Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You all know how much I love the Milani Gems nail polish The Sneakerette sent me. 

While doing some grocery, I saw a revelation from a home-grown brand, Bobbie (which I ended up talking to E about cause she's such a nail freak)

Notice the similarity? Although Gems has bigger glitter specks and Bobbie has more on the gold sparkle, I can't help but be reminded of Milani Gems when I saw the Bobbie bottle. Funny even how people say Gems is a duper for Deborah Happy Birthday. If it's like that, the Gems is a due of Deborah's Happy Birthday and  Bobbie's The Big Bang (that's its name) is a dupe of a dupe. :p

Bobbie has two glittered bottles that caught my eye. The photo below shows Milani Gems, Bobbie Solar Burst (nice name) and Bobbie The Big Bang. Aren't they fun? I think nails are great "beds" for a fun-fare.

I wanted to post about this find today because it's the lats day of November and tom, Decemburr season officially begins. You know what that means, glitter-fest!

If you haven't tried these new shades, you should! They're below P40 and are available at leading supermarkets!

-very affordable, like all Bobbie products are. I love Bobbie range especially their nail polish remover! You know it's good because you know almost all salons use them! haha The green nail polish remover from Bobbie is the best. Similarly, their polishes are pretty awesome too. These two are nice for the season because they sparkle with all their might, especially when light hits your tips.
-easy to find. Bobbie nail polishes are almost always in stock in most supermarkets so like me, you can shop for beauty finds while doing grocery :)

-doesn't last long enough. Bobbie nail polishes have a tendency to chip off too soon, but I don't mind since I like changing often. To those who like their nail polish to last weeks, then Bobbie isn't for you.
-I wish it had more huge "confetti-like" glitter like Gems. I noticed how this glitter polish is "less opaque" because it has more on the gold--however since it's the season to be merry, I think it's timely to wear a golden sparkle on your fingertips.

Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K?

On a different note, I've been using those products (nail hardeners) alternately. Sadly, none seems ot work for me. My nails are still brittle, still chip off (like a polish, bonggggs) and break! I'm hopeless! Any tips or recommendations? I want to grow my nails and be able to prettify them too :)

REVIEW: Bobbie Nail Polish in The Big Bang and Solar Burst

You all know how much I love the Milani Gems nail polish The Sneakerette   sent me.  While doing some grocery, I saw a revelat...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Can anyone guess what these are?
Allue Blush gels!
Allue My first... Girl Next Door line has a range of hypoallergenic blush gels which come in three stunning shades: pink charm, cherry bloom and crimson puff. Pink charm is of course the pinkest of the range, while Cherry bloom is your trusted "just went jogging" flush and Crimson puff is your "kilig to the bones" red. (I couldn't resist describing it that way, sorry!

Red is the color of love and with the greatest story of love upon us this season, we can't not talk about red beauty finds.

How to use:
Squeeze the tube gently--a little goes a long way and you wouldn't want to waste any of the product as this cheek gel range is completely swoon worthy. Dot on the apples of your cheeks--do one side of your face at a time because you would want to spread the product upon application so you don't end up with red dots on your cheeks. Make sue your skin is moisturized so it'd be a breeze to spread the product. This product is great with bare moisturized skin or with a primed face. It also blends well with a BB cream'd face. It's also okay if you're the powder foundation type, but wet gel-type blushes such as these are always best with a wet base too. To get the most of this blush's performance, try wet-is-to-wet equation.

This hypoallergenic cheek gel contains the following ingredients: Aqua, Ethanol, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 20, Poloxamer 101, Disodium EDTA, Triethanolamine, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, CI 45430, CI 19140, Fragrance.

-innovative! I love how Allue came up with a squueze gel-type blush for tweens (and people like me who can't stop being young! haha)
-very affordable
-lasts a long time! It doesn't smudge and it is very sweat-proof. I would jump to conclude that this is also waterproof--but perhaps I'd leave that to when I get to try this under the rain or something :)
-the shades are perfect! the shades are the right pinks and reds you would want from a gel-blush
-the packaging is cute!
-the packaging is very handy and neat. I love the fact that it's a squeeze type tube which is my preferred packaging since it's more hygienic.

-the cap locks snug. The problem with squeeze type packaging is sometimes the cap is too loose you end up with a messy pouch. For this range, I noticed how snugly the cap fits so it's a mess-free tube.
-long expiry date. As if it'd take me two yrs to finish this product haha but I do appreciate how it has a long shelf life. People like us who love cosmetics are most likely dealing with a long roster of make-up and it's nice to not be limited in time when it comes to using a product we invested in.
-I also love the names of the blushes. I like it when brands name their products and not just leave the products with "number codes" because it's so much more easier to recall which product to use/love when they are named properly--all the more if creatively.

-it is very small. You would use this up quite fast especially if you use it everyday--which you would most likely do especially this time of the year when reds are sooo in!
-limited colors. Wouldn't it be nice if there would also be peach, mauve, and beige colored gel-blushes in this world? Gel blushes are very convenient to use as they're fuss-free so it'd be amazing if gel-blushes that also cater to different skin tones are released in the market!
-one you take them out of the packaging, you won't be able to tell (really) which is which as the tubes are not labelled! (Check out the first three photos of this post, no labels or anything on the tube!)

-the packaging describes the blush to leave "a sheer look" but contrary to what was stated, I can't help but notice how this gel blush isn't sheer. It is very much pigmented, like it's a pop for a dot. A pop of color for a dot of product, I find it amazing but I placed it as a con because the description at the back of the packaging slightly made me expect something else--gladly I wasn't disappointed to have proven the description otherwise. :)

Who wants swatches? I swatched these babies but I can't find the files! Would you like me to re-do, or you trying these yourselves! They're just Php 65 each anyway! :) To know more about Allue products, visit their fanpage here.

Always smile! :)

AND Always keep your make-up canvas clean. Have a facial done regularly. I love having mine at Let's Face It Salon because they're prices are very reasonable and I have been a client since high school, which is pretty much a decade ago! :p

I recently had one done because my face was just eeeek. The cold Christmas climate was leaving my face dry so I had the Milk Essence mask right after my thorough facial. It was of course very very very satisfying, as always.

My face before the treatment (don't expect much because I don't have an after photo haha). I just wanted to show how neat and clean the Let's Face It service is. I have a hair net and a bib on, yey.

Me during steaming. I was sooo kulit, I kept on moving and taking pictures in the dark salon so I don't have much. I got to take this decent one though. That's me while steaming. Can you see my pores relaxing? hehe

The complete treatment costs Php 845 (I hope I remember it correctly.) If you have dry skin, you should definitely try this treatment out! It's going to leave you with soft supple cheeks and nose (after the treatment, I kept on touching my nose cause it was sooo smooth). :)

The face behind the mask is smiling, I swear!

Tell me, where do you get your facials done?

REVIEW: Allue My first.. Girl Next Door Hypoallergenic Blush Gels

Can anyone guess what these are? Allue Blush gels! Allue My first... Girl Next Door line has a range of hypoallergenic blush gels whi...

ATTENTION: Chic explorers and gadgeteers! We just finished with our Make it Far giveaway so I'm sure you're all inspired to go the extra mile and conquer the world this coming 2012 (conquer it before it ends!)

Well I've got great news for you! Everyday, Golla is giving away FREE items from December 1-16! All you have to do is complete the sentence of the day from Golla Philippines Facebook:

To make your Christmas merry and bright,
Golla’sgiving away 12 free items before the Christmas night.

An entry a day is all you need,
Before you can win the item that you dream.

The more creative entry the better for you,
‘Coz Santa might just pick you.

By now I expect you've liked their Facebook page already. If you haven't, you should. They would be revealing the items to be given away there. Full mechanics would also be revealed there. As hint, their latest status is this: "Since it's a holiday on November 30, we decided to announce the 1st item to be given away tomorrow! So, be sure to share this great great news to your family and friends! Like our page now. HO! HO! HO!"  So uhm yeah, if you want to be ahead of the game, you should definitely follow them on Facebook! :)

Who is Golla?
I want this!!

Golla is the original brand specialized in fashionable bags for portable electronics. By blending creative influence of fashion, lifestyle and technology Golla is turning heads in over 100 countries. Golla bags are known for their wide array of colors, stylish prints and good quality. Golla’s complete collections includes an extensive range of bags for mobile phones, smartphones, iPhone, iPod, MP3 players, digital cameras, MILC, SLR, DSLR cameras, e-readers, tablets, iPads, MacBooks and laptops from 10”-17.3”.

Oh I hope this is still around! SERIOUSLY, Green with flower prints like that... plus compartments! Everything about it is me-wants!

Thank you Brandedge Marketing for bringing Golla to the Philippines! And for this very generous and exciting week-load of fun!

Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K? The Day cream I am soooo loving right now. Nivea Sparkling White


ATTENTION: Chic explorers and gadgeteers!  We just finished with our Make it Far giveaway so I'm sure you're all inspired to go t...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Do you want to win this absolutely amazing blush collection?
*Disclaimer, I'm not sure if the winner will receive the entire collection, but personally, as long as PEACH BLUSH is there, you're all goooooood! :p
Then simply answer this question: WHAT MAKES YOU BLUSH?
Fill out THIS FORM (tip: right clik the link and open in new tab).

Oh my goodness, I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to giveaway these blushes because oh my goodness I have raved about these blushes over and over and over and over again. Simply put, if you don't win this giveaway, PLEASE buy these blushes, because they're so worth it!

Or, don't buy them cause I don't want them to be sold out! LOL Kidding lang, these blushes are must-try's/must-have's. Check out my reviews here and here.

In my excitement to launch this giveaway, I filmed three videos for this week BUT oh my god, minsan pangit rin yung maganda camera no? It takes forever to render, and I found myself without the luxury of time, so sorry, maybe next time! I'm working on it!


Always smile! :)

CONTEST: Happy Beautiful Christmas Wk4

Do you want to win this absolutely amazing blush collection? *Disclaimer, I'm not sure if the winner will receive the entire colle...

Congratulations to Apple Rozeanne Mercado for making it big on my Make it Far Campaign! :) Will be emailing you in a few, please respond in by Nov.30 so I wouldn't have to draw another winner.

Here's her answer: BDJ take flight planner will help me to balance all my plans, it will help me to prioritize thing according to what is the most important. I want to pursue my studies despite of having a baby :)

My verdict: AGREE! A huge part of making it far (on anything) is mastering the art of proper prioritization. Multi-taskers or slashers (ie. writer/singer/entrepreneur/friend) understand this the best. The key to making it far is productivity, and your gateway to productivity is learning how to balance responsibilities and play.

Go lang ng go mommy! :p

Here are other inspired answers from the campaign:

"Hopefully, if GOD permits I really really wanted to enroll again and finish my studies. ;)" --same here!!!

"I know I can be better than what I am now."

"I made a promise to myself that I would focus more to achieve my goals in life, not only for myself, but also, for my friends, and family, whom I share my success with."

"I will finally graduate college!!! After 5 years of hardships, i will finally make it to the end of being a student. But i'm sure i will really miss being a student. And it's time for me to plan my future and face the real world. I will definitely make it far because i'm aiming high for a better future and to payback all the hardships of my parents." --ahh graduation bliss. Good luck and I hope the world opens up to you well! :) Pls let us know how far you'd go!

"I will be graduating college this March! But before that, I will have to undergo the dreaded Thesis Defense! But I'll just have to keep myself organized and focused on my priorities. And after all that, it's only the beginning of the rest of my life -- Looking for work, meeting new people and adapting to a new environment and so on. I'm so looking forward for 2012 with all the challenges that I have to bravely face and hopefully achieve things that I can be proud of!" --I hope your Thesis Defense goes well! Brave people always go further. Just keep your cool and try not to let anything make you crumble. :)

"I will try not to be lazy anymore!" --TOMOO!!

Those are only a few of the inspired Make it Far answers I received and I'm so happy everybody's thinking positively as the year closes. There's no where to go but up!

On a DIFFERENT NOTE, let me also announce the winners of the Happy Beautiful Christmas Wk3 treat. We have two for this so if you joined, keep on scrolling down. 

OK Strike that Maricar Reyes pose, winners: Leizle Demaisip and Elinor Semira!

I noticed that your kissable lips tips were very similar and a recurring strategy was followed by many, so let me sum it up to you in three ways, including my very own Kissable Lips trick.

Your lips are among the most sensitive skin regions of your face. Taking care of ones lips should not be taken for granted especially for women because plump and healthy lips may well be your secret weapon. Ever had a dull day which you successfully turned around just with a hint of gloss? Well, no gloss can turn around chapped, cracked and coarse lips so take care of 'em everyday by following this three-step lip trick right after you shower, before sleeping.

1. Exfoliate your lips. Like any other skin region of the body, the lips should be exfoliated to remove dead skin cells and to also encourage newer cells to regenerate. You may opt to use a toothbrush or a sugar scrub, but I think the most convenient way of exfoliating the lips is by using a clean face towel. Simply wet a small portion of the towel with luke warm water and then rub it unto your lips. With gentle circular motion, rub the towel against your upper and lower lips until you get that rosy red bite.  Do this at least twice a week.

2. Moisturize. NEVER take moisturizers for granted, and the same applies on lips--especially after a scrub. Using your favorite lip balm, lock in moisture on your puckers as you sleep. Avoid licking your lips. Don't ever jump into conclusion that your saliva keeps your lips hydrated when you lick them. Also remember, the colder it is, the more you'd need to work extra hard to locking in moisture, not just on your beloved lips, but also for the rest of the body.

3. Stay Hydrated. Living a healthy lifestyle is key to healthy looking lips. If your lips are cracked and are easily burnt, perhaps it's your body's way of telling you you're dehydrated. Chug on some h20 and try to make that 8 glasses a week, a major life-changing habit.

PS. Do not smoke.
PPS. Use lip balm that has SPF especially before sun exposure (duh).

Stay tuned as I launch Wk4. Congratulations to all winners and don't forget to join my NIVEA giveaway while waiting for Happy Beautiful Christmas Wk 4!

Always smile! :)

WINNERS CIRCLE: Make it Far and Happy Beautiful Christmas winners

Congratulations to Apple Rozeanne Mercado for making it big on my Make it Far Campaign ! :) Will be emailing you in a few, please respon...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today I broke my nail again. I'm not pissed or disappointed or sad about it because there's just so many great things that happened today--all of which are random.

To begin with while rushing off to a facial salon (I badly needed one done) I saw my lovely Hollywood girlfriend Anna Banana. Hugs-Hugs-Hugs. I love that girl so much, and I'm so so so happy to see her happy--sans explanations to her explanations!

I also met with a new beauty partner--although I was late for our meeting. :( I came all the way from World Trade Center, in my defense. Which also brings me to another thing I'm thankful for, gifts from Miss Kat Soap.

I also bought new flats--white flats. Unfortunately, on my way home it rained so my flats are now muddy dirty. Yes, I wore them immediately--totally my fault.

But most of all, I'm happy I saw my friends Pau and Tol. We used to work together, but separated career ways. So nice to catch up. You know you're truly friends when you can laugh and talk about anything-anything.

Because I'm so happy today, let's end by making you happy too. Running Happy Beautiful Christmas Wk3 now! Our peg, Maricar Reyes, bongga!

As usual, two winners will be announced next Monday so please join by answering this form (tip: right click the link, open link in new tab).

Have fun! I'm so excited to read your answers since I love lippppies. :)

Always smile! :)

Click here to get amazing offers on make-up brushes.

CONTEST: Happy Beautiful Christmas Wk3

Today I broke my nail again . I'm not pissed or disappointed or sad about it because there's just so many great things that happe...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Do you have a YT channel? I'd love to watch :)
Always smile! :)

VLOG: Stress and missing blogging.

Do you have a YT channel? I'd love to watch :) Always smile! :) Click here to get amazing offers on make-up brushes.

Just a quick post to announce winners for week 2! Congratulations Apple and Monette! You will be receiving email vy soon (within the day, as early as that!). Please respond to it soon, kei? :)

Monette said she'd dye her hair orange... because I love Jamir's hair (Slapshock) when they launched their song "agent Orange" =)

Apple said she'd dye her hair green... because green is my favorite color! Eco-Friendly! :)

Aww, the universe conspires talaga. How did you guys know my favorite colors are those! :)

Here are my favorite answers for this set. If your answer is one of these, thank you for making my day!

I love Rainbow Happy! :)
"I was born to hate the color pink, or so i thought. For many years, i loathed its ultra girly and dainty shade. But now, i admit, it matches my personality perfectly. Im usually very fun and bubbly, hence the brightness of the color; and also very kikay and girly; also it can be paired with other cotton-candy shades screaming RAINBOW HAPPY, or paired with blacks and whites just to add the perfect pop of color for an edgy statement. That’s just how I am; very childlike yet angsty."

My UP-bias
"Because I'm as feisty as a Fighting Maroon!"

My favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, so yes, I will always favor an orange-haired person. :)
"Orange matches my personality because since its bright and eye capturing, I am the type of person you can "easliy go into. I am friendly, good-natured and a generally agreeable person."

Red is love. I agree too than it is passionate.
"I would dye my hair with a red hue. what an outrageous color! i want it red because i want to look like Hayley Williams of Paramore. aside from that, the way I care for my hair signifies that I value it. red reflects my personality. red belongs to warm colors and signifies love. i could say that i am a warm, loving, passionate and tender kind of person."

How about platinum? :)
"(White) Because it's so freaky and I could so rock it! White is so versatile, just like black hair! I could glam it up or rock it out. It would be a total transformation!"

Thanks everyone and just wait for wk3! :) Don't forget to join my ongoing Nivea treat and ongoing Belle De Jour campaign! See sidebar photos for details/links.

Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K?

Thirstythought has a quirky giveaway, which I joined. Visit it here, if you like quirky finds!

CONTEST: Happy Beautiful Christmas Wk2 winners

Just a quick post to announce winners for week 2! Congratulations Apple and Monette! You will be receiving email vy soon (within the day,...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lovely sleeps ago, I met with the girls behind a brand that had sparked my curiosity at its best, Snoe . :)
Like Snoe Facebook fan page now.

COMMERCIAL: I only got to watch Jason MRaz' Ustream once, and in that one time he also sang live (I swear I was shrieking none stop!) Anyway, I just saw this on my FB feed and aww it made my day. I love his music.

Now of course, because of YT Related videos, I ended up watching/listening to this too. My goodness. What is love right?

OK, Back to regular programming. :)

My blog, which started mainly because I wanted to "-chase beautiful things-" led me to a wonderful and successful discovery of Snoe brand. Interestingly, they're going to have a grand launch VERY very soon so I guess it was meant to be that we met this moving month of November. The universe conspires. :)

I got to take a sneak on their pretty hip new site, and when it's finally up, you have these two to blame! :)

It was a most delightful afternoon spent with new acquaintances that have warm open personalities. I don't have a lot friends who are into "beauty" as much as I am so it's always a treat for me to sit with those who understand... you know, who feels as passionate and as enthusiastic about, well beauty.

Who is Snoe?

SNOE BEAUTY PRODUCTS is an innovative cosmetics company operating in the mass market prestige, or “masstige”, market. Under its SNOE brand name, created in 2010, the Company develops , markets and distributes innovative, premium-priced products for the mass market channel. The Company’s products have broad consumer appeal. For more info, visit their fanpage here.
For something easier to related to... remember this from my fanpage?

Well, a lot of you guessed the photo to be a photo of candles, scented candles. But, well, it's actually a Snoe product!

Glam Jam is actually a range of four colors. I do not have Chocolate :( but I do have Crush, Scarlet and Blush. They are fruit-flavored lip and cheek tints--called Glam Jam because they look like yummy jams! Check these shots out for a better sneak on what these "candles" hold.

This is Scarlet. It's a deep red tint that is great for olive-skinned girls who want to see a pop of red flush across their cheeks. :)

This is Blush. This is a very sweet pink tint perfect for those real life Snow Whites! :)

Now check out how it's so jam-y :)

This is Crush. I love the scent of this lip and cheek tint because it's so fresh and unique--totally not what you'd expect from a tint. :) This too, is my personal favorite.

Haven't worked on swatches yet as I would like this post to be more of a "collection preview" post; but I'll work on swatches especially if these products leave me satisfied. :)

So far so good. Like I've mentioned, I do like the Crush tint and what I find fascinating about this range (besides the fact that these lip and cheek tints are flavored--like c'mon, isn't it nice that finally there's a flavored lip and cheek tint out there?!) is the pigmentation on these products. I'm sure you noticed, these pots are quite small, and I share the observation, but you know what, you don't need a lot of product to see some color on your skin so I guess this pot is an epitome of "a little goes a long way". :)

Here are other Snoe products I'm using and I will update you all regarding these items, especially those I'd find fantastic!

These are quite a number lined up, so it'd be nice to know. Which do you wish to hear about first? Let me know through the comments!

Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K? My Happy White Ever After review... coming soon :)

Don't forget to join my international giveaway here because it's about time I give something to my international readers too :)

NOTES: Who is Snoe?

Lovely sleeps ago, I met with the girls behind a brand that had sparked my curiosity at its best, Snoe . :) Like Snoe Facebook fan page n...


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