Je T'aime Le Petite Robe Noire

Isn't she... a beauty?

In fashion, there is what we call the need to have at least one LBD aka Little Black Dress. The little black dress is a classic symbol of femininity, allure and sophistication. It is a piece of ensemble you can take with you anywhere, for casual days, professional meetings, romantic dates and glamorous events. Now, more than ever, I'm excited to discover that in fragrance, we ladies can also keep our very own Le Petite Robe Noire (french for the little black dress) close to heart.

Beautiful bottle--the upside down heart cap is such a delicate touch. Flirtatious scent--something I wouldn't expect from Guerlain, this new and refreshing take on fragrance opens wider possibilities to further fall deep in love with this luxurious French brand.

This eternally feminine fragrance captures the essence of a woman who knows how to have fun while still keeping a timeless elegance. When I tried on the fragrance, it made me imagine a warm sunny afternoon frolicking in a field of blooms. This feeling is then followed by an enchanting concoction of the earth's freshest bounties... ahh, life.

Le Petite Robe Noire is like a fresh and romantic flower bouquet. It has sparkling notes, of which my favorite are rose and jasmine. This blend is perfect for sweet hearts with its cherry, orange and apple middle note; and it dries down with a lasting sensual base of white amber, white musk and patchoulli.

Le Petite Robe Noire retails at EDT 30ml (P3,098), 50ml (P4,298), 100ml (P6,098). It is available at Rustans Guerlain (below is Shangri-la counter).

Last Dec. 7, Guerlain invited your truly to a private workshop and might I just emphasize how I thoroughly enjoyed that intimate Blogger's workshop--thank you Guerlain Philippines. Afternoons shared with people who appreciate beauty as much as I do is always epic! Passion is definitely best shared! 

Of course, I can't let you leave this post without giving you reasons to salivate over Guerlain's exquisite cosmetics! Enjoy. :)

Let me take you to a wonderful preview of Guerlain's collection!

Here's a little something from Guerlain's Summer 2012 collection which features the talent and creative genius that is Emilio Pucci! Here's a lovely review on Emilio Pucci Perles de Azure Meteorites. :)

While here's a lovely review of that very interesting bronzer you see below. Emilio Pucci Bronzer feature, over here.

Oh wow, those eye shadow palettes are divine!

And those lipsticks! I just recently reviewed a lovely Shine Automatique lipstick, which you can visit here

They also have an amazing line of bronzers! I can't even begin to describe how their bronzers own a universe of praise. That little cream blush right there, at the bottom... though looking solitary, is the best cream blush in the world! It's Terracotta Sunny Pink.

Here's a candid photo-op with the lovely Summit Media babes and my lovie, Martha (farthest left). Thank you so much Guerlain!

GuerlainPH team.

On a different note, please tell me what your favorite/ultimate Little Black Dress is like. Is it a tube dress? Does it have flowing skirt? A scooping neckline maybe? I'd love to know what makes you LBD tick! Don't forget to post as fierce as she does.


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