FEATURE: Keeping Promises with Majolica Majorca Honey Plump Gloss Neo

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit. Judging by the 30 days of 2012 that passed, I am confident to say I'm happy with my new habit. The habit of appreciation.

There are soooo many things in life that would leave us disappointed and although these "things" are definitely not the type you would like to get on an everyday basis, disappointments serve a purpose of their own. They make realizing your fulfilled wishes all the more exciting!

I got sick the past week, and that's one of my disappointments lately. I had so much planned and now I have myself catching up with things. On the brighter note, I love living on the edge. I love always chasing rainbows--or beautiful things as my blog title suggests.

Now let me share with you a product I have been using since last year! Ever so often I post about products so soon out of excitement but for these particular items, I figured to take my time because I was not immediately floored by how it performed at first glance; but there are a number of reasons why I kept "sticking" to it like honey. Let me share with you my thoughts on the Majolica Majorca Glass Trick Honey Plump Neo glosses.

You might remember me talk about Majolica Majorca here. To give you a brief idea, here's what Majolica Majorca is all about (from their fan page). Do like their page for product updates, contests and of course lovely media finds like this wallpaper!

Like a magic spell hat makes your wishes come true in an instant, these cosmetics are amazingly effective. They are serious products, carefully formulated with selected ingredients. All of them are packed with the knowledge and know-how to make your dream "transformation" come true."MAJOLICA MAJORCA!" Make your wish and it'd be granted.
As for wish granting, the glosses from Majolica Majorca Glass Trick Collection are all so delightful because as much as they seem like your ordinary glosses (only smaller, I can't help but notice how exceptionally petit their lip gloss tubes are); they aren't your plain janes. In fact, the Glass Trick collection was quite a magical ride if you ask me. I got to try these absolutely divine products. If you'd like to learn more about the eyeshadow palettes and if you'd like to see proof on why their Lash Expander plus is such a rave-worthy product, please visit this feature. From the Glass Trick collection, my favorite would have to be Honey Plump Gloss Neo #22, which I'd be talking about more below, and the Limited Edition Lash Expander Plus in Midnight Blue! I never thought my eyes could sparkle as much as it does when I am using Midnight Blue.

Glass Trick Honey Plump Gloss Neo are the new shades of crowd favorite honey glosses. They come in #22, a clear gloss with a hint of subtle pink sparkle; and BE133, a lovely light honey-toned gloss.

The consistency of these glosses are quite thick and heavy BUT it's surprising that they don't feel sticky or too warm on the lips. At first I thought my lips would have to "sweat it out" because the gloss felt thick, but it didn't disappoint. It is the perfect kind of shine. It doesn't look like you drank cooking oil before stepping out of your room. The most important feature of this gloss however, despite its very pretty sparkling finish is its plumping effect. Majolica Majorca Honey Plump Gloss Neo did not disappoint. I thought it was a promising gloss at first glance, well it was. It kept its promise and gave me sexy full lips... and you know how I love having pretty lips.

For real-time Majolica Majorca updates, check out their twitter page here.

Swatches in different lighting. Photos were cropped but not edited. Hope these shots help you decide which gloss to check out, or maybe buy both! Majolica Majorca is available at Watsons.

First, my lips without anything.

Check out the sparkling effect of gloss #22

I love how full my lips turned out after using BE133

What Majolica Majorca products have you tried? Or... would you like to try them out?

Promises are not made to be broken. They're made to inspired and to ignite hope. Don't take promises for granted. Some people have only promises to hold on to.

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  1. on the bright side, getting sick makes you realize how precious your health is! omg asian packaging... always soooo pretty!!!!

    1. Visit Asia! Come and visit and shop all sorts of cutely packaged stuff here AND THEN we go to a convention there! LOL WE NEED MONEY

  2. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and saying all those nice things. I really appreciate it. Having inspired even at least one person makes me really happy.

    Oh, I hope you don't get sick anymore! Be healthy! :) And I just love the effect of thos glosses on your lips!

    1. thank you Joanne, how sweet of you! :D I hope my blog left you inspired and happy too :)

  3. I really hope I can get Majolica Majorca products someday. For now I feel they're too pricey. Ouch! Hehe.


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    1. Hi Chrissy why don't you try their eyeshadows first? Omg you should try the pink one. SO amazing! Majo majo items are investments as they really perform well

  4. I've never tried any of their products yet except at their counter lol. I think I might try their eyeliner when my K-Palette one runs out. :) Those lip glosses look so good. I've got lots of lip gloss so maybe it will take me a while before I try these hahaha.XDDD

    1. What's K-palette LOL haven't tried it!

    2. K-palette is the only eyeliner I've tried that doesn't smudge on me quickly XD It's a liquid eyeliner in pen form and it easily dries so it's convenient for people like me who keep blinking.


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