DISCOUNT CODE OFFER: Accessories and trinkets

I was having a typical lazy day off when I received an email from Geraonline asking if I'd like to have a code for my readers to avail of for discount. I'm like, okay sure why not. I love getting discounts so I'm sure it'd be amazing to share a code for you guys! Hope this helps!

Enjoy 10% off from Geraonline Multiply Shop for every minimum purchase of P300.

If you're into vintage accessories, you might find something to love from their store. The selection's a bit limited, I'm hoping they upload more products, but I am quite surprised, a lot of their accessories are really cheap, y'know!

Here are some that caught my attention.

Visit them at

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  1. those accessories are so cute, I'm going to go check them out now!!

  2. i like the chunky jewelry pieces! :)

  3. Oh wow the gold bracelet is divine! Heading over there right now!


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