The Dark Side of BB Cream

Living in Asia grants some perks in terms of beauty products. As much as I do lament how inaccessible some western brand's releases are, I rejoice how perfectly easy it is for me to reach out and grab products that are formulated best for my Asian skin.

Among of the Asian wonders of beauty that inevitably took the world by storm, is the BB cream (BB for Blemish Balm). The BB sensation is so widespread that even top US and European brands take their own spin at it--but you can't beat the originals. The best BB creams are still the ones homegrown in Asia--Korea, Japan--and the Philippines would not dare be left behind.

Before the world failed to end, my friends from HBC sent me their newest cosmetic release, that is the HBC San San BB Cream. This BB cream is vitamin enriched and is loaded with an amplified SPF 43 so it is geared toward skin nourishment and protection ad you, well, prettify.

The product is in the same squeeze-type tube packaging as the Matte foundation that they released earlier on. I am a bit confused on the packaging being squeeze-type but with a pump, but I don't mind as long as it is hygienic and spill proof. Out of preference though, I would've liked it more if it were simply either-or, not both squeeze-type and with pump.

The BB cream is less than P150 (that's approx $4!) so anyone who wants to buy BB cream on a budget can take advantage of HBC San San's BB cream release. The only downside for this is it comes in just one shade; which, is a pro and a con on its own.

As you all would notice, most BB creams come in very fair tones--since it's formulated for Asian skin. Unfortunately, Asia is not comprised of fair-skinned alone. In the Philippines alone, we have the morenas which can go from honey to caramel shades. These skin tones fail to benefit from regular BB creams because you can't use a base that is an altitude lighter than your natural skin color. Enter HBC's BB cream which is in a rich caramel shade, formulated perfectly to answer morena babes' woes.

I can't give you an FOTD really because I have fair skin and the BB cream is too off my natural skin tone but for reference, you may check out the swatch below.

This BB cream has the perfect creaminess that I look for in a cream-based foundation. It spreads on evenly, and is rich and smooth when absorbed by the skin. It also doesn't have an odd vanilla smell most HBC liquid foundations have--so that's a wonderful improvement. The coverage for this BB cream is medium to full--although I can really attest that it offers full coverage. I tried using this as a body concealer for some bruises I earned the past week, and it did very well. Still off my skin tone, but coverage wise, it can definitely hide skin imperfections.

So if you've been dying to use a BB cream but haven't tried one because you have darker skin than most Asian brands suspect women to have, then you should try out this new San San BB cream. It's very affordable anyway! Come back on December 25 because I'll be launching a giveaway then! Don't forget to follow HBC on twitter.

If you have found your HG BB cream already, please share in the comments. If not, do let me know what you think about San San's initiative to release a darker shade of BB cream for us beauty enthusiasts to enjoy!


  1. I have the Garnir BB Cream for Oily Skin and I love it!

  2. I've tried western bb creams only and I haven't really liked them that much! xx

  3. I look tanned when I use too much of this, but it's fine--I shouldn't be using too much anyway! I use this everyday to make my skin look more even and to lighten the appearance of dark spots. What I love about it is that it lasts all day (at least 12 hours, even after walking in the sun!).

  4. I like this bb cream! I do wish they'd have another shade :) Haven't found my hg bb cream yet :( Etude is nice but it's kind of sticky :(


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