LIFE: Etude House Portable Fan Brush

Have you seen this SUPER cute make-up brush from Etude House? :) I just saw it online and I posted it on my Facebook page and was just lemming real hard.

I thought I would search high and low to find it. Oh wow I was so happy that within the day of my posting it on my wall page my sister got it for me!

She's coming home this weekend and she said she'd be giving it to me. :) I'm so excited to shoot it and try it and review it for you guys! I would love to have you all lemming for it too! It's just so darn cute right?

Plus the fact that Etude House brushes are exceptional! My all time favorite stippling brush is from their cosmetics accessories range. It's so amazing! Oh yeah, I'd re-review it along with this brush for everyone's reference.

How about you? What's your favorite cosmetic brush?

Being thankful should be our common denominator.

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  1. aww that's adorable! so nice of your sis to get it for you (: im sure its the perfect addition to your brush collection!

  2. This has to be the cutest brush EVER!

  3. I'm a Sigma girl, but OMG this is adorable!!!

  4. This brush is sooooo cute! :D Too bad though I don't really use fan brushes. I prefer the denser and fuller ones.. ^^

  5. This is such a cute brush!! Adorable!^^ Kisses!:)

  6. so cute! portable na fan brush! amazing! :D

  7. WOW! I'm totally going to look for this in Etude House stores. I'm not gonna be surprised if it's always out of stock though. :(

    So cute!!


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  8. Oh wow~! I would really like one for me too :)

  9. thank you for your comment :)



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