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My love for all things beauty sparked early in my life. If I remember it correctly, I started being hooked on beauty because of the onset of lip and cheek tints (yes, I blame The Body Shop). Remember when their lip and cheek tints came in this precious glass roller bottle? The one that actually breaks if you drop it hehe --that little baby started everything to me.

The evolution however, is a whole different animal.

Speaking of animal, let me share with you Charm Makeup Brush's limited edition Sonia makeup brush set. I love Charm makeup brushes, and I have quite a lot already because they are affordable yet of top quality. If you're just starting out in beauty (or with your collection), I would recommend you take a dip into Sophie's world. Sophie, such a sweet and dear friend of mine, is the woman behind the beautiful Charm brushes. If it weren't for her, can you just imagine how difficult it would be for us beauty mavens to acquire quality beauty tools? I sure can't.
The Sonia makeup brush set comes in this sexy animal-print leatherette pouch which Sophie's mom, Sonia, chose herself. Yes! This limited edition makeup brush set is dedicated to the woman behind our favorite brush connoisseur. :) Nothing speaks volumes about a person's character than how that person treats her parents, right? Especially... the mom. So this limited edition makeup brush set is truly, a product of love and passion.

If you love Charm's Travel Pro series, then you'd be over the moon to hear that Sonia is pretty much an improved version of it! Of course, it's one of Sophie's best set so far because this is the set she dedicated for her mom! To order, go here.

Sonia is the type of travel brush set that wouldn't leave you feeling incapacitated. You know how some travel sets just don't make the cut? Sonia isn't that. It's a very well curated brush set, with a variety of brushes that would meet even a professional artist's needs for touch-ups. With a travel pouch that screams class and sophistication, Sonia is a travel-buddy I won't mind lugging around every step of the way.

Among my favorites from the set includes this brow brush. Charm always comes out with amazing tools for the brows--perfect for those brow-fectionists; but what sets Sonia's brow brush apart from Charm's previous releases is its finer tip and the brush's texture. I love how it gives more precision and attention to detail. How it is textured enough to deliver softness yet depth whether using wax/pencil, or powder for your eyebrows.

I also love this pencil point brush (I always love Charm's pencil point brushes, this post is proof). I love how this works multiple ways: for defining the lashline with a soft kiss of sultry hazy color, for creating state-of-the-art cut creases, for a quick and easy blending of eyeshadows, and for contouring the nose--not that I really need to, but I have my days

Last but not the least, who am I to forget Sophie's signature lip brush design. I love how for Sonia, since the color scheme is black and gold, the lip brush looked like a 007-worthy bullet when cap is kept closed. :)

It's few days before Christmas and I think what better way to celebrate it by celebrating your love for family? :) Speaking of family, don't forget to try your brushes with this makeup cleanser: J and C Super Clean Solutions!

Hope everyone enjoyed this little sneak on Sonia. If you want fuller details, please head on over to this page. Now now... don't leave me without a little insight on who you would dedicate this holiday to, because without sounding selfish, I would like to dedicated Christmas 2012 to myself. It was such a tough year and I just am so grateful that despite everything that happened, I am still here, firm in being the type of person I had always wanted to be--good.

Love you guys! Merry Christmas!


  1. Very nice! Those brushes look so good!

  2. aww beautiful brushes made with love :)


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