSunshine for crying out loud!

Then I came to my senses. Soaking up the sun is one sweet habit for me, it's like feeling nature embrace me with it's warmth (literally); but no matter how loving that is, sun damage is serious business so I should take sun exposure seriously.

There are three kinds of Sun rays: UVA, UVB, and UVC. Among the three, the most dangerous is UVC but it is completely filtered out by the ozone layer thus doesn't really reach the Earth. Certain levels of UVC reaches our planet because the ozone layer is increasingly being damaged, so most sunblock manufacturers are developing products that can also protect against it!

But normally speaking, it is UVA and UVB rays that sunblocks are protecting us against. To make it easily recognizable, remember them as UVAging and UVBurning. UVA causes skin-aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and sagging of the skin while UVB gives you that beach tan-sunburn. UVB causes peeling of the skin because as the skin is rapidly "cooked" it also tries to heal the skin rapidly thus pushing that "burnt" skin off the surface=peeling.
With those two (slowly becoming three) skin-damaging sun elements, it is beyond me why any sane person would take sunblock for granted. Sun protection should be a health regimen, not just for a "beauty" purpose. I understand that sunblock isn't easy to swallow for the reasons I have followed myself: sunblock is greasy, sticky and doesn't have an appealing scent; so to those who want to ease out the transition from careless sun exposure to protected sun play, here's a line of SPF products that would satisfy your needs and meet your "skincare preferences".

Sunplay sun protection lotions boasts of their high SPF-powered watery-liquid formulation that are easily absorbed by the skin while being highly capable of providing you longer hours of well, sun play. Among their line, I love Sunplay Watery Cool SPF65, Super Block SPF130 (Wow!) and Powdery White SPF47. These sunblocks are formulated none-other than the land of porcelain skinned women, Japan (hi Papa!). The unique formulation Sunplay sunblocks have works as UV reflective mirrors that pushes those UVA and UVB rays away from the skin. Oh, these light and non-greasy lotions are also non-comodogenic so yes, oily-skinned and acne-prone? No worries!

I personally love the fact that these sunblocks are good for the face and body! I am hands down to multi-tasking products! I have an extremely loaded kikay kit already so knowing I don't have to bring separate sunblocks for my face and body is great news to me!

From the makers of Lip Ice is this SPF65 PA+++ Watery Cool Sunblock with menthol! It leaves an Icy Cool feeling on the skin that can be a plus factor in convincing your boys/men to take sun protection seriously also! (Php 349)

Sunplay's Super Block is their highest SPF powered product among the line. It offers maximum protection against the sun with a whopping SPF130! That means longer hours of sun play! (Php 399 only!)

Those who wish to whiten while soaking up the sun, here's the solution to balance out your contradicting wish. No need to stay away from the beach with fear of losing your carefully whitened skin. Now you can whiten and stay protected with just one product! Multi-tasker indeed! (Php 349)
All of those Sunplay sunblocks are also proudly carrying PA+++ protection. This only means your skin receives 8x or higher protection against sun's damaging rays. Now you can definitely strut that less is more/skin is in fashion trend! Enjoy!

Watch the video below if you're a sunshine lover. :)



Sunplay is available at Watsons. :)

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LovingSunshine meets Sunplay sunblock lotions

Like this post if you love the sun! but love your skin more! I am never hesitant to go out and soak up some sun. It's probably becau...


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