LIFE: Friendship Rush

I was at Gold's Gym Inter-Continental Hotel last Monday, and my muscles are still hurting right now haha I was supposed to do some mat exercises tonight but mid-afternoon, I started feeling flu-ish and I have an event tom (or worst, on Saturday) and I can't afford to not feel okay.

I even have my outfit planned for Saturday! It's not a major event, but I love dressing up on rare occasions. I was at the Forever 21 sale and I scored these lovely prints (only two are discounted, two are regular items LOL I didn't know until I was paying at the counter--goes to show I really liked two of these items because I didn't bother check the tag!) From upper left, clockwise: dress, dress, skirt, dress.

After Gold's Gym and my rush Forever 21 shopping, I attended Max's post-Christmas slash New Year party for selected bloggers! It was a Karaoke party so you don't expect me to say no to that!!!

Unfortunately I had to leave sooner because my sister was already there to pick me up. We had to go to our lil' sister's birthday too! I wanted to stay longer because I was enjoying my company but sadly I had to go. Family over many things, of course. I'm just really happy I got to spend time with my friends from Max's, even if it was a brief one. You know what they say, experience is about quality not length.

It's fun cause it wasn't even an event. No press release or whatchamacallit kits, so I really went home with nothing but a good time. Well not completely nothing... They even gave me a sweet treat before I left. It was a boxful of goodies, including my ultimate favorite caramel bar! It made my evening entirely. Even if I was running out of breath almost the whole time (remember I came from a three-hour workout, rush Forever 21 shopping, walkathon galore to the event) I had such a great time. I feel blessed to meet so many generous and overwhelmingly nice people.

Oh before I forget, at the Max's Karaoke party, my favorite would have to be when the song Do You Remember suddenly played. I love that moment so much because it reminded me when Max's crew danced for us bloggers back in 2010 (?)

Anyway, I have to really go get some rest now. Wish me luck. Hope I wake up feeling better tom. For a start, these memories with friends do make me feel better already.

FACE MASK HAUL--i love face masks!

To feel better you should think great. :)

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  1. Get well soon!

    I envy those of you who have easy access to F21. Ang layo ko kasi sa kabihasnan! Haha!

    Where'd you get those face masks in the last photo? I'm intrigued kasi may yogurt thinggy. :D

  2. mmm Max's! i super love their desserts too! their mocha cake is divine <3 sounds like such a busy and fun night, i hope you're feeling much better now :)


  3. Pretty prints <3 Thanks so much for dropping by my blog ;) Hope you feel better na

  4. PS. Thanks for following too <3 I really appreciate it! Followed 'ya back ;)

  5. omgg the first face mask set looks soo cute! i love the kid-ish packaging ^___^

  6. the face mask packages are soooo cute!!!!!! :D

    thanks so much for your sweet comment and for following! im followingyour wonderful blog now too :)

  7. Ah, I wish I could work out in a gym. I'm planning on signing up though! I'm excited. :D


  8. Like ur blog, interesting post!!
    check mine and if u like it follow me!!
    Kisses from Barcelona



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