FEATURED IN: Best of the Web: Be @ Home #53

Always a pleasure to meet different people and to extend inspiration to a wider reach. Thank you Become.com for including me among your Best of the web series. To read the article in full, please visit this link.

My blog is about happiness. It’s my interpretation of a life lived with rigor. It’s my candid way of sharing positivity through the things that makes me happy: beauty, love, music, arts and literature. I believe in the power of a smile, how it can somehow somewhere turn things around and possibly uplift and inspire those who need it most. More than leaving a mark in the world, my site is all about establishing connection, building friendship and breaking down walls that divide our world through my preferred common ground: happiness.” – Kumi for Chase Beautiful Things blog.

Any new friends I can make out there? :)

Good things come to those who wait--and work hard while waiting.

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