LIFE: Who loves shopping for supplies?

I am not very fond of shopping for myself, except if it's makeup. I don't particularly love shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories and stuff. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it and I feel cool and briefly satisfied with myself whenever I go on retail therapy; but that's the catch. It's all brief for me. I'm happier drinking overpriced coffee...

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I do love shopping for books though. I love shopping for new and even used books even if I fully understand how impossible it is for me to finish or even catch up with my book lag. But what I love the most is shopping for school supplies! Well, I'm no longer in school so I guess I should declare that I love shopping for office supplies. I really do! I think nothing beats the rush of buying a new set of pens and sticky notes! :)

Today I want to share with you (a very ugly phone captured photo) of my new desk buddies. :) I just love cute office supplies. They have a way of de-stressing a work background, don't you agree?

Speaking of de-stressing, today is opening date for Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked movie! I am all for anything cute today so if you are too, then you'd be pleased to know that the movie is now showing at theaters nationwide. If you want a killer-cute-I'm-ready-for-the-world feeling, then you better not miss out.

Here's a little inside scoop on what the movie is all about.
As the story opens, The Chipmunks, Chipettes, and their eternally beleaguered guardian, Dave Seville, are en route, on a luxury cruise liner, to the International Music Awards.  Alvin, of course, cannot resist wreaking havoc on this ultimate playground.

He attempts to steer the vessel, takes over the hot tubs, and dons a tuxedo – secret agent style – to work the baccarat and blackjack tables. Jason Lee who reprises his role as Dave Seville relates that “As always, the operative words for Alvin are ‘chaos’ and ‘action.’ It’s his first time out of the city, and he wants to make the most of it.  Dave isn’t happy about Alvin’s shipboard antics – and lets him know it. It’s not easy to be sympathetic, likable and charismatic when you’re screaming ‘ALVIIIIIN!’ so loudly you’re breaking windows around you!”

The unexpected flight is on a runaway kite that whisks the Munks and Chipettes to their new home in a deserted island.  In a way, it’s a kind of homecoming for the boys, though not necessarily a welcome one.  Justin Long, who voices Alvin shares - “Alvin wouldn’t be Alvin if he didn’t trigger and lead the mayhem.  It’s the Alvin we know and love…at least, at first glance. He’s the reason they become chipwrecked.”

Here's a different kind of funny. :)

Speaking of drinks, I just saw today's papers and wow I can't believe Coca Cola's been around that long! Happy birthday Coca Cola!!

If a funny kid's movie or a funny commercial is not your preferred de-stressor, then I'm sure a body scrub is. Among the best body scrubs I've tried is from Milea Organics. I super love their Coffee Orange scrub.

Their skin nourishing body scrub is a winner for a coffee-lover like me because of how aromatic it is. Obviously, the scrubbing agents for this are coffee granules which we all should know by now to be an effective exfoliant and skin smoothener.
Too good to eat!
After scrubbing, you might also want to brighten up your day with these nail polishes. Unfortunately, these polishes don't last very long (on the nails and on the shelf); but for some nail-play-time, these are great because they are so affordable, they can easily be your practice polishes too.

Allue Peel-Off Polish Line

Allue's Fairy Tale

Allue Girl Next Door line (sorry some of the photos are blurry hehe)

After all that pink, I think it's perfect timing to share with you an addition to my Charm brush collection, so let me say bye bye now so I can work on that post.

On a brighter note, I hope everyone's having a happy day. I just sent my response to this website who wants to feature me among their top websites so that makes my day, surely. Once the post is up, I'll let you know!

COMING SOON... Charm Pocket Brush set Review

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  1. Just watched Alvin and the Chipmunks! They're soooo cute! <3

    I don't buy nail polish since I regularly go to Luxe Nail Lounge, I guess you'll love them because they use organic lotion. :D

    Here's the link of my blogpost:


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