BEAUTY SWAP: Wet 'n Wild Lust Palette

"I see you."

Yesterday I was playing with some of my make-up stash and got too excited to try the Wet 'n Wild Lust/Desir palette Eileen gave me. It was from her personal collection but amazingly the palette she claimed to be used already seemed so very new. I love wearing violets for my eyes. :)

Oh, what I meant about being too excited is the part where I forgot to put on foundation or concealer or whatever face product! When I sat and got busy, I dove into applying eye shadow. When I realized how I skipped prepping my face, I was already done with one eye LOL!

For the lips I'm wearing Snoe Beso Balm and Snoe Hard Candy in Strawberry Shake and Bubblegum. For my brows, I'm using my super favorite brow auto-liner from The Face Shop. Happy Wednesday!

How about you, any FAIL moment you want to share? :) 

COMING SOON... Purederm 3 in 1 Beauty Pearl BB Cream Review

Eileen if you're reading this, this is the BB cream I was talking about LOL. I'll send you one stat!

Each day is a chance to do something better.

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  1. Purple looks good on you!:)

    Following you through GFC. Mind if this fellow makeup junkie asks for a follow back? :D

    Thanks thanks, and stay pretty!

  2. Loving your look here sis Kumi! :) I love the purple shades, too bad though they don't look too flattering on me.

  3. haaha i think i swatched the colors on that palette and that was about it! i have so many eyeshadows that a lot of them get neglected :< i'm glad you were able to give this one a home though! and i love the look you came up with! :D oooh the packaging on that bb cream is so cuteee! i can't wait for your review, i really want to see a swatch!

  4. LOVE tehe purple eye makeup~ It is so pretty :D You look stunning with this look.

  5. Love the eye makeup!! You look great :)

  6. this look is lovely and pretty love the colour on your lips. thanks for the comment on my blog chick you have a lovely blog x

  7. wow, really pretty makeup look, thank you so much for the sweet comment on my bloggy :))

  8. What a great look! You carry purple so well and that lip colour is gorgeous!


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