SKINCARE: Pevonia Micro-Emulsion Anti-Stress Massage Oil

When you come to love a product, you are bound to face that dreadful day when you realize, you're out of it. Few weeks ago, that's exactly the predicament I was on. I was out there, enjoying my beloved Pevonia Dry Oil when, shake as I might, there was none left in the bottle. I immediately tweeted Pevonia Philippines to inquire where it is best for me to order a fresh new bottle when my dear friends from PevoniaPH generously responded that they'd send me an oil instead!

Initially, they were supposed to send me the Dry Oil I requested but when they offered me to try something new, of course I jumped on that boat instead. I'm always the type who's willing to try new products, especially because I have no qualms about trying anything from Pevonia since theirs is a brand that I trust entirely. The new product they wanted me to enjoy was this Micro-Emulsion Anti-Stress massage oil*.

Here's a closer look at the Massage Oil's unique consistency

As always, Pevonia's Massage Oil (P2,750) comes in a very simplistic packaging which I appreciate without a doubt. I like that the brand is always clean and professional to look at. It makes more sense to trust it because you know that it is from a house that doesn't joke around the responsibility of caring for your skin. They have amazing products and the massage oil I got to try was no exception.
The latest in technology and the most innovative way of manufacturing massage oil. Unique in composition, this creamy light-textured emulsion does not drip, stain sheets or clothing and does not leave an oily residue. 
Safflower, Geranium and Orange Oil gently combine to nourish, heal and firm the skin, while Vitamin E provides hydration.
Excellent for aromatherapy and massage of all skin types, the Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil activates circulation, relieves dryness and calms and soothes the skin.
As you all should know by now, I love my body oils. If there's one thing my skin can't live without, it's body oil. It's a habit I got from my mom who at (age I won't reveal), has skin smoother than mine! She attributes it to her early resignation to the glorious impact of using oil as a skin nourishment. Since I followed suit, I have to say my skin has never been better.

Unfortunately when I tried this massage oil as a "moisturizer" I realized that due to its unique emulsified technology, I can't use it to lock in my after-shower dew. The work-around for this massage oil to fit my daily regimen, and yes, I am using a massage oil as a daily all-over body moisturizer, is to pat my skin dry with a towel prior to application. This massage oil, although seemingly like a lotion, spreads thinly and lightly and my goodness, how pleasant the subtle aroma it envelopes my world in.

I have also used this massage oil to give myself a soothing leg massage during those days I wear my dreadful heels, and suffice it to say, it's like I have a 5-star spa in a precious bottle. If you haven't tried this yet, or have not tried a Pevonia product at all, this massage oil is a recommended choice. Should you wish to know more about the Dry Oil I raved about earlier, check this review out. Of course, if you really want to experience Pevonia the way it should be experienced, you might want to peruse how I chronicled my sparkling The Spa Wellness feature.

Pevonia Skincare is award-winning, mind you. That is part and parcel why I trust Pevonia Botanica for my skincare needs. Don't forget to like them on Facebook!

How about you? What do you do/use to defeat stress?