FROM THE VAULT: Pixi Energy Blusher in No.2 Pick Me Up Pink

Lately I've been suffering from episodic "feelings" moment. Few months ago I heard my friends talk about "feelings night", pretty much a type of friend-date where you talk about feelings (not necessarily bad feelings). I liked the idea. I mean, as we become older and busier and stuff, how often do we bother sit down and just ask someone, "how are you feeling today?"
I saw this from a blog I just visited yesterday but lost her url. If you're that blogger, do comment so I can tag you! :)

I am suffering that "My Heart Will Go On" fever, not really because of the song or the movie, but the feeling of it. I feel like my heart should go on especially since earlier today as I was getting ready for work a read this very moving quote on saying yes to life (and to real events). I took it as, picture this, accepting any event, no matter how good or bad, as the reality or as the now instead of ignoring it and pretending it would get better--and by "get better" morph into the kind of real that we aspire for.

So I figured I should share some of my random yet to be shared happy moments. What could be happier than opening packages wrapped in pink duo-chrome foil paper!

The wrapped boxes contained these fragrances. Presently, I have the FCUK and the Harajuku Girls bottle as my "ongoing scents".  The Lanvin bottle has long been used up. The CK bottle is with my mom and the Prada one, I'm not sure if it's with her, my grandma or my older sister. I don't see it at home.

With the fragrances is one of my pink blushers, a "Pick Me Up Pink" energy blush from Pixi. :)  Who is Pixi beauty?

The blush I got had a fancy the box. Like any Pixi product, it's so fairy tale-esque.

One should ask, what's an energy blush? Well, according to Pixi info, it's an energy blush because it's an awakening blush and highlight duo. Essentially, the mixture of the two colors should make you look more hyped and lively.

This is a shot of the compact under bad lighting. I figured I should shoot it like so so you could check out the gold yet very simple Pixi logo. I like it. I don't like logos that take over a product's packaging or design.

Here's a shot of the compact as it is opened. It shows the mint green case as it should be minty and I hope you're all adoring how lovely the blush color is! Don't even get me started with the mirror design. :)

For those who are curious, yes it comes with a blush brush. In fact, it comes with a fan brush that at first I wasn't a fan of but upon repeated use, I realized it's the perfect shape for this compact. It has it's own drawer too! How fancy.

I dipped my finger on the pan and found that the highlighting powder (the lighter one) is a bit chalkier than the pink blush (the actual "awakening" blush color). I thought of it as a bad thing at first but upon repeated use I figured why it's a different consistency. The blush was my kind of pigmented and my kind of subtle shimmer while the highlighting powder helped subdue the color and make it more natural--plus it was also easier to dust on my face because it was captured by the fan brush as a bit more loose powder compared to blush which had a proper blush consistency, enough for precise application.

I got lucky to find a way to capture how the blush is in action under two important circumstances: strong lighting and low light. It's a very light color and I like if for days when I want to fake a feminine glow (cause ironically, I don't have that girly-girl vibe going on).

These products were purchased from Strawberry Net few months back. Would I repurchase, maybe not. I just wanted to try it out and I didn't fall in love with it entirely. I do love how it's so easy to work with though. It's a no-fuss blush duo.

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COMING SOON... Red Lipsticks for the month of Love

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  1. The blusher is really pretty! I like how it comes with a blush and a highlight color. And great scent haul! I love the cute doll bottles of the Harajuku fragrances ^^

  2. The packaging for the pixi blush is phenomenal! I can understand why you would like it. Adorable!


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  3. That Titanic picture is making me even more excited for the 3D version to come out in theaters! AHHH!!!

  4. That Titanic picture is making me even more excited for the 3D version to come out in theaters! AHHH!!!


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